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Shashlik in a glass

  • Nutrition Facts
  • Calories: 79
  • Protein: 15.39
  • Fats: 0.97
  • Carbohydrates: 1.71
    Шашлык в банке

    HozOboz is ready to share a useful secret and teach you how to cook delicious shish kebab in a jar of poultry meat. This time I used turkey fillet, which comes out quite cooked, but at the same time remains soft and juicy.

    The history of cooking barbecue in a jar

    When could the first kebabs appear in a jar in the oven? Of course, such a dish could only appear when such ingredients as a turkey, a glass jar, foil, wooden skewers, an oven became available. If we are talking about turkeys, then these large chicken-like birds from the pheasant family come from the New World, and the first mention of them by Europeans was made by Bernardino de Sahagun in the General History of the Affairs of New Spain (1547-1577), where he pointed out the healing properties turkey meat and broth from it.

    The wild American turkey was domesticated and came to its current form until 2010, when scientists compiled its complete genome of 80 chromosomes (this was done for three birds, including chickens and zebras).

    We didn't have to wait until 2010 to be able to cook natural, not genetically modified, poultry. After all, cooking kebabs in a jar could also come from delicious wild turkey, after people began to use glass jars. hozOboz thinks that the idea of cooking such a dish as shish kebab in a three-liter jar came for the first time to someone who cooked homemade stew in the oven in such jars, without using an autoclave.

    If you have a suitable piece of turkey meat, then try out the kebab in a jar, the amazing recipe of which is given below. hozOboz is sure that this dish, useful in all respects and unusual in terms of cooking technology, will be a pleasant surprise for you and will settle down in family cookbooks for a long time. Let's get started and quickly cook the kebab in a jar, the photo from the detailed instructions will help you with this!


    • turkey fillet - 1200 g;
    • onion - 2 pcs;
    • Bulgarian red pepper - 1 piece;
    • sour cream - 150 ml;
    • salt - to taste;
    • adjika dry - to taste.

    Step-by-step instruction:

    1. We will collect all the necessary products for barbecue in a jar (turkey fillet, sweet peppers, fatty sour cream, onions, spices and salt), as well as the required equipment (three-liter jar, foil, wooden skewers).

      Let's prepare the products and equipment needed to prepare this dish.

    2. Cut the turkey meat into pieces with a walnut or a little more.

      Grind the turkey meat into medium-sized pieces.

    3. Add rock salt and dry adjika to the pieces of turkey fillet.

      Now the meat should be salted to taste and seasoned with dry adjika.

    4. We will also send thin half rings of onion there.

      We clean the onion, cut it into half rings and put it on the meat.

    5. Fill the turkey with sour cream.

      Now pour the meat and related products with sour cream.

    6. Thoroughly knead the pieces in sour cream with spices and cover with cling film.

      Manually emulsify the pieces of meat by rubbing the marinade into it, and then cover the bowl with cling film.

    7. Prepare wooden skewers and beautifully cut red pepper cubes.

      Cut the red bell pepper into medium-sized cubes, as in the photo.

    8. Let's smoke a couple of cherry sprigs and send them to a three-liter jar to flavor our kebab without using chemical liquid smoke.

      For aroma, put several branches of a cherry tree in a three-liter jar.

    9. We put the pickled meat, peeled from onions, on skewers, alternating it with red pepper.

      On wooden skewers we string meat and pieces of pepper in turn.

    10. Place the turkey and pepper skewers in a jar. If necessary, shorten the ends of the skewers so that they do not protrude beyond the edges of the jar. Cover the neck with a double layer of foil. And we send it to a cold oven, turned on at 200 degrees. When the lamp goes out, we detect 20 minutes. After that, we change the temperature by 230-250 degrees and cook the barbecue for another hour.

      Ready-made skewers on skewers are completely placed in a three-liter jar with cherry branches, and the neck is tightly closed with foil in two layers. We put the jar in the oven and only then heat it up to 200 degrees. At this temperature, we cook the barbecue for about 20 minutes, and then increase the heat to 230 degrees and cook the barbecue for about an hour.

    11. This is how the kebab looks like in a jar on skewers ready.

      Ready kebab on skewers should look like in the photo.

    12. Put the turkey kebab with sweet pepper on a dish and immediately serve it to the table. We took the meat off the skewers and served it with Oak lettuce leaves. Add sauce to tkemali when serving. It will be delicious!

      Put the finished meat with pepper on a plate and serve hot to the table along with fresh herbs and your favorite sauce. Real jam!

    About the benefits of turkey skewers

    Delicious kebab in a jar, the recipe of which includes turkey, is not only appetizing, but also extremely healthy, because meat cooked in this way fully retains all its dietary properties. You will get a decent portion of protein, with a minimum of fat.

    Alternative options for barbecue in a jar

    Only by changing the meat in this recipe, you will immediately get a new taste of barbecue. For example, it can be a lamb shoulder or a pork neck. And the composition of spices significantly changes the aroma - replace dry adjika with garam
    masala and you will learn how to cook kebab in a jar in the Indian manner. Use a wide variety of vegetables and fruits, mushrooms for the author's performance. For example, always a win-win combination is pork in a garlic-rosemary marinade with eggplant, leeks, tomatoes and peppers.

    You can marinate meat not only in sour cream, but also in fatty yogurt, kefir. Add fresh mint sprigs, tarragon, black pepper, lemon juice and fresh lemon zest to cook chicken thighs this way.
    with Caucasian accents. Serve this kebab with a warm bean salad, in which the sauce will be prepared from sour-milk marinade.

    If you marinate meat with onion quarters in spicy vegetable oil, like an Armenian shish kebab, then the meat will be fried until cooked much faster, in about an hour.

    HozOboz offers to use every opportunity to get out into nature, to have picnics there. And you can take with you a ready-made kebab cooked according to our recipe using a jar and an oven. Keep it hot with a quality thermal container (thermos).

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