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Step-by-step Tiffany salad recipe with photos attached

  • Nutrition Facts
  • Calories: 299
  • Protein: 11.5
  • Fats: 25
  • Carbohydrates: 4.6

    HozOboz is going to make you happy with the new beautiful and yummy salad with chicken, walnut and grapes which will definitely become the one of your favorites. Now look at Tiffany salad recipe with photos just to be inspired and start cooking.

    The history of Tiffany salad

    The history of Tiffany salad with grapes on the Russian web start in April 2003 which means this is rather modern dish. The name derives from the nickname of a woman who once upon a time posted the recipe on web. That was the very first legendary Tiffany salad recipe. Then different variations appeared and the popularity of such yummy salad is still growing ever since.

    Well, HozOboz suppose that a marvelous coincidence happened because the nickname and the appearance of this salad are modern and eye-catching as well as the approach used to make it and the products of famous Louis Comfort Tiffany. This artisan, being the successor of the famous jewelry house, made his own way inventing special kind of glass. At the begging of twentieth century people started to notice such kind of glass and the whole style was named after Tiffany. Now look at the bright grapes on the Tiffany salad photos. Doesn't it look like a real stained-glass window shined through by the sun.

    Relating the ingredients of the salad, the list of them is quite similar with that of Waldorf salad, but the latter one is far more popular and features apple and celery. But it’s about details in culinary art so the Tiffany salad can be easily recognized a genuine dish thankfully to original combination of its ingredients and attractive look.

    Concerning the health advantages of Tiffany salad

    The content of this chicken/grape salad with nuts and cheese features a wide variety of protein foods like meat, eggs and nuts. The presence of oil adds calories, but makes this dish extremely attractive to those who are more physically active and feel the need for rapid energy boost. Minerals and vitamins from the grapes, onions, olive oil and eggs will fulfill your daily needs with one serving of this salad. The standard Tiffany salad recipe is slightly different from HozObozom proposes now because the original one has no red onion which we will use. And we will not have the lettuce and curry. But this dish allows some options.

    Ingredients for the salad

    • 600 grams of chicken fillet
    • a white onion
    • a red onion
    • 4 eggs
    • 150 of walnut
    • 60 grams of olive oil
    • salt
    • ground black pepper
    • a bunch of large red Cardinal grapes
    • 200 grams of swiss cheese
    • 450 grams of mayonnaise

    How to make a Tiffany salad

    1. Prepare all the ingredients for the salad. If you’re going to use homemade mayonnaise, prepare it in advance.

      Put all the ingredients on the table.

    2. Cut the washed and dried chicken breast into cubes.

      Wash the chicken and cut it into cubes.

    3. Heat the wok pan and pour the necessary amount of olive oil.

      Pour some olive oil into the hot wok pan.

    4. Put the pieces of chicken in the pan.

      Once the butter is boiling, put the chicken there.

    5. Fry the chicken, constantly stirring.

      Cook the chicken and stir the pieces.

    6. Cut the white onion finely. You may use usual one.

      Peel the onion and cut it.

    7. Add it to the pan with chicken.

      Once the chicken changes its color, add the onion.

    8. Add some salt now.

      Now, give it a little salt.

    9. Then some ground Jamaican black pepper goes in.

      Now, dress it with pepper.

    10. Keep stirring it and fry until it’s cooked. You may add some other species like curry, chilli pepper of you like.  But HozOboz uses only pepper.

      Cook the ingredients and add the species if you like.

    11. Cut the red onion finely.

      Red onion should be cut finely.

    12. Boil the eggs hard, cool them and peel.

      The eggs should be boiled and peeled.

    13. Cover the bottom of the salad dish with mayonnaise.

      Put some mayonnaise on the bottom of the dish.

    14. Put the fried chicken out of the pan and place into the dish.

      Put a layer of chicken with onion.

    15. One more alter of mayonnaise.

      Add more mayonnaise.

    16. Make the mayonnaise surface flat and sprinkle it with red onion.

      Make it the surface smooth and sprinkle with a red onion.

    17. Grease with mayonnaise again.

      One more layer of mayonnaise.

    18. Grate the egg coarsely.

      The eggs should be grated.

    19. Crush the walnuts.

      Then crush the walnuts.

    20. Sprinkle with coarsely grated cheese.

      Add some grated cheese in the salad.

    21. And more time - mayonnaise.

      Then again some mayonnaise.

    22. Place the halves of the grapes on the surface so that they cove all of it. Our beautiful salad is ready!

      The salad should be decorated with cut grapes, preferably without seeds. Bon Appetite!

    Other options and alternative ways to make Tiffany salad

    If you cook Tiffany salad with smoked chicken, you’ll get totally another taste.  Some do not really like such an option but HozOboz suggest it deserves to be tasted once, especially the one with high quality smoked poultry without skin and extra fats. Different sorts of lettuce, spinach, fresh or dry herbs, quail eggs or almond instead o walnut - all of them can give a special flavor to your salad. HozOboz expects your photos of the salad, so don't waste your time, go and cook this yummy salad! Bon Appetite to all of you!

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