Beef tongue

  • Nutrition Facts
  • Calories: 240
  • Protein: 15
  • Fats: 17
  • Carbohydrates: 5
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    In this review, we will talk about how to properly and tasty cook beef tongue. And despite the seeming simplicity of the event, in fact, not every, even experienced, hostess knows how to properly cook beef tongue, how to cut it and process it until cooked. Many are generally afraid to deal with this product due to its unpretentious appearance. However, no one will argue with the fact that boiled beef tongue is a dietary and very nutritious product. We must not forget that even such an elementary process as cooking should be taken very seriously: find out how much to cook beef tongue, what to add when cooking and how much.

    It is to ensure that you do not have any difficulties, we offer you this recipe. Today we will learn how to make a delicious beef tongue, how to season it and how to get the most out of this dish. And first, according to tradition, a few words about the product itself, about the history of its use and about what and how it is best to eat it.

    History of the dish

    So, the language is one of the types of offal, and very valuable. In its structure, this is a muscle with a rather rough shell. The value of the language lies primarily in the fact that it does not contain connective tissue and, as a result, is perfectly absorbed. Moreover, beef tongue has a low calorie content, so it is perfect as a sports and diet food. The weight of this offal in its raw form usually ranges from 800 g to 2.5 kg, and this, of course, depends on the size and age of the animal to which it belonged. Obviously, a part of the carcass of a young animal is much healthier and tastier than an old one, so you need to know not only how to cook beef or another tongue, but also how to choose it correctly.

    What you need to pay attention to when choosing beef tongue:

    • Structure is important. It should be fairly dense, but not rigid. The tongue should be elastic and not sluggish, when pressed, it should not leave dents, the offal should return to its previous shape in a matter of seconds;
    • Color also matters a lot. The beef tongue should look like a photo in a cooking magazine. It shouldn't be too dark, but it shouldn't be white either. And it is important to remember that its color should always be uniform;
    • The product must have a veterinary stamp confirming its quality - this is a guarantee of your health and a guarantee of safety;

    A separate theme is freshness. The tongue refers to those products whose fresh shelf life is not very long - only 12 hours. That is why, when buying it not frozen and not salted, you should definitely make sure that it is suitable. If you can’t find out for sure, it’s better to choose an option, for example, smoked.

    If you follow these simple rules, cooking the tongue, including beef, will be just a matter of technique for you. In general, it should be noted that this dish is not popular, beef tongue is very loved by many, and recipes for its preparation, including those with photos, are present on almost every self-respecting culinary site. Of course, HozOboz cannot stand aside and offers you your favorite cooking option for this delicious meat delicacy. But first, we will talk about how to properly boil beef tongue and what recipe to use in order to better prepare it for further processing.

    1. First of all, you should remember that the tongue is boiled in fresh water with the addition of an onion;
    2. the tongue is cooked depending on its age from 1.5 to 3 hours;
    3. salt is added only 10 minutes before the end of cooking;
    4. to understand that the tongue is ready, it is necessary to pierce it with a knife. When the knife enters easily, it's time to take the workpiece out of the water.

    Main Ingredients:

    • Beef tongue - 2 pcs. about 1 kg
    • Natural yogurt - 200 gr
    • Flour - 1 tbsp.
    • Soy sauce - 3 tbsp.
    • Salt and spices - to taste
    • Mushrooms - 200 gr

    To boil the tongue:

    • Water - approximately 1.5 liters
    • Bulb onion - 1 piece (for cooking)
    • Salt - a pinch

    How to cook beef tongue:

    1. We prepare the necessary products;

      First, prepare all the necessary products

    2. We put a pot of water and a peeled whole onion on the fire;

      Pour water into the pan, put a whole onion in it and bring everything to a boil

    3. As soon as the water boils, put the tongue in it and cook for at least 1 hour;

      Put the tongue in boiling water and boil it for at least an hour

    4. 15-20 minutes before readiness, the water should be salted;

      When the tongue is almost ready, salt the water and leave the tongue to boil for about 15 minutes

    5. Remove the finished tongues from the water and let them cool;

      When the tongue is cooked, it must be removed from the water and left to cool

    6. Then it must be cleaned of the shell and all fat and lymph nodes removed. After it should be cut into portions;

      We remove all veins, fat and lymph nodes from the cooled tongue, and then we cut it

    7. We put a dry saucepan on the fire and pour flour on it to fry it;

      In a saucepan, stirring constantly, dry a tablespoon of flour without using oil

    8. Flour should become slightly golden in color;

      Dry the flour until a light golden hue appears

    9. When the flour is ready, pour it into a bowl and add yogurt;

      When the flour dries, it should be poured into a bowl and mixed with yogurt

    10. When mixing, we get a thick sauce;

      As a result, we should get a thick sauce, as in the photo

    11. Now pour the diced mushrooms into the saucepan;

      Pour the pre-cut mushrooms into the same saucepan

    12. When they are browned, pour the sauce from flour and yogurt;

      Add yogurt-based sauce there

    13. After the contents of the saucepan, mix thoroughly and leave to stew for about 5-7 minutes;

      Mushrooms with sauce must be mixed, then simmer for at least 7 minutes

    14. Now the sauce needs to be salted and seasoned to taste;

      Next, add salt and spices to the sauce to taste

    15. When the sauce is already ready and seasoned, it is necessary to put the tongue prepared and boiled in advance into it;

      Now, in the already prepared sauce, lay out the boiled tongue

    16. It is important to lay it so that the sauce covers the pieces of meat;

      Pay attention to the fact that the tongue must be laid so that the sauce covers each piece of it

    17. Now add some soy sauce;

      Add a few tablespoons of soy sauce

    18. Stir everything again and leave to stew for another 15 minutes under the lid;

      We mix the ingredients so that the pieces of the tongue are evenly covered with sauce and simmer over low heat under the lid for at least 15 minutes

    19. Beef tongue should be served hot as a bite with pita bread or fresh vegetables;

      Beef tongue prepared in this way is best served with pita bread and vegetables

    The benefits of the dish

    There is no doubt that the tongue is useful and cannot be, because it is an excellent source of iron and protein, which makes it indispensable for anemia and in the postoperative period. Moreover, due to its properties, the tongue should become an obligatory dish in the diet of children and pregnant women. Boiled tongue is good, and especially beef tongue, in that any recipe using it will provide us with a dish that contains all the B vitamins, including the invaluable vitamin B12, which regulates carbohydrate and fat metabolism in the body. There is also a lot of zinc in tongues, and without it, one cannot maintain normal cholesterol levels and not see beautiful and healthy skin. This is such an important and necessary beef tongue, so you can not only eat it, but you also need to eat it more often. And how to cook beef tongue and how to make it tastier and diversify cooking methods, we will teach you right now.

    We hope you will use our recipe and get not only aesthetic and taste pleasure from it, but also quite a few health benefits. HozOboz for tasty and healthy food and this recipe is the best confirmation of this. But the language can be prepared in different ways, and if you know interesting and possibly unusual options, we are waiting for your advice. Share your experience and join the HozOboz family. Welcome. We are always happy to be of service to you. Your HozOboz.

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