Chicken tabaka

  • Nutrition Facts
  • Calories: 229
  • Protein: 18.6
  • Fats: 15.9
  • Carbohydrates: 1.1

    In this review, you’ll get to know the famous Georgian Chicken tabaka which  we tend to order in restaurants but never cook at home because it seems to be rather difficult. So this review’s intention is to allay fears and show you can easily prepare this delicious chicken. And we will finally figure out if ''Chicken tapaka’'  and ''chicken tabaka''' are the same expressions and if not, which is right then. In addition, together we'll learn some history of the ancient cuisine and talk on the benefits of the dish.

    Chicken tapaka is one of the most popular dishes of the Caucasian cuisine, which along with the Shashlik or Satsivi is beloved around the world. It can be cooked in different ways or, so to say, using different kitchen ware. There is even a special chicken tabaka pan (or tapaka, by the way. The principal difference between this pan from any other kitchen utensils is the presence of a heavy lid or built-in screw press the task of which is to push the chicken to a hot surface. Moreover, the name of the pan finally answers the most important question concerning the title dish. It’s called "tsitsila tapaka", and hence the chicken cooked in it should be called «tapaka". However, many of us have long been calling it ''Chicken Tabaka’' and even today it is not considered an error, moreover, such a title can be frequently found even in the menus of some restaurants. Now, let’s figure out who was the first to cook this delicious chicken.

    Historical facts

    There is a point of view confirmed by historical facts and it shows that chicken cooking was invented in Armenia. It was translated from the Armenian word "tabaka" or "tapak" which means something flat or flattened. Moreover, this dish was first called ''tapakaz'' or "fried chicken" or "chicken flattened." If you ask about the etymology of the word, it is possible to draw a parallel with the Arabic language where «tabbaq» means "flat", and after all, the connection is obvious because before cooking the chicken should be flattened and then fried under pressure. Thus, the history of the name itself is now clear, but the more exact origin is not so easy to figure out and, in fact, there is no need for this since it’s so tasty and healthy. So, let’s discuss its healthy features.

    Benefits of chicken

    Well, everyone knows about the benefits of chicken meat and first of all it’s high amount of protein - a building material for our muscles and bones, as well as linoleic acid, which helps our immune system operation. Furthermore, the content of vitamins also affects your body.

    For instance, vitamin B6 is in charge for the stable functioning of the heart, vitamins A and E are essential for beautiful and bright skin, and PP is responsible for the conversion of carbohydrates and fats into energy. Because of vitamin C chicken  is a powerful antioxidant, and polyunsaturated fatty acids make it indispensable for the prevention of heart attack or stroke. However,  there is a fly in the ointment because when there is insufficient or irregular heat treated meat chickens can cause the risk of salmonella infection which is very dangerous for gastrointestinal tract, and sometimes even leads to death. To conclude, eating chicken in regular amount meat is good and necessary, but the approach to its preparation must be more than serious and responsible. S,o Chicken Tabaka recipe will be helpful for you, because here we are talking about the intense and high-quality thermal processing, not usual frying which is recommended to use only as last resort. Now let's figure out how to cook chicken tabaka.

    Ingredients for the dish:

    • at least 1.3 kg chicken
    • salt and pepper
    • about 4 tablespoons of vegetable oil for frying

    How to cook chicken tabaka:

    1. To start, have all the ingredients ready;

      First of all, prepare all the necessary products.

    2. Cut the chicken on the breast;

      Cut the chicken on the breast and lay  it flat.

    3. Now you need to beat the chicken well to make a smooth piece;

      Using a special cooking hammer, beat the meat on the inside.

    4. It is important not to damage the chicken skin otherwise the chicken will deform;

      Be careful not to damage chicken skin while working with a hammer.

    5. When the meat itself is ready, grease the chicken with salt and pepper on the one side;

      Marinate chicken in a dry marinade, so grease it with spices and salt on the one side.

    6. Now carefully rub dry marinade into the meat;

      Next, marinate the meat with salt and pepper. Just rub them into the chicken on the other side.

    7. Marinated chicken should look like the one in the photo;

      Ready chicken put in the food container.

    8. Container should be closed tightly and left for at least 6 hours;

      Close the container and place it in the fridge for 6 hours, preferably overnight.

    9. As we have already mentioned chicken tabaka has unique way of preparation due to a special pan called ''tsitsila tapaka''. Of course, nobody has one. So we decided to use the usual grill pan on and poured some vegetable oil in it;

      If you do not have kitchen utensils like tsitsila tapaka, just use the grill pan and splash some oil in.

    10. As soon as the oil heats, lay out the chicken skin side up;

      In the heated pan, spread the chicken with skin to the top.

    11. Cover the chicken with flat lid or plate and place filled three-liter jar on it;

      Put a plate on the chicken, then put on it a three-liter jar filled with water.

    12. Fry the chicken for 30-40 minutes on a medium heat, then turn over skin side down;

      Fry the chicken under the pressure for about 40 minutes, and then turn it over.

    13. Again, cover chicken with a lid or plate;

      Again, cover it with a plate.

    14. Place the same jar on it;

      Heavy jar again should be placed on it.

    15. Do not be afraid that chicken releases quite a lot of fat , it can be easily drained;

      All excess fat, which was formed during cooking should be easily poured or used for cooking sauce.

    16. Ready chicken should look like be in the photo. Try to puncture it, there should be no blood;

      As a result, you should get almost the same chicken tabaka as in the photo - fragrant, juicy and yummy!

    17. Serve the dish with vegetables and herbs;

      Tastes better with fresh vegetables and herbs.

    Hopefully, we helped everyone gain confidence in cooking. So, now the mysterious dish called chicken tobacco can be rather frequent on your table on holidays and weekdays. If you too have some interesting recipes, we look forward to your letters and tips. Cooking together is always fun - trust us, we are pros in it. Always yours, HozOboz

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