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    In case you want to cook something both tasty and nourishing, solyanka with sausage is definitely the way to go! The main advantage is the absence of any restrictions regarding the choice of ingredients. To create a delicious soup with sweet-and-salty flavor, you may use different types of fish, meat and meat food products. One of the easiest ways to cook this dish is to use a variety of sausages, because unlike fish and meat ingredients, they do not need to carved. If you want to quickly make a delicious solyanka, this easy recipe is perfect to cook for a memorable lunch or dinner.

    The history and the origin of the dish

    Few centuries ago, if any chef and butler had served classical soup with sausage, he would have been immediately fired. Aristocrats considered this soup a part of the daily diet of peasants and the poorest sections of the population of Russia. A legends tells that all the participants of feast needed to bring some ingredients with them and a soup was cooked afterwards of all the products they got. Vegetables, a variety of pickles, greens, fish, sausages or meat - different ingredients together made the basis for creating solyanka soup. This dish instantly became a favorite first course for many housewives, as it can be made from any of the products available.

    Culinary experts claim that the cooks used to make solyanka with sausage at the beginning of the XV century. At that time, it was served as just a nutritious snack. Fat soup wa prepared on the basis of meat or fish broth. In order to modify this pudding, cooks began to add tomato paste made from fresh tomatoes, stewed cabbage in it, pickles, lemon, capers and other ingredients. Because of its high caloric content, it questioned the need of main course.

    Solyanka with sausage is one of the main symbols of the national Russian cuisine. Most foreigners start their culinary experience with this dish. Today, it honorably takes the first position in the menus of almost all catering establishments specialized in the preparation of various dishes of Russian cuisine. To get to know the taste of this first course, you don not necessarily have to go to a restaurant or cafe. HozOboz will help you prepare delicious solyanka with sausage. Step by step recipe with photos will facilitate the process of cooking and will be perfectly suitable for everyday dining.

    Ingredients for soups with sausage

    • 300 grams of boiled sausage with ham
    • 300 grams of smoked sausage "Krakow"
    • 3 potatoes
    • 3 pc. of garlic
    • 1 carrot
    • 1 onion
    • 250 grams of tomatoes
    • 100 grams vegetable oil
    • 3 pc. of pickles
    • 1 Lemon
    • salt

    The recipe for solyanka with sausage

    Even amateur chef can easily prepare this simple solyanka with sausage. Step by step recipe will help you with this task:

    1. Cut sausages into small cubes. Better use smoked ones to give a special flavor to the dish

      Cut boiled and smoked sausage into pieces of medium size.

    2. Place the chopped sausage in a pot and pour three liters of filtered water. To make this dish nourishing and fatty, it is highly recommended to use a meat or fish broth.

      In a saucepan , put the diced sausage and pour in 3 liters of clean water.

    3. Slice the potatoes.

      Cut the potatoes into medium pieces.

    4. Place a pan on the stove and boil sausages on a low heat. Then add sliced potatoes in.

      Add the sausages to the shredded potatoes.

    5. Shred the onion and rub three carrots on a fine grater. Each piece of garlic should be halved.

      Finely cut the onion and rub 3 carrots on a fine grater. Divide garlic pieces in halves.

    6. Prepare the filling. Put the chopped vegetables in the greased (with vegetable oil) pan and fry on low heat.

      To prepare the filling,  it's necessary to pour the chopped onion, carrot and garlic in a pan with hot oil and fry it.

    7. Add the tomatoes and stew the vegetables with sausage within 10 minutes.

      Pour the tomato in a pan on a low heat and simmer the vegetables.

    8. Finely chop the pickles.

      Cut the pickles now.

    9. Pour some vegetable dressing into a saucepan.

      Add vegetables and tomato filling to the pot.

    10. Add  the pieces pickles to the other ingredients.

      Add finely chopped pickles.

    11. To make the acid taste in a saucepan put a few slices of lemon.

      Put in a saucepan 2 lemon slices.

    12. Add salt if you like.

      Season it with salt.

    13. Bon Appetit.

      Bon Appetit.

    Healthy features of solynka with sausage

    First course is always to be included in the daily diet, as they normalize the gastrointestinal tract. The high content of veggies and meat ingredients in this soup has a positive effect on the general state of human body.

    Variations  and options

    Nourishing solyanka with sausage photos  of which HozOboz recommends you to use in the process of cooking,may include mushrooms, beef, pork, smoked ribs and other food products. If you like the taste of olives or capers, feel free to add them as well. Recipe options are so many that you can cook this dish with a new flavor every day.

    And while you’ll be tasting delicious solyanka cooked on the basis of different kinds of sausages, HozOboz will be preparing a new delicacy recipe for you. Anyway, we’re looking forward to your comments and letters with you personal original recipes!

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