Venice salad

  • Nutrition Facts
  • Calories: 115
  • Protein: 11.8
  • Fats: 3.3
  • Carbohydrates: 8.7

    Salad and snacks are usually essential part of any holiday table and it’s rather hard to find more and more new dishes to impress your guests. That’s why we’d like to draw your attention to both delicious and easy Venice salad. Such a beautiful name implies great taste despite conventional ingredients. Venice salad can easily supplement any table and satisfy your friends due to the great combination of meat ingredients with potato, eggs, mushrooms, cucumber and prunes.

    The origin of the dish

    The name of our salad may first be associated with Italian cuisine. But the ingredients list will prove that it’s of Slavic origin. In fact, Venice salad is rather nutritious and contains meat which is important in that part of the world. The interesting thing is, that two completely different dishes have the similar name. The first is Venice salad with chicken and prunes, provided with recipes and photos on HozOboz website. The other, Venice salad with sausage, can be cooked much easier; you can find its recipe below as well.

    The ingredients for the salad

    A classic option of Venice salad with chicken includes the following ingredients:

    • 430 grams of chicken fillet
    • 210 grams of potato
    • 3 eggs
    • 440 of fresh champignon mushrooms
    • 130 of prunes
    • 155 grams of hard cheese
    • 80 grams of mayonnaise
    • 190 grams of cucumbers
    • 20 ml of vegetable oil
    • salt
    • herbs

    This recipe implies the use of prunes that make its tastes incredibly sophisticated. The other option of the salad includes the following ingredients:

    • 220 grams of smoked sausage
    • 170 grams of cucumbers
    • 180 grams of Korean carrots
    • 220 grams of canned corn
    • 160 grams of cheese
    • mayonnaise

    It’s easy to cook Venice salad following the instructions:

    1. Boil the chicken fillet  with salt until cooked. Dice into average pieces.

      Chicken breast is boiled and cut into cubes.

    2. Hard-boiled (for 10 minutes) eggs should be cooled, peeled and rubbed on a grater.

      Boil the eggs for 10 minutes and grate them.

    3. Wash potatoes, boil them until cooked, the peel and dice into the same size pieces as those of chicken.

      Boil potatoes, peel and cut into cubes.

    4. Now, wash the mushrooms, cut into strips.

      Wash the champignon and slice into midsize strips.

    5. Fry the cut mushrooms in vegetable oil for about 15 minutes until golden, then salt in.

      Cut mushrooms should be slightly fried in the vegetable oil.

    6. Wash the prunes, moisture them in boring water for a couple of minutes.

      Moisture the prunes in boiling water.

    7. Wet prunes is cut into narrow strips longwise.

      Once the prunes are wet, dry it and cut into strips.

    8. Place the prunes on the top of the dish, them make a mayonnaise net as shown on the picture.

      Put a layer of prunes on the salad, slightly cover with mayonnaise.

    9. Then add chicken and mayonnaise again.

      Now, put the chicken pieces and some mayonnaise as well.

    10. Now it’s turn for potatoes which is also graded with mayonnaise.

      Place the potato with mayonnaise.

    11. Then put dried champignons.

      The next layer consists of fried mushrooms.

    12. Sprinkle with grated egg. A bit of mayonnaise all over the dish.

      Now, it’s necessary to sprinkle the salad with egg and mayonnaise.

    13. Cover the top of the dish with grated cheese.

      Grate some cheese now.

    14. Cut the cucumber into midsize strips.

      To decorate the salad, slice some cucumber.

    15. Place it over the cheese.

      Put the cucumber over the top.

    16. At last, decorate the salad with herbs.

      Finally, use chopped herbs to decorate the salad./

    The dish is served in portions, as shown in the photo, or all the ingredients in are put into a deep bowl the appropriate order. Spectacular appearance is provide d by alternating light and dark layers. Mayonnaise should be used in sufficient quantities so that all components are well soaked.

    To prepare Venice salad in accordance with the second recipe, you need to combine the chopped sausage and cucumber cubes with Korean carrot, grains of corn and grated cheese. This option is great because all the ingredients are initially ready for use; they do not require any pre-heat treatment. This snack belongs to the category of dishes being prepared in haste, so it will be certainly convenient  for busy cooks that can not spend much time in the kitchen, since the taste of salat  is still great despite the simplicity of the preparation. If desired, the usual sausage is easily replaced by any kind of low-fat sausages.

    The use of dishes

    Like other holiday meals, Venice salad is used primarily because of its excellent taste, but its ingredients have many healthy properties for the body. For instance, it includes extremely valuable products, such as eggs which fulfill the human protein needs, saturate the body with vitamins and useful elements. They help to improve vision, memory and brain activity. Chicken meat is an excellent source of protein as well. The diet  including chicken is recommended for the prevention of heart disease. Finally, hard cheese has a considerable calcium content, that is good for your bones, hair and nails.

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