• Nutrition Facts
  • Calories: 299
  • Protein: 6.1
  • Fats: 18.2
  • Carbohydrates: 25.5

    Today we’ll talk about very popular dish which is more recognized in Western Europe and nowadays becomes more and more common here. People tend to visit  the restaurants representing various cuisines like French, Portuguese, Japanese and, of course, Italian. The latter one is probably the most beloved in the world because it’s so familiar and enjoyable for almost everyone. All the dishes of the Italian cuisine are not just delicious but very flavored and that’s what we love them for. Everyone enjoys Italian style meat and ravioli along with desserts like Tiramisu with mascarpone cheese play a special role here since it’s so yummy, soft and sweet that it can easily satisfy you.

    But first you should know how to cook it. So, today we’ll teach how to make homemade Tiramisu, and the recipe with photos, of course, is attached. But before we do it, some brief history of homemade classic Tiramisu and its healthy features.

    The origin of Tiramisu

    In Italian the word ‘Tiramisu' means ‘’pull me up ‘’ which is actually ‘'cheer me up’' or ‘'keep me up’’. This dessert is si light and soft since the Tiramisu cream is whipped neither once nor twice: firstly, yolks with sugar, then yolk cream with cheese and, finally, with whites. So the dessert will be very light. Classic Tiramisu recipe presupposes the following ingredients: eggs, Mascarpone cheese, coffee, ‘’Savoiardi'' cookies, cocoa powder and some of your favorite liquor.

    It’s really hard to figure out the date when the very first Tiramisu was made and presented. Some think the recipe of Tiramisu with Mascarpone derives from the Medici’s kitchen. It’s thought to be cooked in honor of Duke Cosimo III de Medici. But the documents say that first Tiramisu was cooked in 1971 in Italy. Later, in 1981, the name of the other chef was revealed - Roberto Lunguanotto. It was often served in Treviso in «Alle Beccherie» restaurant. Nobody knows which version is true, if there is one. The main thing is that we can now easily try this wonderful dessert called  Tiramisu even at home. And not we’ll tell you what benefits will you get from eating this dessert!

    Benefits of Tiramisu for your health

    To start with, everyone knows that the healthy features of any dessert are rather relative. But we can’t leave these lines lines empty so we’ll try to find here something good except for incredible taste. Let’s look though the main ingredients. So, Mascarpone cheese is the best substitute of butter for both sandwich and cake. Its main benefit is that it contains far less calories in comparison with butter.

    This product also contains a vast number of vitamins: A, B3, C, B, D, along with minerals: sodium, iron, magnesium and certainly calcium. Eggs are also a part of this homemade Tiramisu recipe and they are incredibly rich in choline and, without exaggeration, they have a full set of other important and necessary substances, including all vitamins known today. Regarding the benefits of  ''Savoiard’' cookies, since Tiramisu contains only this one, it is neither high calorie or fatty comparing to other cookies, and that’s a great advantage for the dessert. And now, finally, we can offer you the Tiramisu recipe with photos.

    The list of ingredients needed for Tiramisu

    • a blister of Savoiardi cookies
    • 500 grams of Mascarpone cheese
    • a portion of espresso (1 oz.)
    • 100 grams of sugar
    • 2 grams of vanilla
    • 4 eggs
    • 10 grams of Baileys liquor
    • cocoa powder

    How to cook the homemade Tiramisu?

    1. First of all, prepare all the ingredients;

      Prepare all the ingredients: eggs, cheese, sugar powder, cookies, coffee, liquor and natural vanilla.

    2. Divide yolks and whites in separate bowls;

      Separate egg whites from the yolks.

    3. Whip the whites using mixer into a thick foam, so that you can turn the bowl upside down.

      Whip the whites thoroughly.

    4. Combine sugar powder with yolks;

      Mix the egg yolks with sugar.

    5. Now add some vanilla to the yolks;

      Then, few drops of vanilla go in.

    6. Whip the yolk cream;

      Mix the yolks and dry ingredients using mixer.

    7. Place the cheese into the deep bowl;

      Put the Mascarpone into the big bowl.

    8. Then it should be combined with the yolks;

      Connect the yolks with cheese.

    9. Whip the cheese thoroughly using mixer;

      Don’t forget to whip the contents of the bowl.

    10. Start adding beaten whites to the mixture of cheese and yolks using silicone spatula;

      Carefully add the beaten whites to the cream.

    11. Now, using silicone spatula, stir it slowly  so that the whites remain airy (with bubbles);

      Combine the whites with cheese and yolks but be careful not to damage the bubbles.

    12. Pour coffee in the separate bowl;

      Add a portion of espresso into the bowl.

    13. Now, it’s time to add some liquor to it;

      Combine chilled coffee with Baileys liquor.

    14. After mixing these tow you’ll get the moisture for cookies;

      You’ll have the moisture for you cookies out of these tow ingredients.

    15. Place a layer of cream on the bottom of the dish;

      Take a dish and grease its boots with cream.

    16. Place the cookies (one by one) in the coffee mixture, 10 second per each shall suffice;

      Place the cookies in the mixture, keep each of them in it for 10 seconds.

    17. Then, cookies should be placed in the dish covered with cream;

      Once the cookies moisturize, put them into the dish.

    18. Keep doing that until you have the dish full of the cookies;

      Place the cookies until you get the dish full of them, just like on the photo.

    19. Then the remaining cream goes over the cookies;

      Now cover the cookies with the remaining of cream.

    20. Spread the cream on the surface of the dessert and make it flat;

      Grease the surface with cream just like on the photo.

    21. Take a sieve and spill the cocoa powder over it;

      Spill the cocoa powder over sieve.

    22. Sprinkle the dessert with the powder thoroughly and and place the dish in the fridge for at least 2 hours, and it’s ready to be served!

      Sprinkle Tiramisu with some powder and keep it in fridge for 2-3.

    That’s how easily you can make a delicious this classic homemade Tiramisu.  You may change it with other various ingredients, so there’s also of space for options. So, cook for pleasure and get only greatest emotions from both process and result! And your culinary delights will the inspiration for us since HozOboz is striving to do his best for you!

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