About Hozoboz

Hello dear friends.

HozOboz is website for those who like to cook and do it well or even for those who is going to learn how to cook. We are international team of like-minded people who make amazing things with simple products.

Our authors are living in the different places of the planet. They are sharing their cooking skills with great pleasure. And we are grateful for this, because the peculiarities of the kitchen can be learned just with a person who is cooking and eating these dished all the time.

All of us are different. We have different age, creed, habits and culinary tastes. But we are united with a passion for culinary. We invite You to become a part of the family.

It is interesting with us. The pages of HozOboz smell with spices of the East, enchant with the smells of garam masala and the musk, disarm the truffle notes, and seafood flavor form Adriatic cost. We know what and how to cook on a special occasion or for everyday breakfast. We can tell you how to please your husband or guests. Even if you don t like to cook we will show how to say about love or other emotions thanks to food.

We are unique because every dish on our pages is cooking with love to You, to homeland, to all life. We try to transform regular cooking to holiday. And as we understand from Your letter it comes true. Let’s cooking together and present a little love and happiness to each other. Wellcome to the family! Share Your yummy and our love return to you immediately.