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Fried eggs with tomatoes

  • Nutrition Facts
  • Calories: 213
  • Protein: 7.8
  • Fats: 18.3
  • Carbohydrates: 2.6
    Яичница с помидорами

    This review may be a continuation of another of our recipes called omelet with tomatoes. The thing is that from the point of view of the benefits and calorie content of the dish, an omelette and scrambled eggs with tomatoes, which we will cook today, are almost the same thing, but something different in form and content. Moreover, the recipe for scrambled eggs with tomatoes chosen by us today, contrary to all expectations, will not differ in anything remarkable. So this review can be attributed to the section "recipes for bachelors." By the way, here you can also include, for example, croutons or tea with lemon, in case someone has difficulty with cooking.

    But the statistics, my friends, are inexorable, and according to the results of monitoring requests, this one is firmly occupying its niche, which is not the last in terms of frequency of requests. So today we have to understand whether there is something in this dish that we have not known until now. And most importantly, we will learn how to cook scrambled eggs with tomatoes so that the yolk remains liquid, but does not stretch like raw, and we will also learn how to make sure that the eggs do not burn, of course, if someone else has problems with this. We will also try to figure out the history of the origin of this unpretentious dish and the benefits of the products used in it.

    History of the dish

    Let's start, traditionally, with history. It is known that eggs appeared in the human diet at least 5 thousand years ago. Since then, their amazing qualities and useful properties have captivated the inhabitants of planet Earth. We know that in the times of ancient civilizations, eggs were boiled, as in Greece, baked with honey, as in Ancient Rome, and they were also cooked with caviar, as in Rus'. We will try to single out from all this variety precisely those dishes for the preparation of which whole eggs were used, since an omelet is a completely different story, which, by the way, we have already addressed more than once. As for scrambled eggs, it has at least several advantages over its cousin.

    • Firstly, it is even easier to cook than an omelette and for this it is enough just to break the eggs into a frying pan;
    • Secondly, it is less caloric, because we do not use flour, milk and other ingredients that are not devoid of calories to make scrambled eggs;
    • Thirdly, according to many nutritionists, the consumption of yolk, such as in scrambled eggs, almost raw, has a number of indications in terms of healthy, and most importantly, dietary nutrition. One “but” - here, as eggs, you should be sure not to pick up salmonellosis.

    In addition, from the point of view of historical information, whole eggs, in addition to culinary, also had some sacred meaning. If you look closely at what fried eggs look like, an association with the sun immediately arises. And the first to notice this were the ancient Slavs back in the days of paganism. Accordingly, such dishes were prepared specifically for the arrival of spring, thereby inviting the sun and accelerating the arrival of heat. So for you and me, this is not just food - it is a tribute to the national traditions of our ancestors, and traditions should be honored, especially if you can get no small benefit from this for your body.

    And now, before we learn how to make scrambled eggs with tomatoes, let's talk about the intricacies:

    1. Do not add too much vegetable oil during cooking. Do not forget that egg yolk is also fat and it will be extremely difficult for them to get along together, which can lead to unnecessary stress for the liver and stomach. In addition, such scrambled eggs with tomatoes will have a very high calorie content, and we are just against this;
    2. If you decide to leave the yolk raw, you need to make sure the quality of the eggs themselves. Please note that they are often infected with salmonellosis, which will subsequently create many health problems for you, even death;
    3. If everything is fine with the eggs and you are sure of them, but do not like the transparent protein that surrounds the not quite cooked yolk, then you need to fry the scrambled eggs on low heat and under the lid. So the yolk will remain soft, but there will be no stretching fibers around it;
    4. And the last thing: after cooking, scrambled eggs with tomatoes, as in our photo, or without them, must be immediately served at the table, otherwise it will harden and the yolk will dry out - the taste will not be the same.

    Well, all the nuances are now clear and it's time to learn how to cook scrambled eggs with tomatoes according to our signature recipe. And the secret of this dish lies in the ingredients - we used, of course, high-quality eggs and cherry tomatoes - it's beautiful and very tasty.


    • Eggs - 3 pcs.
    • Cherry tomatoes - 7 pcs.
    • Salt and spices - to taste
    • Vegetable oil - 3 tbsp.

    How to cook scrambled eggs with tomatoes:

    1. Prepare the products that we need for cooking;

      First you need to prepare all the necessary products

    2. Next, wash the tomatoes and wipe them dry;

      Wash cherry tomatoes and dry with a paper towel

    3. Heat the olive oil in a pan and fry the tomatoes on all sides;

      Fry the tomatoes in olive oil on all sides

    4. Now that the tomatoes are fried, break the eggs and reduce the heat;

      After carefully break the eggs into the pan and reduce the heat

    5. Cover the pan with a lid and let it fry until the yolks reach the standard;

      Now, cover the scrambled eggs with a lid and fry until the yolks turn white on top, but inside they should remain liquid

    6. When the scrambled eggs are cooked, you must immediately serve them on the table with fried tomatoes, fresh herbs and crispy pita bread.

      Ready scrambled eggs are served on the table immediately, sprinkled with herbs in a bite with pita bread

    The benefits of the dish

    I would like to note right away that it doesn’t matter at all if you get scrambled eggs with tomatoes and sausage or scrambled eggs with tomatoes and onions, the benefits of eggs do not change. However, this very benefit, depending on the ingredients, can only become greater. So, thanks to tomatoes, you can revitalize the body with vitamin C, and with the help of lycopene, enrich it with antioxidants and reduce the risk of developing unwanted diseases. Onions, in turn, will help increase immunity and body resistance, and thanks to onions, you can improve the functioning of the stomach and digestibility of food.

    As for eggs, they, as champions in the content of vitamins and minerals, deserve the highest praise. Regular consumption of such a dish as delicious scrambled eggs, including those with tomatoes, will allow you to feel vivacity and energy throughout the day. In addition, those who regularly eat eggs do not suffer from strokes and heart attacks and practically do not observe cataracts. So, eat eggs and many health problems will bypass you.

    If you are not a fan of liquid yolks at all or are simply not sure about the quality of eggs, you just need to turn the eggs over a few seconds before removing them from the pan and frying the yolk itself. It will be no less tasty, but completely safe. We hope our tips will be useful and you will be able to diversify your breakfast with this tasty and healthy dish. The scrambled eggs rule! HozOboz is waiting for new recipes from you and wishes you all a great mood and bon appetit.

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