Biscuit cakes

  • Nutrition Facts
  • Calories: 369
  • Protein: 4.7
  • Fats: 9.3
  • Carbohydrates: 64.2
    Бисквитные пирожные

    Our today's hero is a biscuit cake and its recipe. A light and airy biscuit cake with cream for dessert is what all sweet teeth dream of. What kind of biscuit cake you consider the most delicious for yourself - decide for yourself. The option with jam and berries is less high-calorie than cream, and is optimal in the spring, when preparations for the beach season have already begun, and it is difficult to refuse sweets. Not a bad option for losing weight, or at least not getting better, biscuit cake with protein cream, but this is already an amateur. In the meantime, a few words about the history of delicacy and its possible benefits.

    Biscuit history

    The very word "biscuit" comes from Latin through French and literally sounds like "twice cooked". Biscuit today is a small sweet confectionery bread that is made from eggs, sugar and flour, and it is eggs that predominate in this product. At the same time, it is not without interest to learn that during its long history, the biscuit managed to travel around the world and for different peoples, this name means very different products. For example, in England, the word biscuit is still understood as a small cracker, which is certainly served with tea. According to the English version, biscuits were a favorite delicacy of sailors who set off on a journey for months, and sometimes even years.

    Sea crackers - biscuits could be stored in the hold for months without losing their taste. From England, biscuits came to the USA, where this word is still used to call cookies often smeared with jams, creams and chocolate. At the same time, in aristocratic France, biscuits turned into soft products similar to cakes, but they were also willingly smeared with icing, jam and fillings. Over time, many variations on the theme of making biscuit cakes were invented: rolls, muffins, layered soft cookies, etc. We will talk about one of these options today, but first a few words about the benefits of fruit biscuit cake.

    Ingredients required:

    • Wheat flour - 1 tbsp.;
    • Sugar - 1 tbsp.;
    • Fruit jam - 100 g;
    • Chicken eggs - 4-5 pcs.;
    • Vanilla crystalline - 1 g;
    • Baking powder - 1 g;
    • Powdered sugar - 100 g;
    • Water - 2 tbsp. spoons;
    • Wild berries - optional.

    Homemade biscuit cakes - recipe with photo

    1. First, let's prepare the necessary products;

      Let's start with preparing the ingredients

    2. We start with the preparation of a classic biscuit, but with us it will not be baked in shape, but on a wide baking sheet. Pour sugar into a plastic mixing bowl and break warm chicken eggs.

      Add sugar and eggs to the bowl. The products for making the biscuit should be warm.

    3. Intensively mix the eggs with sugar until the characteristic biscuit splendor.

      Beat sugar with eggs with a mixer into a fluffy mass.

    4. Add flavor - crystalline vanillin.

      Add vanilla.

    5. Add flour.

      add wheat flour.

    6. We continue to cook biscuit dough. Mix the flour with the main ingredients, but no more than 1 minute. This is necessary so that the dough does not fall off, and the biscuit turns out to be tender. Add baking powder before mixing. Biscuit cakes, the recipe of which we are considering today, can be prepared without baking powder, but if you decide to add it, this must be done without fail with flour, but not earlier.

      Quickly mix the flour into the egg mixture with a mixer, but at lower speeds. Add the baking powder in the process.

    7. Pour the biscuit mass onto a baking sheet. Please note that the baking sheet is covered with baking paper. With the help of parchment, it will be very easy to remove the biscuit from the baking sheet.

      Pour the biscuit dough onto a baking sheet. Cover it with parchment in advance.

    8. We distribute the mass throughout the pan. For convenience, spread the dough with your hands. We bake the biscuit cake until cooked, which is checked with a toothpick. If the wooden base is dry, then the biscuit is ready. When baking a thin biscuit, it is not recommended to increase the heat to more than 180°. We keep the biscuit cake in a preheated oven for no more than 20 minutes.

      Spread the biscuit mass on a baking sheet. Bake for 20 minutes at a temperature of 180 ° C.

    9. Using a flexible silicone spatula, separate the parchment from the baking sheet, and lower the biscuit onto the table.

      Remove the biscuit cake from the baking sheet.

    10. Quickly remove the baking paper.

      Separate from parchment.

    11. While the cake is warm, cut out curly circles.

      Let's form a figure with a round mold or the edge of a glass.

    12. Leave the cake blanks to cool completely.

      Let's cool the cake blanks.

    13. In the middle of several circles, apply jam.

      We smear the biscuit blanks with jam.

    14. We build a fruit-biscuit pyramid - we cover it with other blanks.

      We lay out the second layer of biscuit blanks.

    15. Lubricate the middle again with jam and lay out the following biscuit circles. You can make a double or triple fruit biscuit cake, like ours. Fantasize!

      Let's assemble a three-layer biscuit cake.

    16. Add sugar fondant to the surface of the cakes. It is very easy to cook. Mix powdered sugar with water and mix well. The fondant should be thick.

      Mix powdered sugar with a minimum amount of boiled water into fudge.

    17. Put sugar fudge in a pastry bag or bag and apply curly drawings.

      We decorate the surface of the cakes with sugar fudge.

    18. Finish cooking - decorate the cakes with wild berries.

      Let's add fruit or berries to the cake.

    19. Fruit biscuit cake is ready! Hozoboz invite you for tea. Enjoy your meal.

      The biscuit cake was a success! We invite you for dessert.

    The benefits of the dish

    By itself, the biscuit has almost no contraindications for use, only diabetics and overweight people need to be careful with it. At the same time, if we are talking about a biscuit cake with butter cream or a biscuit chocolate cake, the circle of contraindications will increase noticeably. But the biscuit itself without any additives is suitable both for the festive table and for the children's afternoon snack. So cook without hesitation and do not forget that everything is good in moderation. And here is our recipe for biscuit cakes, and even with a photo - it will be easy and convenient for you to cook them.

    So quickly and without complications, we prepared a delicious and beautiful dessert. Aren't they beautiful? By the way, if you wish, you can easily change the filling and cook, for example, biscuit cakes with butter cream or chocolate icing. Go ahead, experiments are a thankful thing. And do not forget to share your experience with us - we are always happy to participate in your culinary life. Always Your HozOboz.

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