Jellied pie

  • Nutrition Facts
  • Calories: 54
  • Protein: 3
  • Fats: 4
  • Carbohydrates: 1
    Заливной пирог

    Russian cuisine is famous for its pies and that's a fact. Today we have a real Russian aspic pie with cabbage on our table. Juicy and tender pastries will delight not only on a weekday. It will not be a shame to serve a jellied pie for the holiday if it is beautifully decorated. A feature of the preparation of quick jellied pies is, of course, kneading the dough, where any fermented milk product is used as the main ingredient - sour cream, fermented baked milk, kefir, yogurt. We decided to stop at kefir. Just a couple of incomplete glasses of this wonderful drink, combined with flour, mayonnaise and chicken eggs, and the jellied dough for the pie is ready.

    A bit of history

    Pies learned to bake in Russia so long ago that it is impossible to specify the exact date. This is how the famous German traveler Adam Olearius, who lived in the 17th century, described one of the variations of the Russian pie: “They, the Russians, have a special type of biscuit like pate, which they call pie and its taste is “not without pleasantness”. They give it a filling, bake it in cow's butter and in the oven, and it is customary to treat each guest with this dish.

    Ever since those times, and maybe even earlier, not a single Russian holiday was complete without traditional pastries. The pie is apparently named “pie” due to the “feasts” at which it was customary to serve. Pies were revered in the past, sometimes more than bread. It is not for nothing that the proverbs invented by the Russian people say: “The hut is not red with corners, but red with pies.” The presence of a pie on the Russian table spoke primarily of family prosperity. Mayonnaise appeared in Russia only at the end of the 19th century.

    Ingredients for batter:

    • Kefir - 400 grams
    • Wheat flour - 250 grams;
    • Baking powder for dough or soda - 2 pinches;
    • Salt - 3 grams.

    Filling Ingredients:

    • Chicken eggs - 1 piece;
    • Mayonnaise "Provencal" - 2 tablespoons.

    Filling Ingredients:

    • White cabbage - 500 grams;
    • Chicken eggs - 2 pieces;
    • Onions - 2 heads;
    • Butter - 100 grams;
    • Salt - to taste.

    Homemade kefir pie recipe

    1. Let's start preparing the filling. Cabbage must be chopped into small cubes and mashed well with salt with your hands.

      For the filling, cut the cabbage and squeeze it with salt.

    2. Onions are peeled and cut into quarters of rings.

      We clean and cut the onion, as in the photo.

    3. Fry cabbage with onions in butter until half cooked.

      Fry onion and cabbage in butter, but only until half cooked.

    4. Then we cool. This is the stuffing!

      We cool the finished filling.

    5. Boil the eggs in advance and cut them into cubes.

      Boil and cut chicken eggs.

    6. Add to the filling and mix.

      We introduce chopped eggs into the fried filling and mix everything.

    7. Homemade pie dough is the fastest pie dough. It is absolutely easy to deal with it and this is a big plus for a novice hostess. Pour kefir into a bowl and sift the flour.

      For the dough, pour kefir into a bowl and sift flour to it.

    8. Add a little salt and be sure to loosen it with soda.

      We introduce salt into the dough, and then a little soda.

    9. Mix the mass into batter and put it in the refrigerator for one hour.

      Mix all the components of the dough well and send it to the refrigerator for about 1 hour.

    10. Filling for a pie is also a kind of dough, but even more liquid consistency than the main one. They pour the filling, and it is prepared from eggs and mayonnaise. Break warm eggs into a separate bowl and add mayonnaise.

      For pouring, put eggs and mayonnaise in a bowl.

    11. Beat everything very carefully with a mixer until a homogeneous lush mass.

      Now we mix the products with a mixer and turn it into a lush mass.

    12. The filling and two types of dough are ready - it's time to start cooking the cabbage pie itself. We grease the form well with butter and fill it with the main kefir dough.

      Lubricate the mold with oil and place the dough inside.

    13. We have a homemade version of a baking sheet made of foil and parchment.

      We used a foil tray lined with parchment.

    14. Carefully spread the cabbage filling in small portions.

      Now put the filling in the dough.

    15. Next comes the fill. We send the form with the workpiece to the oven preheated to 200 ° for 30 minutes.

      Pour the pie with a mixture of eggs and mayonnaise.

    16. In our case, a homemade baking sheet mounted on an oven sheet.

      Now place the baking dish on the baking sheet.

    17. After this time, sprinkle the surface of the cake with sesame seeds and slightly increase the top heat. We bring the jellied pie with cabbage to a golden crust on the surface.

      Sprinkle the surface of the cabbage pie with sesame seeds and place in the oven in the upper heating mode. It is necessary to bake the pie until a golden crust appears on the surface.

    18. We take out the finished baking from the oven, but not from the baking sheet. Once it has completely cooled down, you can cut it into pieces. Jellied pies are removed and formed into pieces in a warm state much more easily.

      Now the cake can be removed from the oven and cooled completely, and only then cut into pieces. 

    19. Cut the cake into rectangles or triangles, like a cake, and enjoy its delicate taste, juiciness and nutritional value.

      You can cut the cake as you like - the main thing is that you like it!

    Variations of the dish

    For jellied dough, instead of kefir, as already described at the very beginning, you can use any fermented milk product. For example, let's knead the dough on sour cream using a similar technology. Only flour will be required a little less than for kefir dough, and more salt. If you mix the dough on kefir with pouring into a homogeneous mass, then you can form a similar jellied pie from it. The semi-liquid mixture must be divided into two parts. Pour the first part onto a baking sheet, layer with the filling and fill with the remaining dough. Such pies are not so tender, but less nutritious and tasty. They form into pieces more easily than our cabbage pie.

    The benefits of jellied pies

    I would like to note that our jellied pie does not have such a high calorie content as most Russian pies. The recipe does not use yeast, and much less flour is taken than for kneading elastic dough for pies. Therefore, there are more benefits from cabbage pie. By the way, fried cabbage is also a fairly low-calorie ingredient. Its calorie content per 100 grams is only 50 kcal. And white cabbage is a source of minerals (sulphur, phosphorus, calcium, potassium, iron, zinc) and vitamins (C and U, groups B and PP), as well as pantothenic and folic acid. It is full of fiber and does not lose the properties of a fresh vegetable even after frying.

    Today's kefir jellied pie recipe has come to an end. We believe that it will be ready for novice housewives, because there is no difficulty in the instructions, but simple and useful tips are the maximum. Come to Khozoboz for useful culinary master classes and we will be happy to tell you about the preparation of other simple Russian pastries from quick dough.

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