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Pancakes with meat

  • Nutrition Facts
  • Calories: 199
  • Protein: 13.9
  • Fats: 5.3
  • Carbohydrates: 22.5
    Блины с мясом

    If a pancake is on the table, the guests are doubly happy! Pancakes, which are loved by all people without exception, are present in the cuisines of different peoples of the world, only they are called differently. Pancake, as a symbol of the sun, successful marriages, children's health and excellent harvests, won special appreciation and love from the Slavs since pagan times, when the dish was considered ritual and was especially reverent in its preparation, and perhaps that is why pancakes have become almost the main national Russian cuisine food.

    Origin of pancakes

    According to history, already in the 8th century, mentions of pancakes were recorded, and only later, according to tradition in Russia, they began to serve pancakes to the table more often than all other dishes. The very origin of the word pancake is considered to be from the verb to grind, i.e. "mlyn" (a product made from chalk). Attributing prehistoric roots to pancakes, we in no way mislead readers, because in fact they are called pioneers among flour products, not counting bread. According to ancient writings, pancakes in Russia not only accompanied a person from the beginning of life (the woman in labor was fed pancakes), but in general a huge number of all kinds of traditions are associated with them, which have moved from the past to us, here it is impossible not to single out the most fun Russian celebration - Maslitsa, the main attribute which are pancakes.

    It is customary to bake modern pancakes from wheat flour without the use of yeast, and these will be presented in this recipe, although real Russians cooked from buckwheat flour, kneaded on dough, and the hostesses did it secretly, leaving home or wailing in the yard. It turns out that we will slightly break the tradition by preparing a quick pancake dough, but the meat filling and sour cream are the additions that fully correspond to the correct idea of ​​\u200b\u200bRussian pancakes. KhozOboz decided to share with readers how to cook pancakes with meat in a colorful and intelligible way, but first you need to stock up on the necessary products.

    Composition of ingredients

    For dough:

    • Chicken eggs - 4 pieces
    • Milk (any) - 2 cups
    • Flour - 1 cup
    • Salt - 2 pinches
    • Vegetable oil - 50 ml

    To the middle:

    • Chicken (fillet) - 700 grams
    • Bulgarian pepper (hybrid) - a quarter
    • Onion - 1 head
    • Salt - three pinches
    • Vegetable oil - to the taste of the cook

    For refueling:

    • Sour cream - 100 grams
    • Butter - 30 grams
    • Cheese - 50 grams

    Pancakes with meat, recipe with photo

    1. According to the technological process of making pancakes with filling, the first place is always taken by the dough, for which we will prepare a container with high sides, break the eggs into it and shake it with a whisk.

      Whisk the eggs in a bowl.

    2. Add milk and mix well again.

      Pour milk into the egg mixture.

    3. Gradually pour the flour into the milk-egg mixture, sifting it, and then transform all the ingredients into batter.

      Sift the flour and knead the dough for pancakes.

    4. A few pinches of salt will not hurt because our pancakes stuffed with meat and not sweet, but any baking powder (soda, etc.) must be excluded, because they create too porous pastries, which in our case is unacceptable.

      Add some salt.

    5. Vegetable oil added directly to the dough will make the pancakes more elastic, and the need to grease the pan every time will disappear by itself, but no whipping, but only a little stirring with a whisk. Let the oil stain float on the surface. Liquid dough is ready!

      Now pour vegetable oil directly into the dough and mix everything well again.

    6. With stuffing, everything is much simpler. Chicken fillet chopped into pieces, not forgetting to salt, can be boiled in advance and add straws from a hybrid bell pepper, which has a slightly spicy taste, to it.

      Cut the boiled chicken fillet and slightly hot bell pepper into pieces.

    7. Twist the chicken and pepper into minced meat.

      Grind meat and pepper in a meat grinder and season.

    8. Lightly fry in oil with onions and set aside to cool. What a quick topping, isn't it?

      Now the resulting meat mixture should be fried a little with chopped onion in vegetable oil.

    9. Let's start baking pancakes. Pour a small amount of batter, evenly over the entire pan and lightly fry. The most suitable frying pan in this case is a special pancake pan with a diameter of 20 cm with a heating indicator. Pancakes should not burn, but the dough can be distributed quickly and evenly on a heated surface, as indicated by the indicator.

      Pour 2/3 ladle of dough into a hot frying pan and fry until the raw spots disappear.

    10. Turn the pancake over and bake on the other side and again not much, because after the formation of triangular bags with meat filling, the need for frying with the addition of butter will again appear.

      Now the pancake must be turned over and, counting to 10, put the pancake on a plate.

    11. We stack one on top of the other, covering it with a saucer if possible so that the edges do not dry out and the pastries become soft, which will help to beautifully arrange figured pancakes stuffed with meat.

      We stack all the pancakes on top of each other.

    12. A delicious, beautifully decorated dish on the table means that it will be tried first and appreciated. We will try to turn ordinary pancakes into a chic holiday treat. Lay the chicken mince in the center.

      Put minced meat in the center of each platter.

    13. We fold from three sides so that we get a triangular figure on the plane.

      We bend the edges and give the pancake the shape of a triangle.

    14. We bend the corner to one side of our triangle.

      Now we bend one of the corners of the workpiece.

    15. We put the second and third corner on top of each other. It turns out such a nice little triangular envelope with a filling.

      Put the second and third corners on top of each other, respectively.

    16. Holding the figure, we define it in the pan down with the connection. Lay out stuffed triangles compactly. It is more convenient to make the shape of a flower, into the empty center of which we will rub the butter.

      We heat the pan and put the pancakes with the joints down. Rub a little butter in the middle, as in the photo.

    17. While the envelopes with minced chicken are puffing under the lid at a low temperature, we will grate cheese, which goes well with our dish.

      Now the pan should be placed on a small fire and covered with a lid, and at this time prepare the cheese.

    18. Put pancakes with meat fried on both sides on a dish and serve.

      As soon as the pancakes are well fried on both sides, they should be served.

    19. It's time to try out this beauty. Sour cream with cheese, which will begin to melt on hot pancakes, turning into an amazingly tasty toffee, will ideally complement these amazing pancakes with meat, the calorie content of which should not bother you.

      Sprinkle pancakes with grated cheese, pour sour cream and go!!!!

    What are the benefits of pancakes?

    Of course, it is impossible to classify pancakes as a dietary food, but this does not mean at all that there is no benefit to the body from them.

    • Pancakes are stuffed with boiled minced poultry, lightly fried in vegetable oil with onion, which means: the body is provided with the necessary complex of easily digestible protein and amino acids contained in the chicken, as well as vitamins and minerals in the composition of the onion, which retains its nutritional properties even in the process of sautéing.
    • Sour cream sauce and cheese are ideal sources of calcium, and we chose them to dress the finished dish.

    Of course, pancakes with meat can hardly be considered a gift for weak stomachs, but you can always diversify the dish with a lighter filling of berries, fruits or vegetables if you wish, as well as knead the dough in plain water and then fasting eat this just right. Alas, they do not know what a pleasure it is to taste delicious, rich, high-calorie and nutritious pancakes.

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