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Pancakes with mayonnaise

  • Nutrition Facts
  • Calories: 160
  • Protein: 2.06
  • Fats: 5.85
  • Carbohydrates: 23.58
    Блины на майонезе

    From time immemorial, such pastries as pancakes have come to us. Every self-respecting hostess knows how to bake pancakes and treat them to those gathered not only at festive festivities, but also on weekdays. It goes without saying that every home has its own favorite and revered recipe for pancakes, which is passed down from generation to generation. In principle, the process of kneading dough for pancakes is similar in almost all recipes, but there are also gastronomic “nuances”.

    We have prepared for you a recipe for mayonnaise pancakes that will diversify your menu. We note right away that our mayonnaise pancakes will be without milk, but their taste comes out amazing. According to the structure, pancakes on mayonnaise and eggs come out thin, so they are suitable for stuffing.

    History of the dish

    Pancakes, which are thin golden-colored flatbreads, are a delicious snack that is revered all over the world. Baking is considered primordially Russian, although other nationalities have many recipes for baking pancakes. But it is worth noting without false modesty that only Russian pancakes have become famous outside of our country due to their consistency, softness, fluffiness and “nostrility”.

    By the way, today many hostesses use soda when kneading dough. This technique was used exclusively in Europe, they always took yeast from us. In the past, it was believed that if a girl in Russia, who can easily cope with baking pancakes, can safely get married and become a mother. Today, even men can bake pancakes.


    • Flour (we have the highest grade, wheat) - 1 cup with a slide;
    • Sugar - a couple of soup spoons;
    • Salt - half a teaspoon;
    • Mayonnaise (you can use any) - 3 soup spoons;
    • Water (boiled, warm) - 2 cups;
    • Vegetable oil (we have sunflower oil) - 2 tbsp. spoons.

    Cooking method

    1. So, let's start baking pancakes with mayonnaise - the simplest and most delicious recipe will help you cope with the culinary task perfectly. We get acquainted with the products that we will need. In principle, the set of ingredients is standard, and one might say - budget. As you can see, we always have all the required products in stock. Boil water in advance so that by the time the pancake dough is cooked, it has cooled down and become warm. Mayonnaise can be taken any. Pay attention when preparing and kitchen utensils. We need a deep container, convenient for kneading pancake dough; whisk or mixer; ladle and frying pan; spatula for flipping ready-made pancakes.

      We prepare the ingredients and dishes

    2. Everything you need is prepared. We begin to cook delicious pancakes on mayonnaise by breaking chicken eggs into a container with a quick movement of the knife over the shell (or we act as it is more convenient for you). Pour sugar into the chicken eggs in the indicated amount, throw a pinch of salted spice.

      Salt the eggs, add granulated sugar

    3. To the contents in the bowl we shift the measured rate of mayonnaise.

      Add mayonnaise to the ingredients

    4. At this culinary step, we arm ourselves with a whisk or a mixer, because we should beat the products in the bowl well.

      The ingredients are thoroughly mixed with a whisk

    5. We have a mixture, into which boiled water should now be poured (in a warm state!). Mix the ingredients immediately with a whisk.

      Pour water into a bowl, mix

    6. We continue to cook mayonnaise pancakes according to the recipe and proceed to adding flour to the resulting mixture. It is better to sift flour in small parts.

      Pour the sifted flour in portions

    7. Mix the ingredients, the dough for pancakes should come out without a single lump. And add vegetable oil to the dough, mix.

      Pour oil into the finished pancake dough

    8. Optimally heat the frying pan. On its surface we pass with an oiled brush. We scoop up the dough with a ladle and evenly distribute it over the surface of the pan. We start frying pancakes in the usual way.

      We fry delicious pancakes

    9. Hearty mayonnaise pancakes are ready! Let's eat healthy!

      Finished pancakes

    The benefits of the dish

    We prepared hearty pancakes with mayonnaise. Of course, in such a dish the number of calories goes off scale, but if you know the measure, then you can enjoy delicious pastries from the pan without harm to your health. You can reduce the number of calories in our pancakes by replacing regular mayonnaise with lean mayonnaise and giving up eggs. Such pancakes on lean mayonnaise without eggs will also appeal to many.

    Here is what a pleasant and appetizing stack of pancakes we got. Since the pancakes are thin, it is quite possible to use them for stuffing with your favorite fillings. You can diversify the serving of pancakes on mayonnaise with jam, jam, honey. It is also recommended that such pastries, removed from the pan, grease with melted butter.

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