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Shrimps with garlic and lemon

  • Nutrition Facts
  • Calories: 137
  • Protein: 20
  • Fats: 5.5
  • Carbohydrates: 1

    We welcome you our dear readers. Today we are pleased to present to your attention a simple, tasty and very interesting recipe - shrimp with garlic and lemon. The beauty of such dishes, first of all, is that both an experienced cook and a novice cook can cook this. And you and I are advanced people, and even very, and therefore, first a little history and only then immediately fry shrimp in a pan with garlic and lemon.

    History of the dish

    Shrimp is one of the varieties of crustaceans that are very common around the globe. They can be easily found in fresh and salt water bodies, as well as bred on farms. The culture of eating these marine reptiles goes back centuries. Since the time of the Greeks and Romans, shrimp have been valued, as they are today, for their size and abundance of taste.

    Apicius's contemporaries believed, for example, that the shrimp from the Lyris River were much larger and tastier than they were, but from Smyrna, off the coast of modern Turkey. We also learn recipes from local sources of that time. Shrimps then were much more often simply baked or fried than boiled as they are today. And this means that the recipe for shrimp with garlic and lemon we have chosen can be said to be historical.


    • Frozen shrimp - 400 g
    • Lemon - ½ pc.
    • Garlic - 3 cloves
    • Olive oil - 2 tbsp. l.

    How to cook

    1. To cook shrimp with garlic and lemon in a pan, we need these ingredients.

      To make fried shrimp with garlic and lemon delicious, let's start with the preparation of high-quality and fresh products

    2. Cut the garlic into thin slices.

      For bulk, cut the garlic cloves into small slices

    3. Pour olive oil into the pan, lightly fry the garlic.

      Pour olive oil into the pan and fry the garlic on it so that it begins to give off aroma

    4. Put frozen shrimp in the pan. Fry them over medium heat for no more than 10 minutes.

      Now put the shrimp in a pan and lightly fry over medium heat for about 10 minutes

    5. Next, to fry the shrimp with garlic and lemon, cut the lemon into small slices.

      And now garlic enters the arena: we cut it into slices

    6. Add lemon to the shrimp, keep on fire for literally another 2-3 minutes.

      Put the lemon in the shrimp and cook for a couple more minutes

    7. That's the whole recipe! Fried shrimp with garlic and lemon are ready, bon appetit!

      Ready! Frying shrimp with garlic and lemon, as you have noticed, is as easy as shelling pears. And the result will exceed all expectations

    The benefits of the dish

    Shrimps are a storehouse of taste and health benefits. There is no point in even dwelling on multiple vitamins and microelements - this is boring and everyone has long known. And shrimp is a dietary food, and diet lovers and those who want to lose weight should not forget about their low calorie content and easy digestibility. And in order to diversify the taste of the dish, we recommend adding not only garlic and lemon, but also soy sauce to the shrimp. And you can also indulge in various spices and seasonings, of which there are a great many on the shelves today. What do you cook with shrimp? What do you eat them with, what do you fill them with? Boil or fry, or maybe bake like the ancient Greeks? Tell us about your experience and we will tell it from the villages of HozOboz!

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