Heart cake

  • Nutrition Facts
  • Calories: 533
  • Protein: 12
  • Fats: 30
  • Carbohydrates: 50
    Торт сердце

    What could be tastier for a sweet tooth than tea drinking with a treat? A heart-shaped sweet treat that combines honey cakes, hazelnuts and chocolate icing with a cup of aromatic coffee with milk, for example. You have a chance to check it out, if you don’t find it hard to read our signature recipe in full and reproduce the heart cake in your favorite kitchen with your own hands. We can guarantee a charge of strong emotions during the cooking process and admiring exclamations of loved ones at the sight of finished baking. Isn't this what real hostesses dream of ...

    How the cake appeared (story)

    By calling the cake the king of all dishes, we are right on target. Each of us, being present at the festive table, eagerly awaits the culmination in treats - dessert, saving a place for him in his tummy. Focusing on culinary dictionaries, information about the origin of cakes pops up, but it is amusingly divided into many interesting theories:

    • Historians attribute the origin of the word cake to the XIII century, and the first confectioners consider the Egyptians, who baked in the distant past, bread sweetened with honey with the addition of nuts or dried fruits.

    • There are also legends about sweet Italian pies, as about the "ancestors" of modern cakes, and such a well-known proverb "There is no arguing about tastes" is interpreted in Italian as "There is no arguing about cakes."

    • The East can also be considered the founder of the kings of all dishes, with enchanting fragrant sweets, using milk, honey and sesame seeds, reminiscent of modern cakes in their forms.

    Theories are theories, but you can't argue with facts. Based on confirmed information about French confectioners, who with 100% certainty can be called the founders of the world fashion for desserts, we will consider France the main country of all cakes, such as biscuit, meringue, etc. Show off your confectionery masterpieces, which are considered an integral part of any holiday table in now maybe in Russia, but it has long been customary in Russia to serve only sweet and beautifully decorated pies for the celebration.

    As time went…
    Our bakers borrowed world-famous recipes, supplemented them with their own variations, thereby transforming pies into holiday cakes of various shapes and symbols. For several years now, heart-shaped cakes have been especially popular, photos of which flash on the pages of culinary blogs on the World Wide Web. We decided to keep up with fashion and create this sweet miracle, putting all our love for confectionery into it and at the same time tell HozOboz readers how to bake a heart cake.


    On the cake:

    • Butter (rustic) - 150 grams
    • Eggs - 3 pcs.
    • Sugar - about a glass
    • Baking powder dough - 3 grams
    • Flower honey - 50 grams
    • Flour - a little more than a glass

    For impregnation:

    • Flower honey - 1 teaspoon
    • Water - 0.5 cups
    • Sugar - 1/3 cup

    For stuffing:

    • Sour cream - 150 grams
    • Nuts (hazelnuts or almonds) - 200 grams
    • Condensed milk (boiled) - 0.5 cans

    For decor:

    • Dark chocolate - 1 bar
    • White chocolate - 1 bar
    • Waffle decorations - 0.5 boxes

    DIY heart cake

    1. Prepare three containers, one of which (with water) will boil on the stove, creating a steam bath for the second, and the third will serve to mix the eggs with sugar, we will deal with them at the initial stage.

      We put a pan on the steam bath and let the water boil. At this time, stir the eggs with sugar in a separate bowl.

    2. Beat with a blender or mixer until foamy, for quite a long time.

      Beat the eggs with sugar until a stable foam is formed.

    3. Add honey to the grated butter in the second bowl.

      Grate the butter and pour in the honey.

    4. It is necessary to melt the contents in a steam bath with stirring, adding the dough baking powder.

      Now put the honey and butter in a steam bath and let it melt. Then add the baking powder.

    5. Mix the egg mixture with honey and cool.

      Mix egg foam with melted honey and butter and let cool.

    6. We supplement our future dough with sifted flour, so that the composition is definitely liquid, for ease of use with our silicone mold.

      Now we introduce the sifted flour, but the dough should remain quite liquid.

    7. Pour half of the mold, leaving a little more dough for another cake, which, if possible, needs to be baked at a lower temperature and not browned much.

      We fill the silicone mold using about 60% of the dough. From the remaining dough after we prepare the second cake, which should be baked less so that it is not ruddy.

    8. We bake the first shortcake for no more than 20 minutes when heated to 180 ° C, checking readiness (the dough is not sticky)
      with a match or knife, piercing the surface.

      Heat the oven to 180 degrees and bake the cake for about 20 minutes.

    9. We cut the pastries into two parts, trying to do it in the middle, and as the other semi-finished product is cooked, into two more. In total, 4 pieces are obtained, of which we will make one wider, for use as: the main bottom layer.

      We cut each of the two cakes into two lengthwise. As a result, we get 4 halves. One of the cakes should be thicker - we use it at the base of the cake.

    10. On a steam bath, dissolve honey with sugar in water - you will get an excellent impregnation for cakes. Very soon, the heart-shaped cake will take on the usual shape, but for now these are separate curly hearts that need (optionally), in our opinion, to be soaked in honey-sugar syrup.

      We prepare the impregnation for the cakes. To do this, we place a bowl of honey and sugar on the steam bath. We impregnate the cakes with the finished syrup.

    11. While our 4 halves are saturated with sweet water, which we have supplied them lightly, let's take care of the cream for sandwiching the cakes.
      Combine and beat with a mixer part of the sour cream with condensed milk so that the second ingredient turns out a little more. At the end, we put in the refrigerator.

