Adjika recipe

  • Nutrition Facts
  • Calories: 72
  • Protein: 1
  • Fats: 3.5
  • Carbohydrates: 8.5
    Аджика с яблоками

    In this review, we conserve. We are learning to cook adjika with apples and tomatoes for the winter. Let's say right away that there are plenty of adjika recipes with apples on the net. It is important not to get confused in such a variety and find exactly your option. It seems to us that we were able to do this and therefore we offer our readers a delicious and relatively simple recipe for adjika with apples. But our adjika is not only made from apples, it is also made with carrots, hot peppers, ripe tomatoes and various spices. So we guarantee excellent taste and benefits too, but more on that later, but for now a little history.

    The story of adjika with apples and tomatoes

    In the classic version, adjika is a paste-like spicy seasoning, which is prepared from hot pepper and garlic with the addition of aromatic herbs and spices. If you cook adjika from ripe chili, it will certainly turn out red, but from green pepper, the seasoning will be the same. The adjika recipe, which includes tomatoes, apples, and only then pepper, was invented by lovers of a milder taste without too much spiciness. This option differs from the classic one, however, adjika with apples and tomatoes can be eaten not a little bit, but simply with spoons. The term "adjika" is of Abkhazian origin and in literal translation means simply "salt".

    Adjika appeared, like many other dishes on the principle of "need for invention is cunning." Shepherds, leaving to graze sheep, so that they could eat and drink better, took salt from the owners for the flock. Salt was not a cheap product, and so that the shepherds themselves would not steal salt, the owners added hot pepper to it. However, the resourceful shepherds were not at a loss here either. They added fragrant herbs and spices to the salt and received "apyprpyl jika" or simply "pepper salt". That's how simple and very easy adjika, beloved and respected by everyone, including with apples and peppers, entered our everyday life. So it's time to find out how cooking adjika with apples can please our body with you.


    • Tomatoes - 2.5 kg
    • Carrots - 0.5 kg
    • Hot pepper - 3 pods
    • Bulgarian pepper - 0.5
    • Apples "Antonovka" - 1 kg
    • Salt - 2.5-3 tbsp.
    • Sugar - 1 cup
    • Vegetable oil - 200 ml
    • Vinegar - 40 ml
    • Garlic - 200 g

    Cooking adjika for the winter

    1. The recipe for cooking adjika with apples involves, first of all, the preparation of ingredients;

      Before starting the process, prepare the necessary products

    2. We pass the washed tomatoes through a meat grinder;

      Wash and twist the tomatoes

    3. We send Bulgarian pepper passed through a meat grinder into tomatoes;

      Pour twisted sweet peppers to the tomatoes

    4. We clean and weigh the required amount of garlic;

      We clean the required amount of garlic

    5. Wash apples, peel and cut;

      Prepare clean apples for twisting: clean from seeds and cut into small pieces

    6. We clean from seeds and cut into chili;

      Hot peppers also need to be washed, cleaned of seeds and chopped

    7. Twist hot pepper and garlic into a separate bowl;

      In a bowl, twist the garlic and chili. We'll need them later

    8. Pass the apples through a meat grinder and add to the tomatoes and paprika;

      Add twisted apples to the tomato and bell pepper puree

    9. We clean and cut the carrot into pieces;

      It's time to peel and cut the carrots

    10. And now the carrots need to be passed through a meat grinder and mixed with a tomato;

      Twist the carrot into a pan or pot with tomato

    11. Thoroughly mix all the twisted ingredients that are in a heavy-bottomed saucepan or pot;

      Mix everything that was in the pot with tomatoes

    12. Add vegetable oil;

      It's time to pour vegetable oil into adjika

    13. Add salt;

      Do not forget that adjika should be salted

    14. And you definitely need to add granulated sugar to adjika;

      To make adjika sweet, you need to add sugar

    15. Mix everything again and put the pan on the fire. Bring adjika to a boil and cook, stirring occasionally for 20 minutes;

      Boiling adjika should be boiled over low heat for 20 minutes, stirring occasionally

    16. After 20 minutes, twisted garlic and hot peppers must be added to adjika;

      After 20 minutes, add garlic and chili pepper prepared in advance to the boiling adjika

    17. Immediately after, pour in the vinegar and cook the boiling adjika for another 10 minutes;

      Add vinegar, bring adjika to a boil and cook for another 10 minutes

    18. Pour the finished adjika into sterile jars and roll up;

      And now we pour the adjika with apples prepared for the winter into sterilized jars and roll it up with a key. You will be happy in winter!

    The benefits of the dish

    Many will say that adjika with apples and peppers for the winter is just a seasoning, and most often quite spicy. What are the benefits of such a set? Even very significant. The combination of herbs and spices, as well as the presence of garlic, easily explains the importance of such a dish in the diet. As in many other cases, the benefits are characterized by the valuable properties of the ingredients. So garlic is a powerful immunostimulant, an excellent antibacterial agent, and also a help in digestion. You can also talk endlessly about the charms of herbs and spices, but this is an individual matter and everyone will put what they love in their adjika. One thing is obvious, the recipe for adjika with apples and tomatoes will give not only the enjoyment of taste, but also improve health. And here is our adjika recipe with tomatoes and apples for the winter.

    Here it is, our adjika with apples for the winter: tasty, fragrant and simple. If your cookbook has your own recipe for making adjika with apples for the winter, share it with us. Our readers will be interested to try! Let's cook together - it's just great. Your HozOboz!

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