• Nutrition Facts
  • Calories: 314
  • Protein: 34.4
  • Fats: 18.6
  • Carbohydrates: 0

    Escalope - what is hidden behind such a mysterious word? Simply put, this is a thin, tender piece of meat, fried on each side to a good crust, but retaining incredible juiciness inside. Escalope recipe is not as complicated as it might seem at first. At the same time, the technology is not so simple as not to pay attention to each stage of preparation. It's all about good processing of meat and aging during roasting. Fry the escalope in a pan or bake in the oven ... each housewife decides for herself how it is more convenient to work. Perhaps the only difference is that the escalope in the oven takes longer to bake in time.

    Hot meat can be anything, the traditional recipe is for pork without a fatty edge. You can also take beef, veal, lamb, or a dietary option - escalope from turkey, chicken. In our menu: pork escalope recipes with photos of cooked dishes.


    Like many interesting dishes, pork escalope originated in France. The name turned out to be consonant with "nutshell" (eschalope - French), which characterizes a hard golden crust. The experience was adopted in Russia back in the time of Peter I, when the expansion of French cuisine slowly conquered the East. In the French manner, the pork escalope recipe was perfect: the meat was beaten thinly, salted, rubbed with a pepper mixture and fried in hot oil on a grill or pan. No breading, no interrupting the taste and smell of onions, carrots and other things. But the ready-made pork escalope was supplemented with either tomatoes, or fresh herbs, or complex side dishes. We suggest starting an active cooking process - the escalope recipe with a photo is described in detail below. Housewives take note, ready in minutes!


    • pork escalope (without fat layer) - 280 g;
    • sea salt - 30 g;
    • black pepper (coarsely ground) - 6 g;
    • garlic - 2 cloves;
    • bay leaf - 1 piece;
    • olive oil - 30 ml;
    • basil - 5 g;
    • cherry tomatoes (on a branch) - for decoration;
    • green onion arrows - to taste.

    How to prepare an escalope?

    1. In our version, we will prepare an escalope with tomatoes - this will be a wonderful appetizing dish with a spectacular presentation. The first thing you need to pay attention to: pork. Pieces of meat should be small in weight, almost without veins, without fat or fatty layer.

      In the set of products for escalope, we pay special attention to high-quality pork meat

    2. Meat processing is also very important. Rinse the meat medallions and pat dry with paper towels to achieve the crispiness that the pan-fried pork escalope is famous for. Otherwise, the dish runs the risk of being boiled, not fried.

      We wash the meat, dry it thoroughly with a paper towel

    3. Beat the meat with a finely notched hammer. For convenience, the cutting board can be covered with cling film. The result should be very thin slices of meat, with a maximum thickness of 0.5 cm.

      Beat the meat tenderloin - we get thin slices

    4. With a sharp knife, make cuts in the chops without cutting through the meat to the end. Approximately one centimeter apart.

      Cut the prepared meat along the piece

    5. Preheat a portion of olive oil in a frying pan, add garlic cloves with a cut top and a bay leaf for flavor. These spices enhance the taste of the finished dish.

      Heat olive oil in a pan, put bay leaf, garlic cloves

    6. Since the recipe does not provide for any breading in the pan, salt and pepper the pork pieces on both sides. Be sure to rub spices and additives with your hands, distributing them evenly. On salt, the meat will begin to release juice, you need to quickly send it for frying.

      Season the escalope with salt, pepper, rubbing the spices with your hands

    7. Fry the pork in hot oil, turning the pieces over several times. If you choose an escalope recipe in the oven, you will not be able to turn the meat over. Therefore, the crust will form only from above. And the pork escalope in the oven will have to be watered with rendered fat so as not to overdry the meat.

      Fry the pork escalope, turning several times

    8. Without reducing the heat, continue to fry the meat until the desired result. The crust should “grab” over the entire surface of the chop, in time it takes no more than 15 minutes. Then remove the meat from the heat, transfer to a plate.

      Fry the meat until a good crust

    9. For serving - in the fat remaining in the pan, fry the whole sprig of cherry tomatoes and fresh basil, over high heat it will take a couple of minutes. We will add the finished meat with a side dish.

      Fry cherry tomatoes and basil as a side dish for the escalope

    10. Such an escalope, the photo of which is presented, is completely ready. There was a small touch left: decoration with juicy green onions to taste.

      Transfer the finished escalope to a serving plate

    11. Finely chop the green onion arrows, you can cut them with kitchen scissors. Sprinkle the dish.

      To decorate the finished dish, finely chop the green onion arrows

    12. Now you know exactly how to cook pork escalope.

      It is not difficult and guaranteed to succeed even for beginners.


    Pork escalope in a pan recipe is useful for two reasons: firstly, the meat is fried in a small amount of natural fat - good olive oil. Secondly, rapid frying does not destroy animal protein. A simple side dish of baked tomatoes doesn't cause any food overload or overeating.

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