Lemon pie

  • Nutrition Facts
  • Calories: 317
  • Protein: 3
  • Fats: 12
  • Carbohydrates: 47

    Lemon pie is not just a tasty dish. That’s also a kind of pie that will make you smile and your day will be filled with happiness with it. Lemon pie recipe is prepared for you today by HozOboz. That’s not that hard to cook, by the way, but it looks rather attractive thankfully to its bright colors and flaky crust along with that beautiful lattice. The look of lattice, after all, always makes any bakery product look great. So be sure that new recipe will provide you a delicious dessert that you and your dear ones will definitely enjoy.

    The origin of lemon pie

    The sand cakes are usually called ‘’crostata’’ (tart) in many countries . The word is Italian, and it is no surprise, since the pie is also native to this beautiful country. The first written mention of the tarts can be found in the culinary book «Libro de Arte Coquinaria» of 1465. Actually, such a pie was called differently in ancient times, simply '' crostata’’ (tart) is probably the most common name as it is spread all over the world.

    The word "crostata" comes from the Latin "crusta" which means "cake" as well as communion feminine last time «crustāre» which means "encrust" or "crust" depending on the context. In this case, we suppose, it was referred to golden brown crust.

    Usually crostata is a sweet cake. Not only creams may serve as the filling ( as we have today) but also all kinds of berries, fruits, yoghurt or cheese. There are both  sweet tarts and savory (with meat). In other words, it can be lemon filling cake and cottage cheese lemon pie. The list, of course, can be expanded. However, today we have more interesting things to do like the preparation of the lemon cake with soft cream.

    Health advantages of lemon pie

    The advantage of today's cake is just about its taste with energy boost it gives. Do not forget that we use the delicious lemon cream as a filling. Being made of lemon juice, it still retains a certain amount of nutrients. ‘'Still'', because the cream will anyway pass the heat treatment, which is not the best way concerning the affect on the content of vitamins and minerals. Nevertheless, a substantial part of nutrients remains, therefore, the most healthy part of today's recipe is filling or lemon cream.

    List of ingredients for the Lemon pie

    • 300 grams of flour
    • a lemon
    • 180 grams of butter
    • 230 grams of sugar powder
    • 8 grams of baking powder
    • 3 eggs

    The preparation of the Lemon pie

    1. So, let us start cooking lemon pie of sand dough. In a large bowl, combine flour, baking powder, and 100 grams of sugar powder. The remaining will be used for the cream preparation.

      To make dough, mix four, sugar and baking powder.

    2. Now, add 150 grams of butter. Leave 30 grams for the cream.

      Add 150 grams of butter.

    3. With your hands, take and knead it.

      All the ingredients should be quickly kneaded.

    4. Brake an egg into the bowl. 2 others are needed for the lemon cream.

      Add an egg to the dough.

    5. Knead the dough quickly and it will turn soft and gentle.

      Quickly knead the dough.

    6. Put the dough into the food package and leave it in the fridge for half an hour.

      The dough should be kept in the fridge for about 30 minutes.

    7. Meanwhile, you have some time to make a lemon cream. First and foremost, squeeze the lemon juice.

      To make a cream, squeeze the juice from a lemon.

    8. Then pass the juice through the sieve.

      The juice should be separated from the seeds and zest. Use a sieve for it.

    9. The remaining 30 grams of butter should be melted. If you’re unexperienced in cooking creams, simply use a bain-marie.

      Melt 30 grams of butter left after dough preparation.

    10. Now, add the lemon juice to the butter.

      Combine butter with lemon juice.

    11. Then add 130 grams of sugar powder.

      Pour some sugar powder.

    12. Two eggs go in the bowl.

      Break two eggs and add them to the cream.

    13. Put in on the low heat  (or in a bain-marie) and keep stirring until it thickens a bit. That will take 5-6 minutes. Take it off the heat.

      Place the cream on the low heat and cook until it thicken after 5 minutes.

    14. Lay the baking dish with parchment. Place the 2/3 of dough and spread it on the bottom of the dish, forming bumpers.

      Covet the dish with parchment, then place the 2/3 f dough in and spread.

    15. Put the lemon cream on the dough.

      Now, pour the lemon cream onto the dough.

    16. Roll out remaining dough to a perfect thickness and cut into strips.

      The renaming dough should rolled out and cut.

    17. Place the strips on the pie so that it look like lattice.

      To make lattice, place the strips on the top of the pie.

    18. Bake the lemon pie for 30 minutes in the preheat oven at 360F. Then chill the cake and it’s ready to be served. We hope that lemon pie the recipe of which we presented you today will make you happy! Bon Appetite!

      Bake the lemon pie for 30 minutes at 360F. Tastes better cooled.

    This is it, lemon pie (recipe with photos of which you’ve just seen) can be cooked that easy. The only thing you need some experience with is cream making. However, even the amateur chef can deal with it following the HozOboz recommendations, because with them you can easily make lemon puff pastry pie and lean dough lemon pie and basically any other. You know where to find new recipes, right? See you!
    Always yours, HozOboz.

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