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Sour cream cupcake

  • Nutrition Facts
  • Calories: 369
  • Protein: 6
  • Fats: 15
  • Carbohydrates: 50
    Кекс сметанный

    There are times when you urgently need to prepare something sweet for tea, and time is running out, and you don’t really want to mess around. HozOboz comes to the rescue with a new recipe! Today we are preparing a sour cream cake - delicious, lush, fragrant. You will definitely like its delicate taste, and you will appreciate the ease of preparation. Such a cupcake can be prepared just for evening tea, and for an afternoon snack, and even it is not a shame to put it on the festive table.

    A bit of cake history

    Cupcakes are made from biscuit or yeast dough with or without various additives. Cupcakes are popular all over the world, in some countries it is even a national dish. Their history goes back to ancient times. True, only in the Middle Ages did this confectionery product become known as a “cake”. In ancient Rome, people already showed a special interest in the method of baking cakes, they had their own unusual recipe: they mashed barley, then mixed it with raisins, pomegranates and nuts. It is this dish, according to historians, that can be considered the progenitor of the current cupcake. Of course, a cupcake with sour cream was not yet prepared in the Ancient World - such a recipe appeared much later.

    In the sixteenth century, it was time for the mass production of sugar, and with it came the "cupcake era." Recipes for making all kinds of cupcakes scattered all over the Old World. A little later, they learned about them in America, where today the cupcake is much more popular than ours, for example. The cupcake received universal love because it is available, relatively cheap and very tasty. And, probably, this is the most popular sweet pastry in the world.

    The general recipe for this pastry has received a special twist in each country. This allowed the cake to become diverse with fillings such as chocolate, fruit, nuts and candied fruit. For example, in the Bahamas, it is customary to add fruits aged in rum to the cake. German housewives bake a rectangular festive adit, generously sprinkled with powdered sugar, while they do not tolerate even the smallest changes in the recipe - accuracy is above all. The Swiss love the pear cake, which has a light texture and a sweet taste. Cake in Britain is traditionally covered with white icing or marzipan. Well, HozOboz offers a simple sour cream cake. Recipe with photos attached. But first, find out how a cupcake can be useful.


    • Butter - 100 g
    • Sugar - 1 cup
    • Sour cream - 1/2 cup
    • Baking powder - 1 tsp.
    • Flour - 1.5 cups
    • Eggs - 3 pcs.


    1. Place room temperature butter in a food processor or a bowl in which we beat it with sugar.

      We send soft butter to the bowl of the processor or a bowl.

    2. Add sugar to the butter. Whip for about two minutes.

      Add sugar and beat both ingredients for several minutes.

    3. It turns out such a mass.

      As a result, the consistency should be as in the photo.

    4. Add sour cream. We mix.

      We introduce sour cream into the cake dough and mix everything again.

    5. Add eggs and mix again.

      Add chicken eggs and beat again.

    6. Add flour and baking powder. We mix.

      Stir flour and baking powder into the dough.

    7. It turns out a smooth homogeneous mass.

      As a result, you should get a thick dough of a uniform consistency.

    8. We cover the cake pan (this is a shape approximately 20x10 cm in size) with parchment. You can lubricate with oil in the old fashioned way, but there is not much point in such an action, but we get extra calories. Therefore, the use of parchment not only reduces the calorie content of baking, but also keeps the dishes clean, that is, they do not need to be washed afterwards. Put the dough into a mold.

      Put the parchment into the baking dish, and then lay out the finished dough.

    9. Bake for about 30-35 minutes at a temperature of 180C. Readiness is traditionally checked with a toothpick. And do not be afraid of a longitudinal crack on the surface of the cake - this, one might say, is his business card. If there is no crack, it is not a cupcake at all.

      Bake sour cream cake at a temperature of 180 degrees for half an hour.

    10. We take the cake out of the mold, let it cool and then cut it into portions.

      The finished cake should be removed from the mold and cooled, and then simply cut into pieces of the desired size and served with tea.

    The benefits of cupcake

    The fact that the cake is a sweet confection makes it doubtful. But you should not do this, because baking is healthy, especially if it is homemade. That is, you know that the cupcake is made from good flour, sugar, homemade sour cream and high-quality butter, and not margarine, which is usually the sin of purchased cupcakes. And, by the way, in terms of calories, muffins are inferior even to liver - it is more high-calorie. Nutritionists advise giving preference to muffins among other sweet pastries. Well, for those who are recommended enhanced nutrition, cupcakes are exactly what the doctor ordered. First of all, this applies to children who need a lot of energy, as well as athletes - they also need strength and endurance.

    Well, do not forget that cupcakes are rich in carbohydrates, and this is an excellent energy boost for our brain. Therefore, if you have intense mental activity, you can’t do without sweets. So now KhozOboz will teach you how to make sour cream cake. By the way, you can bake a sour cream cake with raisins according to the same recipe - you just need to add a couple of tablespoons of raisins to the dough. However, it can be nuts, and candied fruits, and chocolate chips.

    As you can see, the sour cream cake, the recipe of which was presented today by KhozOBoz, is prepared simply and quickly, but it turns out lush and tasty. Next time, you can replace the regular white sugar with cane brown, it will give the cake a nice caramel color. And, of course, it will make baking more useful. And you can also cook a cottage cheese and sour cream cake, but according to a different recipe, which HozOboz will definitely acquaint you with somehow.

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