      For cream, mix sour cream with condensed milk in a ratio of 40:60 and send to the refrigerator.

    12. Nuts for sprinkling sidewalls and cakes also need to be prepared, and for this we will crush them in a blender, but most importantly, do not overdo it so that the crumb does not turn out. We will try to save tiny pieces of nuts.

      Place the nuts in the blender tank and chop into small pieces.

    13. Dealing with sweet cake decor is an interesting moment. This recipe will use chocolate, which must be melted in a steam bath, and the first experimental, we can consider white chocolate, which we will try to convert into a bow.

      Melt white chocolate in a steam bath and make a bow out of it, as in the photo.

    14. We apply a sticky melted mixture with a brush or a spoon on pre-prepared stencils from a dense file, trying not to go to the edges. We got one large blank (ribbon) and 5-6 small ones (bow petals). The size can be changed at your discretion. We fix the edges of the smaller figures with clothespins and put them in the freezer.

      Using a brush, we place liquid chocolate on special stencils that we make from a folder-corner. We will need: a large blank - a ribbon, about 6 petals - for a bow. Once the chocolate is applied, bend the strips with chocolate inward, clamp with clothespins and place in the refrigerator.

    15. After 30 minutes, it will be easy to remove the template itself, but this must be done immediately before applying the decor to the surface of the heart-shaped cake, the photo is attached only for clarity. It must be remembered that chocolate quickly melts in warm hands.

      The decor will be ready in 30 minutes, but we will not remove it until the cake is ready.

    16. The process of applying the cream on the cakes is quite fast even using an ordinary spoon, but you can not be too lazy and squeeze the filling out of the bag, thereby evenly distributing it into the recesses of the slices. Lubricate the lower part of the heart with sour cream and leave for 30 minutes in the room.

      Lubricate the lower cake with sour cream and leave for 30 minutes.

    17. Sprinkle the sour cream-soaked cake with nuts.

      Then sprinkle chopped nuts over the sour cream.

    18. We apply condensed cream and a second nut layer. Lubricate the third cake similarly to the second.

      We put the second cake and spread it with the cream of sour cream and condensed milk prepared earlier. Sprinkle nuts on top. We also spread the third cake.

    19. We close our sweet "hamburger" with the top half, treating the remaining sides with cream. Put in the refrigerator to chill.

      From above we cover the cake with the final half, grease the sides with the rest of the cream and send it to the refrigerator for 15 minutes.

    20. The heart cake is getting closer and closer to completion and the application of crushed nuts to the places of the cream filling and we can say that the main and difficult part is already behind.

      We take the cake out of the refrigerator and sprinkle nuts on the sides.

    21. Let's melt the dark chocolate in the steam bath that we love in this recipe. It is very convenient to break the tile into squares.

      Use the steam bath again, this time to melt the dark chocolate.

    22. As the chocolate turns into a liquid state, you need to add a little butter, but do not overdo it. The icing with which we will cover the heart cake, according to the idea, after cooling, should acquire a matte shade and remain so until it is served on the table.

      As soon as the chocolate starts to melt, add a little butter.

    23. We distribute liquid chocolate over the entire surface of the heart so that the droplets drip onto the walls, and for convenience we use a bag with a hole. We clean in a cool place for 30 minutes.

      We cover the heart with chocolate icing so that the appetizing droplets drip onto the sides and put the cake in the refrigerator for about half an hour.

    24. The culmination of the process of making a heart-shaped cake, the photo of which is presented in large numbers in this recipe, we will consider a white chocolate bow. It is eaten with great pleasure by your small and "adult" children. Carefully remove the file from the frozen figures one by one and quickly place the decor on top of the chocolate icing.

      Then we take out the cake and make a chocolate bow. To do this, remove the stencil strips and quickly place the bow on the heart so that it does not have time to melt.

    25. Finish the decoration with a waffle flower and hearts. We store the finished cake until serving in a cool place.

      As a final touch, we use a waffle flower and hearts.

    26. A master class on how to bake a heart cake, and indeed any other cake for a home pastry chef, can be considered the highest "pilot" of culinary abilities, cooking really takes a lot of time and effort, but the difficulties have all remained in the process and now only pride from beauty the resulting sweet treat overwhelms the author.

      As you can see, the result deserves to be on the shelf of the most luxurious confectionery.

    27. The hostess keeps the purpose of the cake a big secret, but if she gets the most delicious piece with a rose, in addition to her favorite coffee drink, then there will probably be no limit to joy and happiness.

      Before serving, keep the cake in a cool place and serve with aromatic tea or strong coffee. Have a sweet experience.

    Modern trends in confectionery fashion dictate such a diverse combination of cakes, creams and decorations that all that remains is to give free rein to imagination and create, create, create...

    • If we used honey cakes to make a heart-shaped cake, this does not mean at all that biscuit dough would not work. The biscuit goes well with chocolate icing, which means that as a variety option in the recipe, it would fit perfectly.

    • Fluffy cream instead of condensed cream would make the cake lighter. We will definitely implement these experiments next time. Now we have just such a cake, very high-calorie, but the most delicious!

    The benefits of cake

    You don’t have to worry about the extra calories of truly high-calorie baked goods with chocolate icing. A good mood and a charge of vivacity from delicacies can only be compared with debilitating hunger strikes that will not bring anything good for the nervous system. Sweet tooths are the most cheerful people in the world, so let's always smile, especially since this is what we want with the onset of spring!

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