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Chocolate muffins

  • Nutrition Facts
  • Calories: 352
  • Protein: 6.51
  • Fats: 14.97
  • Carbohydrates: 45.48
    Шоколадные маффины

    Homemade cakes are the best culinary option that can be offered with a cup of fragrant invigorating tea or delicious coffee. Today you can bake a lot of gastronomic sweet delights, among which muffins occupy a special niche. Our offer for you, dear hostesses and sweet tooth, is a homemade chocolate muffin recipe with a photo, which, we hope, will become one of the most popular and used.

    Of course, every chef is free to improvise at the stove, which is why there are so many ways to make delicious muffins. For example, you can make muffins with chocolate filling or with pieces of milk chocolate for tea gatherings. We have a simplified version that uses cocoa powder. It is this ingredient that will make our pastries with a chocolate note and amazing taste. The most delicious chocolate muffins will surely find their admirers even among gourmets - lovers of various sweets.

    History of the dish

    Surely, many people know what muffins look like. This pastry is a close "relative" of ordinary and familiar to most ordinary people muffins. Muffins in appearance - this portioned small pastries with sweet taste. Often muffins are prepared with a variety of fillings, which include fruits, berries.

    In our country, as a rule, muffins are baked from wheat flour, but in the homeland of this pastry - from corn flour. By the way, did you know that muffins first appeared in England and quickly spread throughout Europe in the 11th century? It is believed that the pastries began to be called "muffins" from the French word for "soft bread". Today, this sweet is very popular in the United States, where it was brought from England by immigrants. Let's make chocolate muffins using cocoa powder.


    • Wheat flour - 200 g;
    • Raw chicken egg - 2 pieces;
    • Granulated sugar - 150 g;
    • Vegetable oil - 0.5 cups;
    • Chocolate cocoa powder - 2 tbsp. l.;
    • Salt - about 5 tsp;
    • Baking soda - 0.5 tsp;
    • Fresh cow's milk - 0.5 cups.

    Step by step preparation:

    1. For homemade chocolate muffins, we take a grocery set according to the list of ingredients. Our kitchen utensils are represented by two bowls, a mixer, muffin cups.

      We take the ingredients in the right amount.

    2. In a bowl that is larger in size, let the wheat flour through a fine sieve. Do not ignore the sifting process, because it will only benefit future chocolate baking. To the sifted flour we throw salt, soda. Add chocolate cocoa powder. Mix the dry ingredients that are in the bowl.

      Combine flour with salt, cocoa powder, soda.

    3. In another bowl, beat the chicken eggs. We throw all the sugar to them.

      Combine eggs with sugar.

    4. Whisk the products with a mixer.

      Mix sugar with eggs with a mixer.

    5. Pour the oil into the sweet egg mass in the specified rate. Mix the ingredients with a mixer for a minute.

      Pour in vegetable oil.

    6. Combine the flour mixture with the egg.

      Add the egg mass to the chocolate flour.

    7. It remains to pour more milk.

      We add a dairy product.

    8. Mix. Chocolate base for muffins is ready.

      Ready-made dough with cocoa powder for muffins.

    9. We distribute the chocolate base among the molds.

      We shift the dough into molds.

    10. In an oven preheated to 180 degrees, bake the muffins for 30 minutes.

      We bake chocolate muffins for 30 minutes.

    11. Have a sweet snack everyone!

      Bon appetit.

    The benefits of muffins

    Homemade cakes are definitely healthier than store-bought bakery sweets (we are talking about muffins and muffins now), because we use “tested” ingredients when kneading the dough, we do not add any additional preservatives. Chocolate muffins quickly satisfy hunger and, of course, have a number of useful properties for us. So, muffins with cocoa powder can reduce the risk of diseases associated with the work of the heart.

    If you are suffering from diarrhea, then just eat a chocolate muffin. Yes, and in general, chocolate muffins help to cope with the ailments of the digestive system. Muffins are also suitable for those who experience vision problems. In addition, chocolate muffins are a source of energy and just a good mood.

    So delicious chocolate muffins are ready according to the recipe proposed by our website. Such magnificent pastries can also be offered for festive gatherings (birthdays, corporate parties on the occasion of significant dates). Portioned sweet pastries will be very appropriate in such festive events as a sweet dessert. It is also worth noting that the recipe for chocolate muffins with a photo is easy to make step by step, because they require a simple grocery set and a minimum of your time. Cook with pleasure and pamper your loved ones, friends, colleagues!

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