Sourdough buns

  • Nutrition Facts
  • Calories: 237
  • Protein: 8.5
  • Fats: 3.2
  • Carbohydrates: 42

    Today we are making sourdough buns. Simple and healthy bread that everyone from small to large will be happy with. By tradition, we will certainly say a few words about the bread itself and about the peculiarities of its baking all over the world. Well, then let's move on to cooking and we will certainly tell you the recipe for sourdough buns and show the whole process in our photos, which traditionally accompany all experiments on the site. So, friends, let's start.

    History of the dish

    The bread we are talking about today is not easy; yeast is not provided for in its recipe. So, for example, to bake rye buns with sourdough, you will need, as everyone already guessed, the same mysterious sourdough. Sourdough is a dough that contains lactic acid bacteria in combination with yeast. This method of loosening the dough is considered the most biologically correct and correct.

    Considering the fact that the first mentions of bakery products date back to 3700 BC. it is not difficult to guess that the cultured yeast we are used to at that time did not exist yet. That is why buns or sourdough bread without yeast can be safely called one of the most ancient dishes of mankind. We will go even further and offer sourdough rye buns, thereby turning useful into indispensable for a healthy diet. Really interesting? Well then, let's start immediately and bake buns in the oven with rye sourdough, which, by the way, was prepared in advance. The recipe can be found on our website.



    • Rye sourdough at peak activity - 20 g
    • Water - 283 g
    • Wheat flour, premium grade - 236 g


    • All dough
    • Wheat flour, premium grade - 353 g
    • Salt - 8 g
    • Treacle - 53 g
    • Turmeric - 1 g
    • Butter - 49 g

    For sprinkling:

    • Sesame - 1 tablespoon


    1. Let's prepare the ingredients.

      Prepare whatever is useful for this recipe

    2. We put the dough. Stir the sourdough and water in a bowl.

      For dough, combine rye sourdough and water in a bowl

    3. Add flour. Stir until smooth. We put the dough for 12-16 hours in room conditions.

      Add flour to the dough and mix again, and then leave for about 16 hours at room temperature

    4. After 16 hours the dough is active and has a porous structure.

      After the allotted time, we get a porous dough

    5. Pour the sifted flour into a bowl, add turmeric, molasses, salt.

      In a separate bowl, mix flour with molasses, salt and turmeric

    6. Add melted butter.

      Add melted butter to the dry ingredients

    7. Add all the dough.

      Pour the dough into the future dough

    8. Knead soft dough with your hands that does not stick to your hands. We put the dough in room conditions to ferment for 2 hours.

      Knead the dough by hand and make sure that it does not stick to your hands, and then leave it to stand for 2 hours

    9. The dough has come up - it has increased in volume.

      The finished dough should expand well

    10. Separate pieces of dough weighing 70 g from the whole mass and form balls-blanks, spread on a baking sheet covered with parchment. We leave the baking sheet with the blanks for an hour in room conditions to let stand.

      We divide the whole dough into pieces and roll them into balls, and then leave them to come up at room temperature

    11. Lubricate each piece with a scrambled egg and sprinkle with sesame seeds if desired. It is necessary to bake buns in an oven preheated to 200 degrees for 20-25 minutes.

      Bake buns greased with eggs and sprinkled with sesame seeds at a temperature of 200 degrees for about 25 minutes.

    12. Cool the finished buns and serve.

      And now it remains only to cool and serve. And by the way, if you add sugar in the process, you get wonderful sourdough buns

    13. Bon appetit.

      Bon appetit.

    The benefits of the dish

    Such buns will bring a lot of benefits and pleasure. This is the rare case when bread can be called a healthy food and can be easily eaten with any of the meals. True, if you add sugar and bake sweet sourdough buns, the benefits will diminish, but the main essence remains the same. We hope that you will enjoy not only the realization of the benefits, but also the wonderful taste of this bread. At least we have made every effort to this. Do you have such healthy dishes in your arsenal? If so, we look forward to sharing more information from the pages of our site. Always your HozOboz!

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