Salad pearl

  • Nutrition Facts
  • Calories: 171
  • Protein: 9.54
  • Fats: 13.03
  • Carbohydrates: 2.65
    Салат жемчужина

    HozOboz today is ready to share with you a detailed recipe for a delicious puff dish with the romantic name Zhemchuzhina salad. Like all salads with olive dressing, it is very effective on the festive table, so take note of the Pearl salad recipe to please your companions with the beauty and taste during the next feast.

    History of Pearl Salad

    Layered salads have been rightfully taking their place of honor on the festively laid tables and in the list of preferences of many gourmets for quite some time now. This rather hearty appetizer is liked not only by the originality of the mixture of tastes, but also by its magnificent appearance. Quite often, a variety of puff salads, including Sea Pearl salad, are commonly called salad cakes. There is no exhaustively accurate information about who exactly and at what time first came up with the recipe for making puff salad, but there are different versions of the origin of such a popular dish.

    More often they come to the version of the originally German roots of puff salads, when their ancestors are the recipes of traditional German vegetable cakes-pies that have been popular since the Middle Ages. These salads are usually made up of products such as ready-made vegetables, broth dressings, sour cream, etc. The result of this composition was a special hot dish, which in many ways resembles modern classic layered salads. Now, thanks to German cuisine, cake salads delight us with the predominance of delicious boiled vegetables in the most famous salads of German-Norman origin - Mimosa and Herring under a fur coat.

    But it is also possible that the Sea Pearl salad recipe has a French history, with its famous court cuisine, in which layered salads served as a worthy decoration of tables at the courts of nobles.

    After all, the use of mayonnaise as a dressing sauce is the undoubted merit of France, the country of gourmets and special connoisseurs of hearty food in a beautiful design. Culinary inventions with the delights of French chefs include not only pastes from nightingale tongues, but also products that are quite accessible to modern people - fish, various types of meat and sausages, vegetables, and even delicious bread baked according to various recipes. Read descriptions of French banquets in the 17th century, for example. There you will often find descriptions of serving huge dishes in the form of large elegant cakes. The imposing cake easily replaced even several dishes, and the serving, decorated with all kinds of figurines, baked pheasants and other game in feathers, was impressive. French variations of solemn puff salads often consisted of a couple of dozen ingredients, not counting dressings from fatty sauces, mayonnaises and dressings.

    Similar dishes could also be found in the petty-bourgeois menu, being the basis of the meal of urban residents. These were winter salads prepared in the largest bowls to serve as a multi-day meal for a large family. Modern puff salad onions were presented to Europe by America at the very beginning of the last century. To serve this refined dish, transparent dishes are often used, allowing you to admire the multi-colored layers. Glasses made of clear glass or acrylic are also good for serving layered upside-down salads, the so-called verrines.

    Today we will continue the culinary history of full-fledged salty cakes.

    Salmon and red caviar are always festive and delicious. Let's try to present these products especially beautifully. Our star will be a neat quail egg, playing the role of large sea pearls. Everything will be very easy! So let's get started!


    • slightly salted salmon - 200 g;
    • pitted olives - 100 g;
    • cheese - 100 g;
    • quail eggs - 20 pcs.;
    • orange - 1 piece;
    • red caviar - 1-2 tbsp. l.;
    • mayonnaise - to taste;
    • salt - to taste;
    • pepper - to taste;
    • green onion - to taste.

    Step-by-step preparation of Pearl salad, recipe with photo:

    1. For our festive salad, we will prepare all the best products: lightly salted salmon, red caviar (bright and elastic coho salmon caviar looks best), quail eggs (you can get by with one quail egg, for decoration, and replace the rest with 5 pieces of chicken) , hard cheese, pitted olives, orange and mayonnaise. If for some reason you don’t have green onions, you can replace it with any other fresh herbs.

      Let's prepare all the products necessary for the salad.

    2. Boil hard-boiled quail eggs. For this, 5 minutes after boiling is enough.

      We cook hard-boiled quail eggs - it won’t take about 5 minutes.

    3. Peel the orange from the peel and white fibers.

      We peel oranges not only from the peel, but also from white partitions.

    4. Fillet the orange and cut the pulp into cubes.

      Cut the orange pulp into cubes.

    5. We cut the salmon of weak salting into the same pieces.

      Cut the salted salmon into strips in advance. 

    6. Leaving one quail egg whole, cut the rest into halves.

      Cut all but one egg into rugs.

    7. Separating the whites of quail eggs from the yolks, cut them into thin feathers.

      Cut the proteins into strips.

    8. Place half of the proteins on a serving dish, forming our salad.

      Strips of proteins, half of their number, put on a plate and form the first layer of lettuce.

    9. Apply a mayonnaise net to the proteins.

      On top of the proteins we make a mayonnaise net.

    10. Rub the yolks over the whites using a medium grater.

      Grate some yolks on top.

    11. Salt, pepper, add drops of mayonnaise.

      Salt, pepper the salad and make drops from mayonnaise.

    12. Lay a layer of half salmon.

      Spread half of the salmon.

    13. Cut the olives into rings.

      Cut the olives into rings.

    14. Now - a layer of olive rings from half of the olives that will remain after decorating the salad along the bottom circle.

      Then a layer of half chopped olives and a few olives around the salad.

    15. For mayonnaise - salmon again.

      Now again a layer of salmon.

    16. And again a layer of the remaining olives with mayonnaise.

      And now we spread the remaining olives and mayonnaise again.

    17. On top - grated Swiss-type hard cheese on a coarse or medium grater.

      Put grated hard cheese on top.

    18. And put pieces of orange fillet on mayonnaise.

      Next, a layer of mayonnaise and pieces of oranges.

    19. Having smeared oranges with mayonnaise, beautifully lay the quail egg whites mixed with mayonnaise on top of the salad, making a depression in the center.

      Lubricate the layer of oranges with mayonnaise and lay out the remaining proteins, after which we make a recess in the salad.

    20. In the recess we will have red caviar.

      Put red caviar in the prepared recess.

    21. And in the very center - our pearl, a boiled quail egg.

      Well, a boiled quail egg will crown the salad.

    22. Let's chop a little green onion.

      Finely chop the green onion.

    23. For the final, sprinkle the dish around the salad with a chopped onion, creating the desired bright green contrast. Salad ready! The prepared Zhemchuzhina salad with salmon should be put in the refrigerator, covered with a glass cap, so that it brews for several hours. But if you serve the salad immediately to the table already laid for the celebration, it will also be good.

      We decorate the salad with chopped green onions and put the dish in the refrigerator for a couple of hours.

    24. Bon appetite.

      Bon appetite.

    About the benefits of Pearl salad

    This salad, depending on the calorie content of the type of mayonnaise chosen, as well as on its amount, can be very high in calories, so complement it with lighter dishes that include the maximum amount of green vegetables and not too sweet fruits. The presence of salmon, quail eggs, red caviar, green onions and oranges makes such food a real pantry with useful trace elements, amino acids and vitamins. From the cheese you will get the calcium necessary for the health of the musculoskeletal system.

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