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Steamed dumplings with cherries

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    Hello everyone. We are very glad to welcome you to the HozOBoz website. In this review, we have done our best - we cookув dumplings with cherries and even steamed. Often, dumplings with cherries and other steamed fillings are cooked with kefir, and this recipe is perhaps one of the most common. Today we will cook them with water, but based on yeast dough. We will offer you the recipe a little later, but for now, a couple of introductory words related to the history and subtleties of making this wonderful dessert.

    History of the dish

    Steamed dumplings with cherries and their recipe is considered a Ukrainian national dish. Juicy, aromatic and surprisingly tasty - that's what could describe them. By themselves, dumplings are dough products stuffed with minced meat, cheese, berries, fruits or vegetables. Russian dumplings, Polish pierogi, sorcerers from Belarus, Uzbek manti, as well as Chinese counterparts and some dishes from other cuisines are also similar to this dish. The main differences are shapes and fillings.

    Sometimes they are also distinguished by the method of preparation. As in the case of manti, steamed dumplings are not cooked just in water, and therefore they are dumplings and not quite they. And the dough for our dumplings with cherries is prepared with the addition of yeast, which does not happen when it comes to ordinary dumplings. That is why steamed dumplings with cherries or any other filling are very fluffy and incredibly airy. And you can be convinced of this right now, because we are happy to start cooking.

    Ingredients for 1 serving (about 60 dumplings):

    • Cherries - 2 kg
    • Flour in dough - about 900 g
    • Salt - 1 tsp.
    • Sugar - 2 tbsp. + 200 grams for the filling
    • Fresh yeast - 25g
    • Vegetable oil - 4 tablespoons. + 100 ml for greasing the steamer
    • Water - 500 ml
    • Flour for cooking - about 250 g

    How to cook steamed dumplings with cherries step by step recipe:

    1. First, we will prepare the necessary products;

      We will prepare all the products that we need for the dumplings

    2. Knead the yeast with a fork and place in a small vessel;

      Place live yeast in a bowl

    3. Add a little water and sugar to the yeast and leave in warm places for 15 minutes;

      For the yeast to start working, add a little water and sugar to it and leave it in a warm place

    4. Meanwhile, sift the flour into a dough bowl;

      Sift the flour

    5. Add salt to the flour;

      Add salt to a bowl with flour

    6. Thoroughly mix the bulk ingredients;

      Mix flour and salt

    7. In the meantime, the yeast has begun to work and can be poured into flour;

      Pour the dough into the flour

    8. Add vegetable oil;

      Add vegetable oil to the dough at this stage

    9. Add the remaining water;

      Add all the remaining water to the dough

    10. Knead the dough, but keep in mind that you may need more or less flour depending on its viscosity;

      Knead the dough and adjust the amount of flour as needed

    11. This is not too dense and elastic enough that the dough for dumplings should turn out;

      This is how the dough for dumplings should turn out in the photo

    12. From the dough we form blanks for cutting with a diameter of about 5 cm;

      First, we will make a dough blank, which we will then divide into parts

    13. Divide each blank into parts from which dumplings will be obtained later;

      Let's cut the blank into fragments, as in the photo

    14. Manually distribute the dough and prepare it for filling with cherries;

      Cooking blanks for dumplings manually

    15. Put peeled cherries inside each blank;

      Put pitted cherries inside the dough

    16. Now add some granulated sugar;

      Pour granulated sugar into the filling, about 1/2 tsp.

    17. We pinch the edges and form a dumpling;

      Thoroughly pinch the edges of the dumpling

    18. For cooking, we take a double boiler;

      We take a bowl of a double boiler

    19. Lubricate the bottom of the bowl with vegetable oil using a brush;

      Lubricate the steamer well with vegetable oil so that the dumplings do not stick

    20. We spread the dumplings so that they do not touch each other. How much to cook steamed dumplings with cherries? We answer - 5 minutes;

      We spread the dumplings, but make sure that they do not touch each other. Cook them for 5 minutes

    21. Well, ready-made dumplings should be poured with melted butter and sprinkled with powdered sugar. Enjoy your meal;

      Ready dumplings pour oil and serve. Enjoy!

    The benefits of the dish

    There are not too many benefits in such dumplings, to be honest. Yeast and sugar are not the best products and everyone knows about it. Nevertheless, it is almost impossible to deny yourself the pleasure of trying this charm. Such dumplings are so airy that you cannot even imagine until you try. This is truly one of the best recipes I know. I am sure You will like it too. What can you offer us? What dishes do you consider your favorites? What are you preparing to pamper your family? We will be happy to cook together with you what you love and cook with joy. Let's do it together. It will be fun and very interesting... Let's create a culinary history together. Your HozOboz!

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