Bomb pies

  • Nutrition Facts
  • Calories: 250
  • Protein: 8
  • Fats: 7
  • Carbohydrates: 37
    пирожки бомбочки с помидорами

    Hello again, dear HozOBoz readers! It's time to tell you about a wonderful, but at the same time simple and quick recipe. We are talking about pies "bombs", which are easy to prepare and very difficult to resist, so as not to gobble up everything at once. However, you need to eat them really quickly, since these pies are especially tasty, as they say, with heat, with heat. The recipe for “bomb pies” itself is simple to perform and any housewife who has ever cooked dumplings or dumplings will cope with it, because the most difficult thing in this recipe is the formation of pies with a glass. Everything else is easy. But first things first.

    Name history

    You are probably very interested in why bomb pies have such an unusual name? Firstly, this dish is so tasty that it can be described with the word “bombing”, that is, the pies themselves are just a “bomb”! And secondly, when you take a bite of this crispy ruddy pie, you will feel something like a juicy explosion - this is how a flavor bomb explodes. Well, are you already intrigued? Then a few more words about the benefits of the dish and you can start cooking bomb pies with tomatoes.


    • Flour - 3.5 cups;
    • Water (boiling water) - 1 cup;
    • Vegetable oil (sunflower) - 4 tablespoons for dough + ½ cup for frying;
    • Sugar - 1 teaspoon;
    • Salt - 1 teaspoon for dough + ½ teaspoon for stuffing;
    • Tomatoes - 4 pieces;
    • Cottage cheese (feta cheese, Adyghe cheese) - 200 grams;
    • Garlic - 2 cloves.

    Bomb pies recipe with photo - cooking

    1. If you have a food processor, put the flour into the bowl of the food processor. If there is no combine, then put the flour in a large bowl.

      To knead the dough, place the flour in a food processor or bowl.

    2. Add salt to the flour.

      Now we introduce salt.

    3. Then add sugar.

      Add sugar.

    4. Mix vegetable oil with boiling water. By the way, you can first dilute salt and sugar in boiling water, and not add it to the flour, as in paragraphs 2 and 3. Pour the mixture of water and oil into the flour.

      Separately mix vegetable oil with boiling water. By the way, you can pre-dissolve sugar and salt in hot water, and then add the oily liquid to the flour.

    5. Gently knead the dough.

      From these products we will prepare the dough.

    6. The dough is soft, pliable and at the same time quite elastic.

      As a result, the dough should be quite soft and elastic.

    7. Add salt to the curd.

      For the filling, salt the cottage cheese.

    8. Grind the garlic or pass it through a press (if there is one, of course). Add garlic to curd. We mix. By the way, if there is fresh herbs, feel free to add it to the cottage cheese - it will only get better. However, without greens, pies also turn out excellent.

      Peel and chop the garlic, and then put it in the cottage cheese, if desired, you can also add fresh herbs.

    9. Cut the tomatoes into thin rings. It is worth noting here that when choosing tomatoes for this amazing dish, you should opt for strong, small fruits. Firstly, they behave much more conveniently when cutting. And secondly, the juice is not released so quickly - and this is extremely important so that the tomatoes do not release the juice before we form the pies. Otherwise, it will not be easy to form bomb pies.

      Wash and cut meaty tomatoes into rings.

    10. Divide the dough into two equal parts. We roll one of them with a rolling pin on a board or other surface suitable for rolling out. The dough should be thin, even slightly translucent. Put the sliced ​​​​tomatoes on the dough at a distance of not less than 3-4 centimeters from each other.

      Divide the finished dough in half and roll out a thin layer from half. On the surface of the dough at a distance of 3-4 cm from each other we place tomatoes.

    11. Put about 1 teaspoon of curd mass on top of the tomatoes.

      Place 1 teaspoon of curd filling on each tomato circle.

    12. We also roll out the other part of the dough with a rolling pin and cover it with the first part of the dough with tomatoes and cottage cheese. As you can see, the dough is quite thin, the filling is visible through it.

      Now thinly roll out the second half of the dough and cover it with the first cake along with the filling.

    13. Cut out the pies with a glass of a suitable size, the diameter of which is slightly larger than the diameter of the tomatoes used in the filling. Do not forget to make sure that the edges of the pies are tightly closed, otherwise, when frying, the liquid will flow out and the oil will start to “shoot”, and this is perhaps the most unpleasant thing during the frying process. Therefore, if necessary, pinch the edges of the pies with your fingers.

      We arm ourselves with a glass and squeeze out pies of the right size. It is important to pinch the edges of the pies well so that the filling does not leak out during frying.

    14. Pour vegetable oil into the saucepan, heat it up and drop the pies into it one by one. Fry the "bombs" on both sides until golden brown.

      Thoroughly heat the vegetable oil in a tall bowl and fry the pies in it on both sides.

    15. We take out the pies from the saucepan, put them on paper towels to remove excess fat, and then immediately serve them to the table - these pies are especially good until they cool down.

      Put the finished bombs on napkins to get rid of excess fat. Well, it's time for the table!


    Of course, a dish fried in a large amount of vegetable oil cannot be called very healthy. However, if cottage cheese and fresh tomatoes act as the filling, then the level of benefit increases significantly. Pies are fried very quickly, so the filling does not even have time to undergo heat treatment. Especially important is cottage cheese, which contains calcium, which is necessary for every person, and protein, which the human body absorbs much better and faster than, for example, meat protein.

    Bomb pies, the recipe of which HozOboz presented to you today, will actually be a good find for every housewife. Special skill for cooking "bombs" is not required, and the products are all available. Instead of cottage cheese, you can use feta cheese or Adyghe cheese. And there is also such a recipe as bomb pies in the oven, and HozOboz, perhaps, will eventually post this recipe on its pages.

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