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Pancakes on a fermented milk product

  • Nutrition Facts
  • Calories: 162
  • Protein: 4.27
  • Fats: 5.48
  • Carbohydrates: 22.81
    Блины на снежке

    Pancakes are a dish that is popular and in demand not only on Maslenitsa. They are also baked for the everyday menu, since the ingredients are simple and inexpensive, and the frying process does not take much time. Today we have pancakes on the snow - delicious, with a delicate structure. We were able to get such wonderful pancakes thanks to a special dough kneading process.

    History of the dish

    More than one generation of hostesses fries homemade pancakes. The glorious frying pan pastry has a centuries-old history dating back to paganism. To this day, pancakes remain popular, they are baked for Shrovetide festivities and for festive gatherings.


    • "Snowball" (fermented milk product) - 1.5 cups;
    • Egg (raw, chicken) - 2 pieces;
    • Water (boiled) - 1 cup;
    • Flour (it is desirable to use premium, wheat) - a little more than 1 cup;
    • Sugar - from 1.5 tbsp. spoons;
    • Salt - a pinch;
    • Oil (required vegetable) - 3 tbsp. spoons.

    Cooking method

    1. To cook delicious homemade pancakes on a fermented milk product - a snowball, we measure the required ingredients for kneading the dough in the right amount. Please note that the water for pancake dough must be boiled in advance, i.e. we will use boiling water. It is always recommended to pass the flour through a fine sieve before implementing the recipe, i.e. sift. This process will allow you not only to saturate the bulk ingredient - flour - with oxygen, but also save the product from the presence of possible debris, specks (we will also hope for the integrity of the manufacturer). From the kitchen inventory, prepare for kneading dough for homemade pancakes you need a container of a suitable volume (it can be a bowl or a deep cup), also arm yourself with a mixer or a hand whisk. Take a pan for baking pancakes, a ladle for laying out the dough, a spatula suitable for turning pancakes. If you plan to grease the finished pancakes from the pan with butter, then melt it in advance in a convenient way.

      We prepare ingredients for pancake dough

    2. So, we start cooking pancakes on a snowball according to the recipe with a photo step by step by dividing chicken eggs into their constituent components - proteins and yolks. At the initial stage, we only need the yolks so far. We transfer the chicken proteins to a dry, clean container and put them on the shelf of the refrigerator. Beat the yolks with a mixer.

      Whisk the yolks

    3. In the mass of chicken yolks that we ended up with, add snow. We mix the ingredients again, but without much zeal.

      Pour in Snowball

    4. In the resulting mixture, add flour along with salt. Our product is already prepared (sifted) in advance.

      Pour flour and salt

    5. We continue to mix the ingredients in the bowl with a mixer. The result of our culinary actions is a thick dough. That's the way it should be.

      Mix, get a thick dough

    6. In the thick dough that we have at the moment, you need to add whipped proteins. Attention, hostesses: beat the chilled chicken proteins together with sugar. The amount of sugar is up to your taste. If you plan to serve ready-made pancakes with jam, jam, then you can reduce the amount of the sweet component. By the way, Snowball itself is sweet, consider this fact.

      Add whites whipped with sugar

    7. We continue to mix the ingredients. In order for the dough for pancakes on the snow according to this recipe to come out of the desired consistency, quickly pour in a glass of boiling water, continuing the kneading.

      Pour in boiling water

    8. We interfere, and at the same time add a couple of soup spoons of vegetable oil to the pancake dough.

      Pour in 2 tablespoons of oil

    9. Well, the dough on our snowball for delicious pancakes is ready. You can start frying. Savory pancakes on the snowball thin fry the recipe, like regular ones: for a minute on each side. Before frying, we pass a culinary brush with oil on the surface of a hot frying pan. Or grease a frying pan with any fat.

      We fry pancakes on Snezhka

    10. Here is a beautiful stack of pancakes with holes in the snow! We treat ourselves to health, everyone has a delicious snack!

      Ready-made pancakes

    The benefits of the dish

    One of the components for kneading dough in our pancakes on a snowball recipe is thin with holes - this is a fermented milk product with the same name "Snowball". Like any milk product of this category (fermented milk), Snezhok has a number of useful properties that are essential for our body. Snowball normalizes the digestive tract and generally has a beneficial effect on the internal organs. Be sure to include this product in your diet!

    So we baked pancakes on the snow thin, with holes, openwork. You can serve them as a self-shooting dish, accompanying the serving to the table with additional sweet additions (honey, jam, butter, jam). Such pancakes are also suitable for stuffing. Bon appetit everyone!

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