Apricot pie

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    Our today’s topic is the preparation of the delicious apricot pie, the picture  is attached. The recipe is rather easy to cope with, it requires neither special skills or  specific ingredients. Everything is really easy, incredibly affordable and of course, tasty like never before. It’s even easier that a pie with apricot jam! Just try it and you’ll see what I mean!

    The history and origin of apricot

    Since today we cook the apricot pie, it’s time to find out some basic facts o the origin of the apricot. Modern scientists think that there are few places of apricot’s origin. They even say the number varies from 3 to 6. The least expectable place for this was Chinese Taishan subdistrict. In the encrypted writings of the Chinese emperor Gu dated more that two thousands years B.C., the ancient description of the apricot fruit was discovered. However, there is no substantial confirmation for that. Moreover, the origin of apricot is thought to be derived  from from Armenia and then it was imported in Europe. In eighteenth century the scientist De Poardele has written that the name of the apricot tree has its roots in the asian region of Armenia where it first appeared and then some fruits were transported to Europe.

    It’s thought in nineteenth century that Alexander the Great has brought the apricot from Armenia to Greece, and then from Greece to Italy. Nevertheless, this version is not confirmed by any roman or greek writing of that time since there is no reference to apricot fruit. But apricot was mentioned in 1 century B.C. sources which means that it was brought to Italy right after the Roman–Parthian wars. Thus, Dioscorides, Plinius, Columella call this fruit an ‘Armenian apple’ which points that the apricot could be imported in Italy by Armenian merchants. Some similar names can be seen in other languages but, since it grew everywhere in Asia, it’s much difficult to figure out when the apricot began its journey to Europe.

    By the way, the apricot was brought in Russia from the West in seventeenth century, but it's through the Middle East that it got to Ukraine, Crimea and Caucasus. Thus, one of the Ukrainian names of the apricot - ‘'zherdel’’- shows the direct penetration from Persia.

    The word ‘apricot’ derives from the Netherlandish (abrikoos) through the spanish and french language (‘'albercoque'' and ‘’abricot’' respectively). The origin of the name is traced to many other languages like arabic (al-birquq), greek and latin. All in all, the history of the name, as well as that of the fruit, is rather confusing yet really interesting.

    The prominent healthy features of consuming the apricot

    The interesting thing is, that among all the other fruits growing everywhere, only apricot has the highest amount of beta-carotene which is the antioxidant and, moreover, the fruit is vital for the health of your eyesight. Just 100 grams of apricot contain 16 milligrams of beta-carotene that transforms into more active formula y-vitamin A. A variety of diseases are connected with the lack of such vitamin.

    Furthermore, beta-carotene performs a plenty of important functions of your body. Especially, it protects you from radiation effects, germ, viruses and prevents the development of cancer diseases. These healthy features of apricot are strengthened by the  amount of vitamin C in it.Therefore, avoiding to eat apricots in summer can deprive you of some healthy effects. And finally, it’s hard not to cook something yummy using this fruit and today it’s going to be the apricot pie by HozOboz.

    The main ingredients for the preparation of the apricot pie

    • 150 grams of flour
    • 1/2 teaspoon of baking powder
    • 3 Eggs
    • 200 grams of sugar
    • 5 oz. of vegetable oil
    • 150 grams of sour cream
    • 7-8 Apricots

    The preparation process

    1. Break the eggs into the deep bowl.

      Have a bowl for the dough and place the eggs into it.

    2. Then add sugar there.

      Add sugar powder to the eggs.

    3. Whip the eggs and sugar up till the great white foam comes out.

      Now mix the eggs with sugar to see the white foam arising.

    4. Pour the vegetable oil into the bowl. It’s preferable to use sunflower-seed oil but if you like, you can take olive oil, for instance, - that will impart a special taste and smell.

      Add any kind of vegetable oil.

    5. Now add some sour cream to the mixture.

      Put the sour cream into the bowl.

    6. Mix all the contents of the bowl.

      Whip all the ingredients in the bowl thoroughly.

    7. Now it’s turn to add the flour.

      It’s time to add the flour.

    8. Now you should add the baking powder.

      Don’t forget to add the baking powder.

    9. Then whip it all up once more. The dough for the apricot pie is ready.

      Just mix everything one more time and the dough is ready.

    10. Rinse the apricots and take the seeds out. Then cut the fruits into four slices, so  just divide each half into two pieces.

      Wash the fresh apricots and replace the kernels, then cut each of them into four pieces.

    11. Butter the baking dish and pour the dough into it.

      Place the dough into the buttered baking dish.

    12. Put the apricot slices onto the dough in random order. Actually, you can place them somehow particularly.

      Place the slices onto the dough.

    13. Bake it in the oven for nearly 30 minutes, at 390F. Of course, the type of oven does matter, so please start watching the pie after 20 minute. Anyway, to check if the pie is cooked just use a wooden toothpick. Inject it in the middle of the pie, if the toothpick is dry - pie is ready to be served. Let it chill a bit and only after that cut your apricot pie.

      Keep the pie in the oven at 390F for 30 minutes. You can see whether it’s ready using the toothpick, if it’s fry after you insert it into the middle of the pie, the pie is cooked. The cake should be cooled prior to serving.

    14. Bon appetit.

      Bon appetit.

    So, today we made a yummy, beautiful apricot pie. Don’t forget to put all the instructions down into your recipe journal, because HozOboz is sure that you’ll definitely want to cook such an easy yet delicious dessert.

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