Pear pie

  • Nutrition Facts
  • Calories: 303
  • Protein: 5
  • Fats: 11
  • Carbohydrates: 44

    It’s hard not to cook an easy and yummy pear pie when you see your summer garden full of sweat and juicy pears on the trees. Actually, you definitely should go there and collect them. Carry them them straight to the kitchen and cook and incredible pear pie with our new recipe! The main advantage of the recipe is that you don't have to be a chef or have some special culinary skills to cook it - all you need is to know how to use blended and how to peal pears. The recipe of pear pie which we prepared for you today is so easy that even a child can cook it. Are you ready? Let’s start right now. But before doing so, we have some interesting and useful information for you.

    Some historical facts worth mentioned concerning pear

    Strange as it may seem, a pear belongs to the rose family (Rosaceae). The word ‘’pear'' appeared in russian ancient writings in twelfth century AD, but it sounds in other way - ‘’hrusha’’(which is ‘’piggy'''in russian). The other funny thing is, that Polish word ‘’dulya’’ was also used (which is kind of offensive in ussian).

    The pear grown in ancient Greece, Persia and Roman Empire. There are more than several thousand now and nobody is sure about the definite origin of this yummy fruit. By the way, famous author of ‘’Odyssey’' Homer spoke of the pear as of the gift of gods. And it’s hard to disagree because pear is one of the most spread fruits on the planet. Now some thoughts on the healthy features of pears.

    What healthy features of pear are worth noting?

    Since we’re going to cook pear pie (photos and recipe are attached), we should know some health-enhancing features of pear. This fruit contains includes glucose, sucrose, fructose, and more vitamins B1, B2, A, E, C, P, PP, folic acid, carotene and many other useful substances.

    Since pear contains more fructose than glucose (and fructose does not require insulin in the body for its assimilation), the fruit is very useful for the treatment of pancreas disorders. Therefore, all kinds of dishes with pears are often included in diets during diabetes and obesity. The pear fruits helps to enhance digestion, stimulate the activity of the kidneys, liver, and even improve metabolism. Substances contained in pears, also have antimicrobial activity.
    Pears also helps during dizziness, palpitations, fatigue, it even helps with  healing of wounds, and increases your appetite.

    The pears are full of folic acid which it is very important for pregnant women, children, and even those who have problems with hematopoiesis.  Moreover, pears are very good for the heart because they contain a lot of potassium. They also have some unique substances, which strengthens the immune system, helping to resist the ARD, anti-inflammatory effect, and even help to fight depression. And what could be better than a cozy, beautiful and rosy pear pie recipe which is specially prepared for you today by HozOBoz? That's right, nothing. So fire away, let’s start cooking this delicious pear pie.

    What foods do you need to cook a pear pie?

    • a glass of wheat flour
    • a teaspoon of baking powder
    • 1/4 teaspoon of salt
    • 3/4 glass of sugar
    • an egg
    • 4 tablespoons of butter
    • 1/2 glass of milk
    • 1-2 pears

    Follow these instructions to cook the pear pie:

    1. Put sugar and butter into the deep bowl or use blender bowl as we do.

      Add butter and sugar powder into the bowl or blender.

    2. Whip butter with sugar. We recommend to take the butter out of the fridge half an  hour before using it.

      Mix both ingredients thoroughly.

    3. Now add an egg to the mixture.

      Break an egg into the bowl.

    4. Whip everything once more.

      Everything should be whipped one more time.

    5. It’s time to add flour and salt.

      Season your dough with salt and add flour.

    6. Now baking powder goes into the bowl.

      Don't forget to add baking powder.

    7. One more time, whip them all. Now you have very tough dough, just like on the photo.

      Mix all the ingredients and knead tough dough of them.

    8. Keep kneading the dough and carefully pour some milk into it. You may use cream instead of milk but it shouldn’t be high-fat (10-15% is enough).

      While you’re kneading the dough, add milk or low-fat milk to it.

    9. As a result, you’ll get batter which you see on the photo.

      Now the dough becomes thinner.

    10. Now take the pears, cut them in half and throw out the cores.

      To make filling, peel the pears and get rid of the cores.

    11. Then cut them into slices (as on the photo attached).

      Cut them into smaller pieces.

    12. Butter the baking dish and place the dough into it. Place the slices of pear on the surface.

      The baking dish should be buttered when you place the dough in it. Don't forget to dress it with slices of pear.

    13. Finally, put your pie in the preheat 350F oven for approximately 30-35 minutes. Check if it’s cooked with a toothpick. It should be completely dry after coming out of the pie.

      Finally, put your pie in the preheat 350F oven for approximately 30-35 minutes. Check if it’s cooked with a toothpick. It should be completely dry after coming out of the pie.

    As you might have noticed, this easy pear pie is now ready to be served. You didn't have to mess around with it because it’s so quick to make. And can you feel that flavor when the pie is in the oven? HozOboz is sure that you will definitely enjoy our new pie.

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