Cabbage rolls

  • Nutrition Facts
  • Calories: 224
  • Protein: 6.60
  • Fats: 15.14
  • Carbohydrates: 13.73

    Slavic cuisine is one of the few including such a great number of meat dishes, and their range is fairly wide. But it’s not just about meat, of course. Skillful combination of meat products with vegetables, as well as experimenting with methods for their preparation has led to a great variety of dishes. We would like to focus on a very interesting one with a mysterious origin. And that will be cabbage rolls, which we’re going to prepare in a modern way using multi-cooker in the vegetable broth.

    Some historical facts about cabbage rolls

    A cabbage roll is basically some boiled rice combined with minced meat  and wrapped in blanched cabbage leaves. It’s arguable that the Slavic cabbage rolls get their name in the XVIII century which is relatively recent. The dish reminisces French dried pigeon roasted on coals. Regardless their oriental origin, cabbage rolls were always named as ''dolma'''. Most often it's made of grape leaves, although other vegetables, such as cabbage,were also used for stuffing. Apparently, the Slavs preferred "pigeon" instead of "dolma - eastern stuffed rolls in grape leaves,'' but in fact they are the same.

    Key ingredients for cabbage rolls:

    For the stuffing:

    • 500 grams of veal tenderloin
    • 2 turnip onions
    • 2 cloves of large garlic
    • 1 cup of rice
    • salt
    • 3 pinches of nutmeg powder

    The list of vegetables:

    • 1 cabbage
    • 1 carrot
    • 1 bell pepper
    • 1 tomato

    Other components:

    • 2 tbsp. of salted water
    • 1 bay leaf

    The instructions for cooking cabbage in multi-cooker

    1. First, let’s make the stuffing. We will use the veal combined with rice grains as basis and cook them for 10 minutes in salted water. Then you hauled throw it on a colander and gently wash it out.

      To prepare minced veal and boiled in salted water for rice.

    2. Prepare the meat for grinding by chopping it into pieces.

      Wash the meat and cut into medium size pieces.

    3. Mince it in a manual grinder,  you may freeze the meat pieces in advance to facilitate the process. For those who have an electric mincer, just do it in a usual way.

      Pass the meat through a grinder.

    4. Next, peel and cut into 8 slices each onion.

      Onions should be peeled and cut into large slices, too.

    5. Also peel the garlic, but it is better to grind the whole cloves.

      Prepare garlic for  grinding.

    6. Grind the ingredients on either a grater or in a meat grinder - it’s rather optinial. Then add them to the minced mea.

      Add onion and garlic to the minced meat.

    7. Season the meat with salt thoroughly.

      Do not forget about the the salt.

    8. Add some half-cooked grains and be careful here - there should be more meat than any other ingredient.

      Add the rice to the minced. There should be more meat that rice in the stuffing.

    9. Mix all the components in a uniform mixture and season with freshly ground nutmeg. This amazing spice gives an incredible flavor that can be easily caught in the process of cabbage in multi-cooker preparation.

      Add the nutmeg and mix thoroughly all the ingredients of stuffing.

    10. The important thing is the preparation of the shell for stuffing. Take a large pot, boil water in it, place the cabbage for 5 minutes in boiling water for blanching. Then  slightly cool  it. Take a deep incision at the base of the cabbage.

      Keep the cabbage in the boiling water for 5 minutes. Then take it out, cool and make deep incisions around the stem.

    11. Let us remove the cabbage sheets, get rid of the solid part of each sheet, and then divide them in halves. Important! Do not hurry, so as not to break up, and carefully remove the sheets of head.

      Cooked cabbage should be divided into sheets and deprived of solid part. Then carefully cut in half each leaf.

    12. If you can, invite some assistants fro the following steps. Peel and dice the carrot for the cabbage rolls dressing.

      Carrots should be peeled, then rubbed or cut into thin slices.

    13. Wash the pepper and chop it.

      Wash bell pepper and cut it into small slices.

    14. Rinse the tomatoes and cut them into lovely slices.

      Tomatoes should also be washed and cut.

    15. Now it’s time to roll it the cabbage. Place a small amount of stuffing on a cabbage leaf.

      Stuffing balls should be placed on a cabbage sheets, then simply wrapped.

    16. Carefully wrap the cabbage rolls.

      As a result, cabbage rolls shouldllok like in the picture.

    17. Evenly distribute them on the multi-cooker's bottom bowl bottom in a single layer. Next, add some chopped cabbage and place the second layer of cabbage rolls.

      Place the cabbage rolls on the bottom of multi-cooker and a bit of shredded carrots.

    18. Our recipe for cabbage rolls in multi-cooker includes a brilliant combination of minced meat with summer vegetables. We complement the taste with carrots and bell pepper.

      Place a layer of pre-cut vegetables on top.

    19. We would like to dwell on the tomato lobules, which is necessarily in multi-cooker bowl along with other vegetables. Thermally processed tomato is able to give a wonderful taste to any dish. Furthermore, our cabbage rolls are prepared in broth,  so It’s there will be perfect tasty tomato dish. Add the chopped tomatoes.

      Do not forget to slice tomatoes.

    20. Finish the preparatory process by adding salt water and a bay leaf which is ideal for stews.

      Put a few leaves of bay leaf and pour the cabbage rolls with salted water.

    21. That's right, we finally prepared our cabbage rolls in multi-cooker and it took about 1 hour.

      The whole cooking process will take about about 1 hour, turning the device to the "stewing" mode.

    22. When the timer notifies that the dish is ready, do not be in a hurry and turn multi-cooker into the warm maintaining mode for a few minutes. Then open the lid, releasing the fragrant vegetable steam, spread cabbage rolls in a deep bowl, pour the broth, and do not forget about steamed vegetables. Add a spoonful of sour cream on the rolls and they will be impossible to resist. The first and second courses at a time!

      When the meal is ready, it is advisable to leave it in the pot for some time. Then distribute the cabbage rolls on the plates with vegetables and fill it with broth, then add some sour cream. That's it, the dish is ready to be served.

    Options and variations of cabbage rolls

    Multi-cooks can easily make a delicious steamed food, due to the small grid intended for steamed dietary dishes. If you put a small portion of cabbage rolls in a plastic bowl with holes and turn the "steaming" mode for 1.5 hours, you can get just as tasty and healthy dish as ours.  It is also possible to complement the rolls with steamed vegetables. However, there is only one disadvantage of steam cooking - a usually small capacity of the bowl. However this option is acceptable for a two-person family.

    What are the benefits in cabbage rolls

    Any steamed food is healthier than fried! As for the rest, we can say with confidence that you will hardly find healthier and more nutritious dish than our cabbage rolls in multi-cooker, the photos of which cause a wild appetite even when looking at them.  The young and fresh veal is not only about nutritional value, but also serves as an excellent source of protein, vitamins and minerals. The great amount of fiber, carbohydrates, minerals, organic substances, polysaccharides and huge vitamin complex - it’s all about our vegetable bouquet. Also, the veggies can help to digest meat ingredients. We really believe that, after reading our colorful recipe, even amateur chefs will no longer ask any the search engines how to make cabbage rolls in multi-cooker. We tried to make this quite a difficult dish as easy as possible.

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