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Sauerkraut pierogi

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    Today we’ll be cooking delicious sauerkraut pierogi. Although such a stuffing is no that typical and standard, the taste is truly incredible. Of course, sour cabbage pierogi are not those with potato or cottage cheese. But believe us, once you try sauerkraut pierogi for the first time, be ready to love them. The interesting thing is, cabbage pierogi dough is made with yeast which often prevents a lot of people to give up cooking such a dish because the process gets rather hard. That’s the reason why our recipe will be a great advice for you if you’re interested in pastry. But before we start cooking the dish, some history and healthy features of sauerkraut pierogi.

    The history of pierogi

    We can surely say that this dish is of Ukrainian origin since it’s been cooked there for centuries. By the way, stuffing was both meat and lean. Ukrainians love pierogi (varenyky) so much that they have even invented different options in each region of the country. In North, for instance, they cook it with fried lard and flour. However, the dish can’t be referred to as daily, on the contrary, it’s usually cooked on holidays. It was a must have dish during marriages and birthdays. Of course, today is much more spread and cooked almost for any occasion. And one of the reasons for that are the health advantages you get from eating it, and that’s precisely what we’re going to talk about now.

    Useful nutrition facts about sauerkraut pierogi

    The benefits of products containing the dough is difficult to describe since the vast majority of people who keep fit and take care of their health are convinced that these dishes are disastrous for the shape of your body, but only in case you consume it without limits. Truth be told, cabbage pierogi are not low calorie. However, at the same time, the flour can greatly enrich your diet with magnesium and thus prevent cardiovascular diseases. Furthermore, flour speeds up the metabolism.

    Flour is healthy for your gallbladder because it reduces the production of bile acids and the risk of gallstones. Eggs and milk are also part of the recipe and they enrich you with calcium, milk protein and choline, and the huge list of vitamins and minerals. However, filling plays an equally important role here. In this case, we use cabbage which is due to cooking inside ''Varenitsa''' retain much more healthy elements than the under the heating treatment.  And finally, let’s review our step by step recipe for quick cabbage pierogi.

    The list of ingredients for the sauerkraut pierogi

    Ingredients for the dough:

    • 1-1,5 kg of flour
    • 2 eggs
    • 1 pinch of salt
    • 1 tsp of sugar
    • 1 tsp of dry yeast
    • 2 cups of whey

    Ingredients for the filling:

    • 2 average onions
    • 1 L of sauerkraut (sour cabbage)
    • salt and spices
    • vegetable oil

    Ingredients for serving:

    • 30 grams of butter

    How to cook sauerkraut pierogi

    1. Prepare all the ingredients for the dough.

      First of all, get all the products ready.

    2. Heat 100 ml of whey and combine it with yeast and sugar. Pre-ferment should rest for 10 minutes.

      To make pre-ferment, combine sugar, yeast and warm whey.

    3. Pour flour in the bowl.

      Flour goes in the deep bowl.

    4. Add a pinch of salt now.

      Add some salt to the flour.

    5. Break few eggs and add them to the flour.

      Add two chicken eggs to the flour.

    6. Meanwhile, pre-ferment should be combined with the ingredients in the bowl.

      Add pre-ferment in the bowl.

    7. Right after that, pour the remaining whey.

      Add all the whey necessary.

    8. Then start adding flour gradually until you get dough ready.

      Start adding flour to make the dough.

    9. After combining all the ingredients, the dough should be rolled into a ball.

      Once all the ingredients are combined, form a dough ball, just like on the photo.

    10. Knead the dough thoroughly on the flat surface.

      Now you need to remove it from the bowl and knead it until it’s soft and elastic. The shine is the sign of readiness.

    11. For the filling, dice and fry the onions with vegetable oil.

      To make filling, cut and fry the onions.

    12. Once the onion is fried, add sauerkraut to it.

      Add sour cabbage to the onion.

    13. Now, the filling should be placed in the bowl, chilled and seasoned according to your personal preferences.

      Sauerkraut should be chilled and seasoned.

    14. Cut a small piece of dough and roll it out to the 2-3 mm thickness. Then, using a glass, form the round pieces of dough, as shown on the photo.

      Roll  out the piece of dough and make round ones as shown.

    15. Put some filling inside each of them.

      Fill each piece with sauerkraut.

    16. Tightly connect the edges of each piece. The width of the edge shouldn't be more that 7-8 mm.

      Lock the pierogi and form it as shown in the picture.

    17. Now, place them all on the surface covered with flour, that you can easily put into  a refrigerator.

      To avoid sticking, put them all on the floured surface.

    18. Boil pierogi in the boiling yet not seething salted water.

      To prevent falling apart, avoid seething water.

    19. Boil them about 5-6 minutes.

      Boil the pierogi for 5-6 minutes.

    20. Ready dish should be served 5 minutes after boiling. Bon Appetite!

      Put the cooked pierogi in the bowl with melted butter and serve them hot 5 minutes after boiling.

    That’s it, delicious cabbage pierogi are now ready! If you have your own original recipes, have no doubt to share it with us as well as write your comments! We’re looking forward to hearing from you. See you soon! Always yours, HozOboz.

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