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Zebra curd casserole

  • Nutrition Facts
  • Calories: 98
  • Protein: 12
  • Fats: 3
  • Carbohydrates: 5

    Friends, we have dedicated this review to a very interesting and simply beautiful dessert called zebra curd casserole. But this casserole will be not only a decoration, it is also surprisingly useful, and for dessert it is real rarity. And all these delights are also possible because our casserole pumpkin curd for which it is called a zebra. So about the recipe, it’s preparation and the intricacies we will talk a little bit later, but for now a few words about the history of this wonderful dish.

    History of the dish

    At first would like to note that our cottage cheese casserole with pumpkin called zebra is a type of dessert famous all over the world. What is this? Yes, yes, I mean exactly the marble cake. Up to historical information, it was prepared at first at the end of the 19th century. It is the same popular today , and especially in the USA, where it was invented. The secret of its beauty is in the use of two types of dough at once: ordinary vanilla and chocolate. According to the standard of the dough with the addition of cocoa, there should be at least 33 and a half percent in the dessert.

    But the zebra cupcake and even the casserole with the same name turned out not to be simply mixed, but by alternately pouring white and brown colors into the dough forms. Although it must be said that today, as an alternative to chocolate strips, confectioners willingly use dough with other additives, which gives the dessert a more cheerful, but less sophisticated look. So it happened in our case, after all, our zebra curd pumpkin casserole, hardly resembles the classic one, because the stripes in it are white and orange. And for the traditional version, the zebra curd casserole and its recipe would not involve the addition of pumpkin, but would certainly contain cocoa powder. Today we are cooking with pumpkin so we won't waste any time. Let’s start.

    Ingredients for the casserole:

    Pumpkin layer:

    • Pumpkin - 500 g
    • Egg - 2 pcs.
    • Any starch - 2 tablespoons
    • Sugar - 50 g

    Curd layer:

    • Cottage cheese 5% fat) - 500 g
    • Starch (any) - 2 tablespoons
    • Sugar - 50 g
    • Egg - 2 pcs.
    • Detachable form 21 cm


    1. Peel the pumpkin and take out seeds.

      First, we will prepare the necessary products and, above all, the pumpkin

    2. The pumpkin must be peeled from seeds and peels, cut into cubes and boiled in a saucepan until tender, and then mashed

      You need to boil your pumpkin and then make a puree

    3. Pumpkin puree now needs to be cooled.

      Please cool puree

    4. When the pumpkin cools down, you need to add starch, eggs, granulated sugar.

      Add to the pumpkin dough all these products:eggs, starch and sugar

    5. All components are thoroughly mixed again with a blender until smooth.

      Please mix all these with blender

    6. For the filling, put the cottage cheese in a bowl and mix it with sugar, starch and eggs.

      Mix cottage cheese with sugar, starch and eggs

    7. Mix well with a blender and if the mixture of cottage cheese is thick, it can be diluted with kefir or cream.

      Mix all these blend with cottage cheese

    8. We cover the split form with parchment along the bottom and grease with vegetable oil. Putting together the casserole: a couple of spoons of cottage cheese filling, a couple of spoons of pumpkin on top, then cottage cheese again, and so on until the end of the ingredients.

      Cover your baking bowl with parchment and pour a little vegetable oil& Then needs to make a casserole: begin from 2 spoons of cheese filling, then 2 spoons of pumpkin one and in such a way to the end of dough

    9. Place the casserole in the oven preheated to 180 degrees for about 45 minutes. After this time, the casserole must be removed and cooled. Only then can the dessert be served.

      Preheat your oven to 180 degrees and bake your casserole nearly 45 minutes. Then cool it in the baking bowl and enjoy

    10. Bon appetit.

      Bon appetit

    The benefits of the dish

    That's how quickly and easily our zebra curd casserole was cooked in the oven and even with a pumpkin layer. And the taste and benefits of such a dessert will be quite a lot. Just imagine as good the cottage cheese is with all its vitamins and calcium, and add to this the magical properties of delicious, juicy, sweet and aromatic pumpkin. Beauty and not else. So enjoy a great dessert without any harm to your health. And HozOboz wish you a great mood and a fruitful time in your kitchen, and preferably in our company. Let's make friends and cook together. Always your advisor HozOboz!

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