Bozbash recipe

  • Nutrition Facts
  • Calories: 173
  • Protein: 15
  • Fats: 1
  • Carbohydrates: 25
    Бозбаш рецепт

    Bozbash is a dish common in the Caucasus, and loved by gourmets and lovers of tasty and healthy food. This thick soup with vegetables and dried fruits is made mainly from lamb, but you can also make it from beef meat with the addition of vegetables to your liking. In any case, you will not be mistaken, because there are a large number of recipes for this fragrant dish. The set of ingredients for the soup may vary depending on the time of year and locality, but the principle of preparing this fragrant soup is the same - the soup must contain chickpeas (chickpeas), onions, chestnuts, however, they are now being replaced with potatoes, which does not spoil at all the taste of the dish.

    Bozbash can be served on the festive table, and just for family dinner, it is always relevant, thanks to its simple recipe. In the old days, it was customary to cook bozbash on coals in large cauldrons, but now in urban living, bozbash is cooked in thick-walled pots. Be sure to try to cook this fragrant hearty dish in your kitchen, you will definitely fall in love with it, and our recipe for cooking bozbash with step-by-step photos will help surprise others with culinary delights.

    History of the dish

    The Caucasus is a place where cultures, traditions intersect and intersect, including culinary traditions. Sometimes it is difficult to determine whose national cuisine this or that dish belongs to. The name of the dish Bozbash has Turkic roots, translated into Russian it means "boz" - gray and "bash" - head, of course, the head of a ram is meant, from which this dish was originally prepared, and without adding tomatoes to the soup, the dish really looked grey.

    Over time, the housewives began to add various vegetables to the soup, which gave it a bright festive color. It was believed that Bozbash is a favorite dish of the Caucasian rulers. How did it happen that a dish with Turkic roots became a national dish in the Caucasus region? Several peoples argue about the belonging of the bozbash dish to their national traditional cuisine. In those ancient times, people traded and moved freely, wars were also often fought, prisoners from other lands often appeared in the regions, and such a mixture of traditions could well have occurred.

    However, scientists conducted a study, and the author of numerous culinary books and collector of national culinary traditions William Pokhlebkin wrote in one of his books that bozbash is Armenian, at the same the time of its variety - kyufta-bozbash and brocade-bozbash - are Azerbaijani dishes. But whoever owns the authorship of this dish, it always and in any performance remains perfectly tasty.

    Bozbash ingredients

    • Beef meat on the bone - 500 grams
    • Turkish peas (chickpeas) - 200 grams
    • Tomatoes - 150 grams
    • Onion - 100 grams
    • Potato - 100 grams
    • Bulgarian pepper - 1 piece
    • Green cilantro - 1 bunch
    • Hot pepper - 1 pod
    • Salt - 25 grams
    • Spicy herbs - 25 grams

    Cooking bozbash

    1. Prepare all the necessary products.

      To prepare the bozbash dish, you need such products.

    2. Soak peas (chickpeas) before starting bozbash soup. If you bought peas from the market, soak them for 7-8 hours. And if peas are bought in a store in factory packaging, they have already undergone primary heat treatment and should not be soaked for such a long time, 2-3 hours is enough.

      In the process of cooking, pre-soak the peas  chickpeas.

    3. Rinse the meat well under running water, lightly dry it on a napkin and set to boil. Water is added in the ratio of 500 g of meat to 2000 ml of water. Cook the meat until half cooked.

      We boil the meat well to get a rich broth.

    4. After that, we take out the semi-finished meat, put it in a mixing bowl. Strain the broth, and scald the meat with boiling water.

      Pour the meat with boiling water, scald it.

    5. Put the peas into the strained broth and let it simmer over low heat.

      We put the peas in the broth.

    6. Put the scalded meat on a cutting board and cut into medium-sized pieces, add the meat to the broth, leave to cook until the peas are fully cooked.

      Cut the meat into pieces, put it in a pan.

    7. Peel the onion and cut it as thinly as possible.

      Cut the onion thinner.

    8. In a preheated pan, add 2 tablespoons of sunflower oil, or ghee, put the chopped onion, fry it until golden brown.

      Burn the onion.

    9. Peel the bell pepper from the stalk and seeds and cut into thin half rings.

      Prepare thin half rings of pepper.

    10. Pour boiling water over the tomatoes several times, or boil them so that they become soft and the skin is easily peeled off.

      Tomatoes should be soft enough to peel.

    11. Cut the tomatoes into large pieces.

      Coarsely chop the tomatoes.

    12. Put them in a pan with onions, mix lightly.

      Fry the tomatoes along with the onions.

    13. When the tomatoes are slightly blanched, add chopped bell peppers to the pan. Lightly simmer the fire.

      Add chopped peppers to the frying.

    14. Add the stewed vegetables to the broth.

      Let's put the roast in a saucepan.

    15. Peel the potatoes, cut into large slices.

      Coarsely chop the potatoes.

    16. Finely chop the garlic cloves.

      Chop the garlic.

    17. Add chopped garlic, hot peppers and spices to the broth, add. We leave the finished dish on the switched off stove for 10 minutes.

      Spices and spices are added to the finished bozbash.

    18. Rinse coriander greens in running water, shake off drops of water and finely chop.

      Finely chop the washed cilantro.

    19. Put the bozbash on a large plate, decorate with cilantro, now the dish can be served. Enjoy your meal!

      It remains to sprinkle the finished bozbash with herbs and invite everyone to the table.

    About the benefits of the dish

    Bozbash cooked on beef broth is a healthy dish, because the broth has a direct benefit to the body, having the qualities of a dietary food. It is prescribed to people with weakened immunity, postoperative patients, as it contains a large number of useful trace elements. In addition, beef broth is much healthier than chicken broth, it contains a lot of protein and almost no fat. The broth contains a large amount of vitamin B12, as well as selenium, silicon, iron, niacin.

    The broth saturates the body with energy, helps the stomach, strengthens the immune system, eliminates anemia, and helps with a breakdown. And coupled with fresh vegetables, it brings the body a double benefit. Soup cooked in this way is not only tasty and satisfying, but also quickly absorbed by the body and speeds up the process of digestion of food. Nutritionists agree that the broth should be consumed at least once a week to keep the body in good shape. Support your body, take care of it and be always happy with your life!

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