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White mushroom soup

  • Nutrition Facts
  • Calories: 47
  • Protein: 2.47
  • Fats: 2.06
  • Carbohydrates: 4.21
    Суп из белых грибов

    In this review, we will talk about how to cook a delicious dish - dried porcini mushroom soup. Such a soup is often also called a stew because, unlike other rich and satisfying liquid treats, it looks quite dietary and light. But keep in mind this is a case where first impressions are deceiving. Under the guise of a clear vegetable broth, porcini mushroom soup hides nutrition and richness of aroma, while boasting a minimum amount of fat. Such soups are very popular in mountainous regions where a great variety of essential ingredients of this dish grows - the mushrooms themselves.

    That is why the soup of porcini mushrooms and its recipe can be found in the national cookbooks of those peoples whose settlements are located in the mountains. Such stews are popular among Romanians, in western Ukraine, among Bulgarians, etc. In the review, we will talk about the history of the dish, the features of its preparation and, of course, the benefits that can be derived from it.

    Soup history

    Soup is most often the first dish, which is cooked by boiling. The main ingredient in soup is liquid. In the classic version, the soup consists of at least half water. However, often kvass, kefir, whey, fruit juices and even wine are also used as a base. All soups are usually divided according to the method of heat treatment into cold and hot. As you understand, the first ones do not require cooking, while the second ones require heating and boiling without fail. In addition, soups are filling, mashed, thickened with flour or cream and transparent.

    Our soup of dried porcini mushrooms belongs to the category of transparent, cooked on water and with mandatory heat treatment in the form of boiling. Cep mushroom soup and its recipe is a cross between broth and stew. Rather, it is the union of these two dishes. Judge for yourself: broth is a liquid decoction of beef, pork or chicken meat, which is prepared by boiling the meat ingredient in boiling water. Chowder is a vegetable broth, in which the taste of the main ingredient should definitely prevail, in our case it is porcini mushroom soup. The main condition for the preparation of stew is the absence of meat. At the same time, vegetables are also not added to the usual broth, which means that this soup can be considered a successful union of two different dishes.

    In general, soup is a dish with a rich and long history. It is believed that the preparation of this dish began with the invention of special dishes made of ceramics and stone, which made it possible to cook food. This happened about 500 years ago. Moreover, in the East this process took place about 100 years earlier than in Europe. It is also interesting that when cooking in those days, the decoction of the products itself was not used, and therefore it was difficult to call the soup a soup in our imagination. Another feature of the soup can be called its belonging to the food culture of settled peoples. Those who had their own house and life could afford to include soups in their diet. The nomads basically continued to eat one-component dishes obtained as a result of hunting.

    Obviously, over time, the beneficial properties of hot liquid dishes were established, which led to their significant distribution and a sharp increase in popularity. Thus, today there are about 150 categories of soups, which in turn include more than 1000 recipes. It is also interesting that each of these recipes involves many cooking options. So, for example, shchi can be cooked in at least 25 different ways, and fish soup no less than 20. So it is quite obvious that each of us can bring his own unique flavor to the soup and make it special, but no less tasty. And what can be said about the benefits of such a dish, given that today we are preparing soup from porcini mushrooms, and dry ones.


    • White dry mushrooms - about 50 g
    • Potatoes - 4 pcs.
    • Carrots - 3 pcs.
    • Onion - 2 pcs.
    • Pork meat - 250 g
    • Water - 1.5-2 l
    • Salt and spices - to taste
    • Chopped greens - for serving

    How to cook porcini mushroom soup, a guide with a photo:

    1. First of all, you need to prepare all the necessary products;

      First, prepare the ingredients

    2. Mushrooms break into pieces;

      Slices of porcini mushrooms are broken into large pieces

    3. Soak the mushrooms in cold water;

      Mushrooms must be poured with cold water for at least 15 minutes

    4. Peel the potatoes and cut into cubes;

      Potato tubers are peeled and cut

    5. We lower a whole piece of pork into boiling water and cook for about 30 minutes;

      Boil the whole meat in boiled water for 30 minutes

    6. Clean and chop the onion;

      Onions should be peeled and cut into cubes

    7. Rub the carrots on a coarse grater;

      We rub the peeled carrots

    8. Fry the onion in vegetable oil;

      Fry the onion in hot oil until translucent

    9. Add carrots to the fried onions;

      Add carrots to the passivated onion and fry it

    10. Pour the chopped potatoes into the prepared meat broth;

      Boil potato cubes in broth

    11. Salt the future soup;

      Now the soup should be salted

    12. In the meantime, the mushrooms are well soaked;

      Checking if the mushrooms have softened

    13. Add mushrooms to the soup;

      Pour the soaked mushrooms into the soup

    14. Remove the boiled meat from the soup and cut into pieces;

      Once the meat is cooked, it should be removed and cut

    15. Sliced ​​pork is sent back to the soup;

      Put the portioned pork back into the soup

    16. We also send the roast prepared in advance;

      Add the passivation to the soup

    17. 5 minutes before the end of cooking, the soup must be seasoned with spices and salt;

      A couple of minutes before the soup is ready, you need to salt and season the soup

    18. Finely chop the greens;

      To serve, finely chop the greens

    19. Pour hot soup into bowls and serve sprinkled with herbs;

      Mushroom soup should be served hot with fresh and aromatic herbs

    20. Bon appetit everyone!

      Well, it's time to go to the table, enjoy the aroma and taste of real mushroom soup

    First of all, about the benefits of the soup itself, as such.

    Liquid first courses are very good because they improve digestion. They are light and at the same time nutritious. And the soup replenishes the water balance of the body, which has a beneficial effect on the level of blood pressure. At the same time, the ingredients that we use for cooking are also very important. Our mushroom soup, and from the porcini mushroom, or as it is also called boletus, you can get a lot of benefits. First of all, it contains a lot of riboflavin, which is responsible for the functioning of the thyroid gland, potassium phosphates that provide energy, as well as carbohydrates, proteins and glycogen, which provide mushrooms with high nutritional value.

    With all these pluses, it should be remembered that mushrooms are quite heavy food for the body, which means that it is better not to include such a product in the diet of children under 7 years old. For the rest, mushrooms are necessary and important, and the soup from them is doubly useful, as we already understood from the context. So there will be no time to waste and let's start cooking mushroom soup, and even from porcini mushrooms - this is the recipe waiting for us.

    We hope you will like our mushroom soup, the recipe of which includes selected white mushrooms, and you will appreciate its amazing aroma. However, I would like to give you one piece of advice regarding the storage of dried mushrooms themselves. Even if they are perfectly dried for better preservation, it is recommended to put them in the freezer - this will not affect their taste in any way, but it will protect them from various insects and mold.

    We used just such a preparation, and therefore we can say that in a sense our soup is made from frozen white mushrooms. In this recipe, it is very important to use high-quality and tasty mushrooms - the taste of the dish will directly depend on this. And if you know how to cook an original mushroom soup, send us your recipe, because many of our readers love and use such a delicacy as porcini mushrooms. We are waiting for your recipes and look forward to a long and fruitful cooperation. Always Your HozOboz.

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