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Salad with sun dried tomatoes

  • Nutrition Facts
  • Calories: 106
  • Protein: 4
  • Fats: 7
  • Carbohydrates: 6
    Салат с вялеными помидорами

    Salads are different. With fresh vegetables and boiled, with meat, cheese, fruits. But there is also a salad with sun-dried tomatoes, which we bring to your attention today. Dried tomatoes are very good on their own. And in already familiar dishes, they can make an interesting variety. They go well with pasta, fish, meat and, of course, salads. What can I say, even fresh bread with sun-dried tomatoes is already very, very tasty!

    From the history of sun-dried tomatoes

    Dried tomatoes are a traditional snack and a highly respected ingredient in Mediterranean cuisine. True, tomatoes are dried in Asia and Australia. Rummaging through the history of our country, we can find out that tomatoes were dried in the south of Russia, and in Ukraine, and, of course, in the Caucasus. But they were still not a separate dish, but a preparation for the winter, just like dried carrots, parsley root or dill.

    Nowadays, sun-dried tomatoes can be bought without any problems in any supermarket, but for us they are still a delicacy, which for some reason timidly enters our menu. It's time to correct the situation - KhozOboz will now teach you how to cook a salad with sun-dried tomatoes. Moreover, it will be an Italian salad with sun-dried tomatoes.


    • A mixture of leafy greens - 100 g
    • Canned corn - 100 g
    • Carrot - 1 pc.
    • Mozzarella - 100 g
    • Red onion - 1 pc.
    • Dried tomatoes - 100 g
    • Olive oil
    • Salt
    • Pepper

    How to make Sun Dried Tomato Salad

    1. Thoroughly wash leafy greens, dry with paper towels or a special dryer for salads. You can use any leafy greens, we have lollo biondo and rosso biondo salads, arugula, chard leaves, red and green mizuna leaves, baby spinach leaves, mustard leaves.

      Wash and dry any leafy green salad and place in a bowl. Give preference to varieties with juicy and soft leaves.

    2. Add canned corn to leafy greens.

      Add canned corn to lettuce leaves.

    3. We rub the carrots. Add to salad.

      Peel the carrots, rub on a fine grater and add to the salad.

    4. Add mozzarella balls.

      Lay out small balls of mozzarella.

    5. Cut the onion.

      Cut the sweet blue onion into half rings.

    6. Add the onion to the salad.

      Onions are also sent to the salad.

    7. Cut sun-dried tomatoes, if necessary. If the pieces are small, you can not cut.

      Separate the sun-dried tomatoes into small pieces.

    8. Add tomatoes to the salad.

      Put the tomatoes in the salad.

    9. Salt and pepper the salad. Add olive oil.

      Now the dish should be salted and seasoned with spices and olive oil.

    10. Mix the salad, serve.

      Now mix everything thoroughly and serve the salad to the table.

    The benefits of the dish

    Salad with sun-dried tomatoes, the recipe of which KhozOboz offers you today, consists of several ingredients. Let's start with the tomatoes themselves. Sun-dried tomatoes retain most of the nutrients found in fresh tomatoes. It's no secret that they contain a high content of antioxidants, as well as the highest concentration of lycopene among foods. Recently, by the way, a link has been discovered between this same lycopene and bone health. It turned out that in postmenopausal women, changes began, and undesirable ones, in bone tissue if these women were deprived of lycopene. Scientists believe that if the diet does not contain foods containing lycopene, this increases the risk of developing osteoporosis.

    In addition to sun-dried tomatoes, we will use fresh greens in the preparation of the salad, namely, baby spinach, mizuna leaves (red and green), mustard leaves, chard leaves, arugula, etc. All these greens contain many vitamins and minerals, but almost never do not eat by itself, because greens do not give a feeling of satiety. Indeed, leafy salads contain so few calories that they are often included in their diet by everyone who follows the figure.

    Another ingredient in our salad is canned corn. It contains carbohydrates, protein, fiber, B vitamins, vitamin E, phosphorus, potassium, iron, magnesium, zinc. Corn also has anti-stress properties. Thus, 150 g of corn provides approximately 25% of the required amount of vitamin B1 for an adult. Of course, canned corn will lose a certain amount of nutrients, but its shelf life will increase significantly.

    Carrots, which are also among the ingredients of today's dish, are rich in carotenes, phytoene, phytofluene. It also contains pantothenic and ascorbic acids, anticyanidins, essential oils, flavonoids, lysine, ornithine, umbrelifsron and many other useful substances. Fresh carrots can be consumed at least every day, including in salads.

    We will also add mozzarella cheese to the salad. The main value of mozzarella is in vitamins and minerals necessary for healthy skin, vision, and also for the formation of red blood cells. There are also many substances in mozzarella that affect the health of the musculoskeletal system, promote the absorption of calcium, as well as protect cell membranes from oxidative stress.

    HozOboz recommends red onions for salad dressing, which contain twice the antioxidants of other types of onions. It is a powerful anti-inflammatory agent that you should definitely include in your diet. What we are going to do today. And, of course, we will dress the salad with olive oil, which is rightfully considered the most useful of vegetable oils.

    Our salad with sun-dried tomatoes, the recipe with a photo of which HozOboz offered you today, is ready. Of course, if you wish, you can add other ingredients - capers, parmesan, etc. You can make a salad of sun-dried tomatoes, Vysotskaya Yulia also has an interesting version of its preparation. However, salad is such an amazing dish, the recipe of which you can come up with yourself.

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