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Chocolate pancakes

  • Nutrition Facts
  • Calories: 184
  • Protein: 5
  • Fats: 7
  • Carbohydrates: 24
    Шоколадные блинчики

    Pancakes are one of the most popular dishes. They are in use every day, and are appropriate for the holidays at the table. It all depends on the filling. For every day - cottage cheese, fruit, vegetable, meat, fish. For the holidays, pancakes with red caviar are very popular. That is, the dish is very versatile. And also deservedly beloved, because it suggests an immense field for fantasy. But fantasy can be used not only with regards to the filling, but even the color and taste of pancakes. How about baking chocolate pancakes? Seriously? Right now? Sure, not a problem!

    Pancake story

    Thin pancakes, with which we, in fact, are dealing today, are characteristic of French cuisine. In France, they are called crepes and are prepared without yeast, in milk. The most popular thin pancakes in Brittany (France), as well as in the central regions of Germany. From Europe, thin pancakes spread to Canadian Quebec, North Africa, as well as Latin American countries. In the US, they are also most often called in the French manner - crepes.

    In general, there are varieties of pancakes in almost every country. These are Russian pancakes, and Chinese pancakes, and Mongolian gambirs, and Balkan palachinki, and English pancakes, and Indian dosas, and Ethiopian ingers, and Mordovian pancakes ... The list goes on and on, but we'd better not waste time. As for the etymology, “pancake” is the word “mlyn” changed from the verb “grind”. "Mlyn" is a product made from ground flour, that is, a flour product.


    • Egg - 1 piece;
    • Sugar - 3 tablespoons;
    • Salt - a pinch;
    • Milk - 250 ml;
    • Flour - 200 g;
    • Water - 250 ml;
    • Cocoa powder (not sweet) - 2 tablespoons;
    • Vegetable oil - 2 tablespoons.

    Cooking pancakes with milk:

    1. Let's start cooking chocolate pancakes with milk. Break the egg into a bowl and beat lightly.

      Beat the egg, but not hard.

    2. Add salt, sugar and cocoa powder. It is very important to use a non-sweet powder - then you get the right chocolate pancakes with cocoa.

      Put salt, sugar and cocoa in a bowl.

    3. Thoroughly mix the ingredients that are in the bowl at this stage of cooking.

      Mixing the contents of the bowl.Mixing the contents of the bowl.

    4. Then pour in the milk. It can be cold milk or room temperature.

      Pour the milk into the bowl and stir.

    5. Next, add flour. Of course, it must first be sieved.

      Adding flour.

    6. In order to avoid the appearance of lumps, the dough must be thoroughly mixed. As you can see in the photo, a mixer will do the job best.

      Mix well so that there are no lumps.

    7. Next, while gradually stirring, gradually pour in the water.

      Pour water into the bowl.

    8. Finally, it's time to use the last ingredient - vegetable oil. Traditional sunflower is what you need. Pour the oil into the dough.

      Add vegetable oil.

    9. Mix everything again and leave the dough for literally 15-20 minutes to infuse.

      Mix and let the dough "rest" a little.

    10. Now we proceed to the next step - frying pancakes. The HozOboz cook uses a non-stick frying pan - there is no need to grease the frying pan with oil or lard. But if you use a regular frying pan, grease it with a piece of lard. Next, pour the dough into the pan (not a full ladle), distributing it in a circular motion over the entire surface. On one side, fry the pancake for about 30 seconds, and then, using a special spatula, turn it over to the other side and fry just a little more.

      Fry pancakes on both sides.Fry pancakes on both sides.

    11. Stack the fried pancakes.

      How do you like the photo of chocolate pancakes? Great, right?.

    12. Then we prepare the filling. In general, it can be anything, but we chose cottage cheese - it is both healthy and tasty, and goes well with chocolate pancakes. You can prepare your favorite curd filling, and our chef added a little sour cream and vanilla sugar to the curd for taste and aroma. You can add candied fruits, raisins, etc. to the filling. Of course, you can also make chocolate pancakes with chocolate filling, but they will look less spectacular. Nevertheless, the chocolate filling looks better with ordinary, light pancakes.

      For dark pancakes - light filling for contrast.

    13. Now let's start forming pancakes. Lay each pancake in turn on a flat surface.

      The pancake is already ready for “stuffing”.

    14. Carefully distribute the filling over the entire surface of the pancake.

      We spread the filling on the pancake.

    15. And now we wrap the pancake in a tube.

      Wrap the pancake.

    16. We repeat the “stuffing” procedure with each chocolate pancake.

      We wrap all the pancakes.

    17. For a more effective serving, cut the pancakes a little obliquely, sprinkle with powdered sugar if desired.

      Cut each pancake into two parts, sprinkle with powdered sugar and serve. Chocolate pancakes with cottage cheese are ready.

    The benefits of pancakes

    Oh, pancakes are definitely healthy! They give joy, they saturate, they are very tasty. Of course, like any flour products, you need to keep your eyes open with them, because if you abuse pancakes, you will have to pay later in the gym. By the way, today's pancakes are useful for their filling - we have cottage cheese, which means that you will get at least protein and calcium with food. So, chocolate pancakes, the recipe of which we tried today, should please everyone whom you treat them to. And there will definitely be those who want to treat themselves, you can be sure! Bon Appetit everyone!

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