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Vareniki with meat

  • Nutrition Facts
  • Calories: 174
  • Protein: 11
  • Fats: 1.7
  • Carbohydrates: 27.5
    Вареники с мясом

    The HozOboz review this time will tell you about your favorite and very popular dish - we will cook dumplings with meat. Meat filling is just one of the options for a landmark culinary invention. In addition to meat, you can find almost anything inside these small dough products: mushrooms, potatoes, poppy seeds, berries, sour milk cheese, cabbage and much more. Here, as they say, it's all about the imagination and ingenuity of the hostess, so doubts aside and go for it. However, before proceeding directly to cooking, let's look into the history of this popular dish, unearth its roots and, of course, find out if there is anything useful in it.

    History of dumplings

    Vareniki - products made from boiled unleavened dough stuffed with meat, potatoes, fruits, berries or any other products. It is believed that vareniki is a dish invented in Ukraine and therefore is considered truly national. However, in principle, by their nature, dumplings are not something unique. If you look closely, it is easy to see a lot of similar dough products in Russian, Chinese or Italian cuisine. The variety is really impressive: big ones, small ones, ear-shaped and crescent-shaped, stuffed with raw and cooked minced meat, etc. So, as you can see, there are many options for every taste and pocket, right up to the crab filling. Well, we will be traditional and choose for ourselves dumplings with meat and their recipe with a very original yeast-based dough. It does not tear, does not boil soft, and definitely will not be tough and tasteless. But about the recipe further, but for now a few words about the benefits of the dish. So, now more about dumplings with meat and their recipe with a photo.


    Dough Ingredients:

    • Serum - 2 cups (about 400 ml)
    • Wheat flour - about 1-1.5 kg
    • Salt - a pinch
    • Sugar - 1 tsp
    • Dry yeast - 1 tsp
    • Eggs - 1 pc.

    Filling Ingredients:

    1. Onion - 2 pcs.
    2. Boiled pork meat - 1 kg
    3. Vegetable oil - for frying
    4. Salt and spices - to taste

    How to cook dumplings with meat:

    1. Prepare products for minced meat;

      First, prepare everything for the filling

    2. For the filling, boil and twist the meat in a meat grinder;

      Boil the meat and pass through a meat grinder

    3. Finely chop the onion and fry it in vegetable oil until golden brown;

      Fry the diced onion in a pan

    4. We also twist the onion and add it to the meat;

      Onion is added to the meat in a twisted form

    5. Pour about 100 ml of the broth in which the meat was cooked into a glass and heat it up a little;

      Let's prepare 100 ml of warm meat broth left after cooking the meat

    6. Add broth to minced meat;

      Pour the broth into the bowl with the filling

    7. Now the filling should be seasoned to taste;

      Add a variety of spices to the filling to taste

    8. It's time to salt the minced meat;

      Now the meat filling needs to be salted

    9. Next, all the components of the filling should be mixed and left to cool while we work on the dough;

      Now mix everything and leave the filling

    10. Now let's do the test;

      Let's prepare the ingredients for the dough

    11. Half a glass of whey is heated to about 35 degrees;

      We heat a little whey to a temperature of 35 degrees

    12. We introduce dry yeast into warm whey;

      Now dissolve the yeast in the whey

    13. To improve fermentation, add a little sugar;

      To improve yeast fermentation, add a little granulated sugar to the dough

    14. We are waiting for all the components of the dough to dissolve;

      We are waiting for the complete dissolution of the yeast

    15. Pour flour into a bowl;

      Pour the flour into a bowl in the form of a slide with a recess

    16. We break the egg;

      Add the chicken egg

    17. Salt the dough;

      Next, the dough must be salted

    18. Pour in the already prepared dough;

      Add the dough to the dough

    19. We begin to knead the dough a little and add flour in small portions;

      Knead the dough and add a little flour

    20. Roll the finished dough into a ball and place it on a flat, clean surface;

      When the dough stops sticking to the hands, form a ball out of it and put it on the table

    21. Knead the dough until it becomes slightly shiny;

      Knead the dough until elastic and characteristic shine

    22. Divide the dough into parts and roll each into a circle about 3 mm thick;

      We divide the dough into parts and roll each into a layer about 2-3 mm thick

    23. From the circle, using a glass, we form blanks for dumplings of the desired shape and size;

      With the help of a glass, we squeeze out the dumplings, into which we will then begin to lay the minced meat

    24. Put a spoonful of filling into each dumpling;

      We put meat stuffing in each blank

    25. Now we pinch the edges forming an edge about 1 cm thick;

      Fold the dough in half as in the photo and carefully pinch the edges of the dumpling

    26. Get a crescent-shaped dough product;

      The finished dumpling should have the shape of a crescent

    27. For beauty, the edges of the dumpling can be connected;

      For originality, you can form a curl from a dumpling by connecting its edges

    28. The finished product may look like an ear;

      The result should be an ear of dough as in the photo

    29. We made dumplings of various shapes and placed them on a floured surface;

      We blinded different options and put the dumplings on a board sprinkled with flour so that they do not stick together

    30. We put the grid in the pan, if there is one, and boil salted water;

      To boil dumplings, bring water to a boil and salt it. If possible, place a cooking grid in the pan

    31. Put dumplings into boiling water;

      Put dumplings in boiling water

    32. You need to cook dumplings for about 5 minutes in slightly boiling water;

      We detect the emergence of dumplings on a timer for 5 minutes and make sure that the water does not boil much

    33. In the meantime, put a piece of butter in a bowl and melt it if desired;

      We prepare a bowl for dumplings and put some butter in it

    34. We take out the finished dumplings from the pan, let them drain and place in a bowl with butter;

      When the dumplings are cooked, take them out of the water and place them in a bowl with butter

    35. Serve dumplings with meat should be warm and with sour cream. Bon appetit to all.

      Ready dumplings should be served immediately to the table along with sour cream and sauces.

    The benefits of dumplings

    Obviously, dumplings will not bring much benefit to our figure, because dough products are somehow dangerous with extra pounds. That is why we recommend cooking them not so often and feasting on them with pleasure only, so to speak, on occasion. As for the benefits, first let's talk about the filling, since it still occupies a central place in the dish. The harm and benefits of meat have not yet been fully studied. Some trumpet that its regular use can lead to serious diseases up to oncology. Others, at the same time, argue that without meat, the body ages much faster. Perhaps we can only agree with the fact that it is important how this meat is cooked. In our case, cooking was used, which means the safest and most useful way. Better only for a couple, but this option is hardly applicable to meat for dumplings. But the dough for our dumplings with meat, we decided to use yeast. It is the most practical and at the same time quite simple to prepare, as you will immediately see.

    That's all we wanted to tell you about dumplings with meat. If it seemed to someone that this recipe is very simple and that even a kettle can cook such dumplings, this is a delusion. But with our recipe, this task will become much more feasible, so don't delay, try it and share your experience, it's important and necessary for us. We are waiting for your letters and feedback, because we always work only for you. Your friend and helper HozOboz.

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