• Nutrition Facts
  • Calories: 221
  • Protein: 28.5
  • Fats: 11.2
  • Carbohydrates: 0

    Some contemporary chefs insist on the division of dishes for men and women only. The latter usually includes sweet desserts, cream soups and seafood snacks. The «men's» dishes are associated with different kinds of meat like steak of entrecôte. Today we’re going to cook of these. HozOboz has prepared a traditional entrecôte recipe which is easy to make for both experienced chef and amateur one.

    The history of the entrecôte

    A piece of juicy meat baked directly on fire was undoubtedly the first dish in the history of cooking made by a human being capable of making fire. Later, with the industrial development progress, chefs learned many new techniques of working with fire.That was the start of culinary boom which fostered the invention of a plenty of meat dishes including beef of pork entrecôte.

    Once upon a time an unknown yet very talented French court chef came across that oxen meat could be cooked in a whole different way so that it was extremely delicious and king worthy but, simultaneously, easy to cook. Of course everyone loved it and the dish quickly traveled across the continent and became the favorite of gourmets and food connoisseurs. Do you want to know why? The easiest way to figure it out is to cook it right now, just use our entrecôte recipe with photos attached.

    The ingredients for entrecôte:

    • 350 grams of bone-in pork
    • black pepper
    • 7 ml of vegetable oil
    • salt
    • 2 potatoes

    Step-by-step recipe of entrecôte:

    How to cook entrecôte without any mistakes? Here you get the full instruction how!

    1. Wash the bone-in pork (a special part between ribs and spine) and throughly dry it with paper towels.

      Meat should be washed and dried afterwards.

    2. Then, with a sharp knife, cut the meat between the bones to get quite similar pieces.

      To divide the meat into steaks, carefully cut it along the bones.

    3. Now, slightly tenderize the meat with a meat hammer.

      If you want you meat to be thoroughly fried, tenderize it.

    4. Now, lavishly grease it with vegetable oil on both sides.

      On both sides, grease it with oil.

    5. Heat the pan, pour some oil in and, when it boils, carefully place the meat in the pan.

      Heat the oil and put the meat on it.

    6. Fry the pork entrecôte for approximately 30 seconds until the crust and turn it over right away. Sprinkle with coarse salt and black pepper.

      Fry the pork for 30 seconds and turn it over right away, sprinkle with slat and pepper.

    7. After 30 seconds, turn over the pork again and sprinkle with spices one more itme, then cook the dish for 7 minutes on each side. Move finished steak on a paper towel to excess fat stack, and fry the potato wedges in the remaining oil.

      Fry the meat on the second side for the same 30 seconds, and then again turn over the steak and season it. Now we cook the meat until tender about 7 minutes and place on a paper towel to remove excess fat. In a frying pan, roast potatoes in the renaming oil.

    8. As a side dish is ready, salt it and pepper if you like. Then lay out juicy pork on a plate for and supplement it with potatoes or fresh vegetables and enjoy the wonderful taste of classic entrecôte in a frying pan.

      Cooked potatoes need to be seasoned and then put on a plate with pork and served with vegetables or salad.

    Different options and variations:

    Despite the fact that the steak has very simple, but simultaneously strict recipe, chefs love to experiment both with a range of products used and the methods of preparation. Hozoboz gives only the most popular, in case you want to diversify your own dinner.

    • beef entrecôte, where the tender flesh of the pork is substituted with the same part of the beef, which is in contrast to the latter requires some marinading in olive oil, white wine and lemon juice;
    • entrecôte in the oven, which is prepared from any type of meat in the oven, as a rule, on the grill or in rare cases, directly on a baking sheet;
    • entrecôte with cognac which  includes a small amount of strong alcoholic drink in the last stage of roasting;
    • entrecôte with cream sauce which implies a pre-fried and then stewed meat with sour cream, mixed with dried spices and garlic.

    The healthy features of  the entrecôte

    It is well known that a variety of fresh meat snacks are incredibly healthy for the human body, as this product contains several vital substances. For instance, pork entrecôte, the recipe of which implies a minimum thermal processing of meat. Therefore, if your include this amazingly tasty dish in a weekly diet, you can be sure  that your family will be provided with all the necessary elements, including iron, potassium, magnesium, calcium, copper, vitamin B, and A, D, E, K and PP.

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