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Chocolate biscuit cake

  • Nutrition Facts
  • Calories: 291
  • Protein: 9.8
  • Fats: 8
  • Carbohydrates: 43
    Шоколадный бисквитный торт

    Cakes are amazingly tasty and beautiful-looking pastries. No celebration is complete without this dish. Large and beautifully decorated, they occupy a central place on the festive table. Baking cakes does not require much effort, the main thing is that all the ingredients are mixed in strict sequence, and the temperature regime is observed. The main labor costs are spent on preparing the cream and decorating the cakes.

    There are many varieties of cakes, depending on the ingredients used and the structure of the resulting baking. Cake dough can be biscuit, honey, pancake, protein, custard, puff, chopped, etc. The result is the appropriate type of cake. Biscuit cakes, in turn, also differ from each other. The basis of the dough can be a dairy product, or just an egg.

    Depending on the additional components, you can bake fruit, berry, butter (chiffon), nut, chocolate and other types. The classic recipe involves the use of a large number of eggs. Another option is a recipe for a delicious sour milk-based chocolate sponge cake. Biscuit on kefir never falls off after baking and turns out tender, soft and porous. Chocolate biscuit cake is very easy to prepare, lighter than the classic version.

    Biscuit history

    Speaking about the history of chocolate biscuit cake, you need to remember the history of the origin of the biscuit itself. France is considered the birthplace of biscuit cakes. This dessert appeared more than 500 years ago. From the old French word "biscuit" is translated as "baked twice." Initially, biscuit pastries were sea biscuits and were used as food on ships during long sea voyages, as they could be stored for a long time. Over time, the biscuit recipe has changed and began to spread around the world. He gained the greatest popularity in England. Now it was not a dry product, but a soft cake with a short shelf life.

    Gradually, the composition and method of mixing products changed. The housewives began to cook biscuits on their own, using various ingredients and getting a new culinary masterpiece. This is how homemade chocolate-biscuit cake based on kefir appeared. Almost any cream or other sweet filling is suitable for such a cake. The ideal option is a chocolate cream or icing for a biscuit cake, prepared according to a homemade recipe.

    To create a biscuit chocolate cake at home, we need:

    • wheat flour - 280 gr.;
    • cocoa powder - 50 gr.;
    • soda - 1 tsp;
    • salt - 1 pinch;
    • granulated sugar - 200 gr.;
    • egg - 3 pcs.;
    • odorless sunflower oil - 125 ml;
    • sour milk - 250 ml.

    Cream products:

    • condensed milk - boiled milk - 1 can;
    • soft butter fragrant oil - 200 gr.

    For chocolate icing you will need:

    • sour cream - 3 tablespoons;
    • granulated sugar - 3 tablespoons;
    • cocoa powder - 2-3 tablespoons;
    • butter - 1 tbsp.
    • You will also need any syrup for impregnation.

    Preparation of biscuits:

    1. We measure the required amount of products. We pass the flour through a sieve. Kefir should be kept for some time at room temperature, it should not be cold.

      Let's prepare the products

    2. It is necessary to combine all bulk components. First, put the flour in a bowl.

      We start mixing and first of all pour the flour into a bowl

    3. Add cocoa powder.

      Introducing cocoa powder

    4. Pour granulated sugar.

      Add sugar

    5. Put soda and salt.

      Now pour salt and soda

    6. Mix the ingredients well with each other.

      Mix dry products well

    7. You should get a light brown dry mixture. We take it aside.

      You should get a brown loose mixture, which should be set aside for a while

    8. Pour warm sour milk into a separate bowl and break the eggs.

      Now in another bowl, beat the eggs and warmed sour milk

    9. Add vegetable oil.

      Introducing vegetable oil

    10. Shake the liquid with a whisk.

      Mix everything well with a whisk

    11. We combine the dry and liquid mixture.

      Dry and liquid ingredients time to combine

    12. Gently and mix well.

      Thoroughly beat the mixture with a whisk

    13. You should get a homogeneous dough of a rich dark shade. Let it rest for 5 minutes so that the dry ingredients are completely dissolved. At this time, turn on the oven.

      The dough should be without lumps and before baking it should "breathe" for 5 minutes until the products are completely dissolved

    14. Place oiled paper on the bottom of the mold.

      We cover the bottom of the form with parchment

    15. Once again, mix the dough well and pour into the mold.

      Mix everything thoroughly again

    16. Level the surface and send it to a hot oven (180 °) for 35 minutes.

      We level the finished dough for the biscuit with a spatula and send it to the oven preheated to 180 degrees for about 35 minutes

    17. Preparation of cream. We take the right amount of condensed milk and butter.

      For the cream we take butter and condensed milk

    18. We connect the components. The butter can be pre-whipped until fluffy.

      Beat the butter until airy and add condensed milk

    19. Beat the mixture well. It is not necessary to use a mixer, this can be done with a fork.

      We thoroughly interrupt everything with a mixer or a whisk

    20. The finished cream will be quite thick, uniform with a caramel tint.

      The finished cream will turn out to be a little caramel hue. Preparation of chocolate glaze.

    21. Put sour cream in a metal bowl.

      For glaze, put sour cream in a metal bowl

    22. Pour in granulated sugar.

      Add sugar

    23. Add dry cocoa.

      Pour cocoa powder into the same place

    24. We mix the mixture and put it on the stove, turned on at the lowest power.

      Place the pan on a small fire and stir the icing constantly

    25. Heat the icing to a boil. Stir so that it doesn't burn.

      Bring the icing to a boil and make sure it doesn't burn

    26. Remove from heat, put a piece of butter and only after it is completely dissolved, return the mixture to the stove.

      Remove the icing from the fire and add the butter. Once the oil has dissolved, return the icing to the fire.

    27. Boil the glaze over low heat until the desired density, about 5 minutes.

      Bring the icing back to a boil and boil for about 5 minutes

    28. Assembly and decoration of the cake. After the allotted time, we take out the biscuit. Check readiness with a toothpick. If the dough does not stick, then the cake is ready.

      In the meantime, the biscuit is baked and can be left to cool completely

    29. We do not remove the biscuit from the mold until it cools.

      The biscuit will cool directly in the baking dish

    30. Put the cooled cake on a dish, remove the parchment.

      As soon as the cake has cooled, put it on a plate

    31. Using a large knife, cut the workpiece into 2-3 thin parts.

      It's time to divide the cake into 2-3 thin layers

    32. Soak with juice or syrup.

      Each layer must be soaked with juice or syrup

    33. We put the prepared cream.

      We cover the cakes with cream one by one laying on top of each other and forming a cake

    34. Smooth over the entire surface of the cake.

      The cream must certainly be well aligned on the shortcakes

    35. Thus we connect all the cakes.

      So the cake will be assembled and smeared

    36. We coat the top of the cake and the edges well.

      We spread the top and edges of the cake especially generously

    37. Pour abundantly with cooled icing.

      At the end, we pour the finished cooled icing on the cake

    38. Decorate the cake as desired. For this, fresh and canned berries, fruits, nuts, grated chocolate are suitable. You can draw white patterns, use a small amount of whipped cream or proteins for this. Biscuit cake according to this recipe is very tasty and very chocolatey.

      We decorate the cake at our own discretion and serve it to the table. Bon appetit!

    The benefits of biscuit

    Like any sweet, chocolate biscuit cake improves a person's mental state: it improves mood, helps to cope with depression and calm down quickly. A large amount of chocolate stimulates the brain. Use in limited quantities and in the morning does not harm the human body.

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