• Nutrition Facts
  • Calories: 78
  • Protein: 2
  • Fats: 4
  • Carbohydrates: 8

    Khorovats is a dish of Armenian cuisine, its name comes from the word "horovel", which means "oven on an open fire", that is, vegetables are baked along with meat on a fire, usually eggplants, tomatoes, bell peppers, but if desired, and a good fantasy list of vegetable supplements can increase. After roasting on charcoal, vegetables are used to make a delicious appetizer for meat barbecue. They call it khorovats, but they always add "vegetable". Usually, with the onset of spring, when mass gatherings “for barbecue” begin, the relevance of the khorovats dish increases, and for those who do not eat meat, khorovats will especially appeal to their taste, as it is nutritious and contains only vegetables.

    A special subtlety and piquancy of khorovats is given by a slight smell of smoke from a fire, and probably the very method of its preparation - on coals in the open air. And thrifty Armenian housewives prepare khorovats for the winter. To do this, after a full cooking cycle, khorovats are rolled up in jars, sterilized and pampered by their household in the winter. But when you want to enjoy this delicious snack, but there is no way to cook it on the grill, a grill and an oven can come to the rescue, this is how khorovats is prepared at home. And, by the way, khorovats in the oven will also have the smell of a fire. Well, if you are interested in the recipe for making khorovats in an apartment, our step-by-step cooking photos will become a visual aid and make this task a little easier.

    History of the dish

    Historically, it so happened that in Armenia they cook khorovats, it is from meat cut into large pieces, exclusively by men. But the preparation of vegetable khorovats is the prerogative of women. Khorovats from meat has always been considered a traditional holiday dish, therefore, it was prepared for large noisy companies, when all relatives gathered on a solemn occasion, and all family members participated in its preparation.

    Men kindled the barbecue, in ancient times they were tonirs, cooked coals, baked meat, while women cooked vegetable khorovats - they cleaned, chopped, mixed baked vegetables. Not a single Armenian yard can do without a barbecue, residents of big cities install barbecues even on the roofs of high-rise buildings. Even festivals and competitions are held in honor of the Khorovets. And always "side by side" with meat khorovats goes vegetable khorovats. One dish always anticipates another, they seem to complement each other.


    • Eggplant - 400 grams
    • Bulgarian pepper - 350 grams
    • Tomato - 200 grams
    • Onion - 100 grams
    • Cilantro - 100 grams
    • Salt - 15 grams
    • Hot red pepper - 15 grams

    Cooking process:

    1. To cook vegetable khorovats, we will prepare such vegetables.

      We use these products in the preparation of khorovats.

    2. Wash the prepared vegetables and put them on a baking rack. Place a container under the grate into which juice from roasting vegetables will drain.

      Put the washed vegetables on a baking rack.

    3. Turn roasted vegetables every 10 minutes to ensure they cook evenly.

      Turn vegetables occasionally to cook evenly.

    4. We check the readiness of the eggplant with a fork, it enters the pulp of the vegetable gently when the eggplant is evenly baked. Remove the baked eggplant from the grill, cool. After that, carefully remove the skin from them, while holding the eggplant by the tail, it is more convenient, the skin is removed from the finished eggplant well, in thin strips. Cut off the tail of the eggplant last.

      Remove the baked eggplants from the grill, cool and peel.

    5. We do the same with peppers. When the peppers are sufficiently baked, their skin moves away from the pulp on its own in large plates.

      Peppers are also peeled.

    6. Rinse the peeled vegetables under running water and put them in a mixing bowl.

      After cleaning, rinse the vegetables under running water.

    7. Cut the baked eggplant into thin strips.

      Cut the eggplant into strips.

    8. The same with peppers - we also cut them into strips.

      We do the same with peppers.

    9. Peel the onion and cut into half rings.

      Cut the peeled onion into half rings.

    10. Put the peeled and chopped vegetables into a mixing bowl.

      After cutting the vegetables, put them in a bowl.

    11. Tomatoes need to be baked longer than all other vegetables so that they easily turn into tomato puree. Peel the skin off the roasted tomatoes.

      Tomatoes are peeled.

    12. Cut the peeled tomatoes, excluding the core.

      Separate the tomatoes.

    13. Grind chopped tomatoes to a puree state.

      Turn chopped tomatoes into puree.

    14. Put the tomato puree to the vegetables in a mixing bowl.

      Let's shift the tomatoes to the vegetables.

    15. Add salt to the vegetables, hot red pepper and mix everything well.

      Add salt and pepper to the mixing bowl and mix everything.

    16. Finely chop the washed and dried cilantro.

      finely chop the cilantro.

    17. Add the chopped cilantro to the khorovats, so we will also decorate the finished dish with it when serving it. Horovac is ready. Bon appetit!

      Add cilantro to the finished khorovats, and decorate the finished dish. Bon appetit!.

    The benefits of the dish

    Khorovac has exceptional benefits for the human body, it is prepared without frying, without vinegars and any sauces. It may not be useful except for those who are allergic to any ingredient in the snack. Every vegetable is useful in khorovats, each one is of great benefit to the human body.

    Thus, eggplant contains many micro and macro elements, as well as pectin and vitamins of groups A, P, C and the entire group B as a whole. And this is not the limit - eggplant also contains tannins, sugars, proteins, fats and half of the periodic table of chemical elements. Therefore, if this vegetable is not contraindicated for you, it is indicated for use without fail.

    The same is true with bell peppers. It is like a storehouse of vitamins of groups A, B, PP, E and C, elements useful to the body and minerals. Pepper is mandatory for use as a preventive measure. Tomatoes contain vitamins A, B, PP, H, fats, proteins, organic acids, and a unique lipokine that reduces the risk of cancer. Each component of khorovats is good in its own way, and together they make a delicious and very healthy snack.

    Khorovats is very good with meat dishes, or you can just serve it with fresh Armenian lavash or baked potatoes. It is tasty both warm and chilled, it is indicated for people suffering from diabetes and dieting. Be sure to cook this wonderful and healthy dish, you will fall in love with it, we promise.

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