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Spicy eggplant for the winter

  • Nutrition Facts
  • Calories: 32
  • Protein: 1
  • Fats: 0.1
  • Carbohydrates: 6.5

    Welcome, dear readers, to the pages of our site. Today we will deal with blanks again. Cooking spicy eggplants for the winter. Eggplant itself is a very controversial product. Many love him to the point of unconsciousness, others simply hate him. One thing is obvious - no one is indifferent to him. Our recipe is aimed just at the first - those who are ready to experiment with this beautiful berry. The recipe for spicy eggplant for the winter is a classic - that is why we are turning to it today. Easy to prepare, yet delicious and surprisingly flavorful. Such eggplants will become an adornment of any feast. But about the recipe itself later, but for now a little history.

    History of the dish

    The dish we have chosen for today is something like a saute. Chopped eggplants, mashed with tomatoes and then pickled with oil and vinegar are essentially an opportunity to save vegetables for the winter. The closest of all the relatives of this preparation can be safely called ajapsandali - a cold appetizer, which is usually prepared from eggplants with the addition of tomatoes, onions, garlic, cilantro and other truly Georgian delicacies. So our spicy eggplants with garlic for the winter will become a real celebration of taste and aroma on cold evenings, reminiscent of a fertile summer. And therefore, let's not delay and get down to cooking.


    • Eggplant - 1200 g
    • Tomatoes - 800 g
    • Chili pepper - 1 pc. (20 g)
    • Garlic - 1 head
    • Salt - 2 tablespoons
    • Sugar - 2 tsp
    • Vinegar 9% - 100 ml
    • Vegetable oil - 100 ml


    1. Let's prepare the ingredients. Wash the vegetables, peel the garlic and chili. We sterilize jars and lids.

      We will prepare the necessary products and sterilize the jars

    2. Cut the eggplants into circles.

      Cut the eggplants into circles

    3. Put salt in a bowl, mix, leave for an hour.

      Salt the eggplants and leave to release the bitterness

    4. Cut the tomatoes crosswise, put in a bowl and pour boiling water for 30 seconds.

      Cut the peel of the tomatoes and pour boiling water over them for about 30 seconds

    5. Remove the skin from the tomatoes.

      It is easy and quick to peel off scalded tomatoes

    6. Chop garlic and chili peppers at random.

      Chop the garlic and chili

    7. Put the tomatoes in a saucepan, beat with a blender until smooth, add garlic and chili, and beat with a blender again.

      Now we put tomatoes with chili and garlic in a saucepan and interrupt in mashed potatoes

    8. Put the saucepan on the fire, add salt, sugar, vinegar, vegetable oil and wait for the tomato mass to boil, lay out the eggplants.

      Put the tomato dressing on the fire and bring it to a boil along with salt, sugar, vegetable oil and vinegar. Put eggplants in the boiling puree

    9. Simmer for 15 minutes on low heat, stirring occasionally.

      15 minutes simmer, stirring occasionally

    10. Lay out the eggplants in the filling on sterilized jars, roll up the lids. We turn the cans upside down, wrap them in a blanket, leave them overnight.

      Now the eggplants need to be laid out in sterile jars and rolled up, and then left upside down in the heat until they cool

    11. In the morning we send the banks for storage.

      We store ready-made banks on demand

    The benefits of the dish

    On our site, only the best recipes and spicy eggplants for the winter are one of such excellent examples. The benefits of such saute, stew, or simply thermally processed salads are very great. Stewed eggplant is perfect in everything: soft, tender, tasty and low in calories. An amazingly successful combination of vitamins and microelements makes eggplants ourselves and dishes from them welcome guests on any table. They are loved by meat eaters, vegans and vegetarians alike.

    That is why we have collected the best recipes and spicy eggplant harvested for the winter, one of them. What do you say? Are you cooking spicy eggplants for the winter, perhaps with peppers or carrots? Tell us about it. Share and we'll be happy to cook your favorite delicacies together. And we will be happy to tell you about them from the page of our site. Your friend advisor HozOboz!

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