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Lamb ribs recipe

  • Nutrition Facts
  • Calories: 12
  • Protein: 1,5
  • Fats: 0,05
  • Carbohydrates: 2,5

    Welcome to the pages of our culinary site. Today we cook lamb ribs with potatoes - a sweet, kind and well-known dish that has won the love of millions of gourmets all over the world. All peoples have their own recipe for cooking lamb ribs, but they all have in common the high nutritional value and invaluable benefits of this wonderful meat. We will dwell on this later, but for now let's talk a little about the history and features of selection and preparation. We start immediately.

    History of the dish

    It is known for certain that sheep meat began to be eaten about 10 thousand years ago, at the same time when people learned to breed these beautiful animals. Since then, the indigenous people of Asia have considered the meat and milk of these animals almost their main food. It is from lamb that the locals prepare both for the first time dishes such as beshbarmak, and basic dishes such as pilaf, shish kebab, manti and so on. It is also interesting that the meat of young sheep or lamb is valued much more, it has a more delicate and delicate taste.

    At the same time, lamb from older individuals will be tougher with a characteristic flavor that is not always accepted by everyone. When choosing meat, it is important to remember that light red meat without a characteristic taste and smell will be the most delicious. Once you've made your choice, it's time to get started and choose a recipe for making lamb ribs.


    • Ribs - 300 g
    • Potatoes - 4 pcs.
    • Bulb onion - 1 pc.
    • Carrots - 1 pc.
    • Salt - 1 tsp
    • Vegetable oil
    • Garlic - 2 cloves
    • Zira - 1 tsp
    • Pepper mixture - 1/2 tsp


    1. Let's prepare the ingredients. We will clean and wash the vegetables. Rinse the ribs.

      A very simple recipe will allow you to cook excellent lamb ribs and start by selecting the necessary products

    2. Cut the ribs into smaller segments, put in a bowl.

      Cut the ribs into pieces and put them in a deep container

    3. Add salt, cumin to the ribs, squeeze out the garlic, add a mixture of peppers, add vegetable oil, soy sauce.

      For the marinade, add spices, vegetable oil and soy sauce to the ribs

    4. Mix. Leave the ribs to marinate for 1.5 hours in the refrigerator.

      Thoroughly mix all the components of the marinade and place the ribs in the refrigerator for an hour and a half

    5. Finely chop the onion. Cut the carrots into semicircles.

      Chop the onion smaller, and the carrot into semicircles

    6. In a frying pan, fry the onion in vegetable oil.

      Pass the onion in vegetable oil until transparent

    7. Cut the potatoes into cubes.

      Cut the potatoes into small cubes

    8. Put ribs and onions in pots.

      Meanwhile, the ribs are pickled and it's time to put them in pots along with onions

    9. Put the carrots and salt.

      Add carrots to the pots and salt

    10. Put the potatoes, pour 200 ml of water into each pot. You can put a sprig of rosemary on top.

      Now add potatoes and 200 ml of water each, and do not forget to add a sprig of rosemary to each pot

    11. Put the filled pots in the oven for an hour, bake at 180 degrees. Put the finished ribs with vegetables into a portioned plate and serve.

      Such ribs should be cooked at a temperature of 180 degrees for about 1 hour. Then we serve the dish to the table and enjoy

    The benefits of the dish

    We offered you lamb ribs and explained their recipe step by step, which proved how easy it is to create a delicious and at the same time surprisingly healthy dish. Lamb, after all, is valued precisely because, unlike pork or even beef, it contains much less fat and is easier to digest. It is also extremely rich in vitamins and essential amino acids, which puts it on a pedestal and makes it the king of meat dishes. So we highly recommend it. And if you also know how to cook lamb ribs in your own way, we are waiting for you and will gladly post your recipe with a photo on our website. Let's cook together - it's a very entertaining business. Your HozOboz!

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