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Russian Vinaigrette salad

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  • Carbohydrates: 16.5
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    Today we return you to your childhood, when hardly one holiday passed without the classic dishes one of which certainly remains a salad. Unlike many others, this salad is not only incredibly tasty and popular but also very healthy. Therefore, the benefit can be obtained simultaneously with the pleasure of eating. And even though hot exotic cuisine is the fashion now, the ingredients for a good old russian vinaigrette salad are still very popular. And if you show you hundreds of variations of salads, You can always recognize vinaigrette among others without any hesitation due to the colorful and rich foods which we will certainly describe later.

    But now, a few words on cooking vinaigrette salad, what are its subtleties and secrets. We will also figure out if vinaigrette is healthy for those who are on a diet and if is its high calorie and tell you what is the classic vinaigrette salad and the difference between its various options. And now some history for you.

    Some historical points on Russian Vinaigrette salad

    Classic Russian vinaigrette salad is an example of a dish with deep roots in history. It as first mention in times of Russian tsar Alexander I. It was daily served to his table but some basic ingredients were not available at that time. For example, potato was easily replaced with radish, olive oil was substituted by the mixture of wine and apple cider vinegar. Over time, the vinaigrette salad and its recipe improved and was tailored to a modern standard queries.

    At first the potato in salad was a bit of surprise but soon it became  rather usual and was included in it regularly. The same story was with olive. There is no secret that olive oil, the main product of Mediterranean cuisine, is so beloved for all the amazing healthy features and exceptional benefits. However, the olive oil is certainly not the only ingredient in salad dressings that are optional, just as Russian vinaigrette itself. Do not forget that a tasty salad consists is not only of vegetables but also of yummy sauce too so please don't forget about it when cooking.

    Now, how to make a tasty vinaigrette and sauce.

    • you can use only high quality vegetable oil at your choice. Thus, if you’re health-food devotee, your option is extra virgin olive oil or linseed oil. In case you prefer something more traditional, use sunflower or corn oil, but not refined with a special taste and aroma;
    • vinegar is an integral part of any dressing, and, according to experts, wine or apple vinegar is the way to go. But those who love lemon juice should be careful: vinaigrette salad has nothing to do with experiments and there no need to use lemon here because it will kill the taste of other foods;
    • except of oil and vinegar, you must also add black pepper but its flavors can spoil the natural flavor of foods;
    • classic Russian vinaigrette presupposes a particular way of slicing the ingredients. The pieces should not be too small yet not so large as in the photo of our recipe;
    • the proportion of products for the salad is usually very simple - all taken in equal parts, except of onion, of course;
    • salad dressing is prepared immediately before the salad will be served at the table, not in advance, so that it changed its taste and aroma;
    • mix the salad ingredients in any dish, except for metal, otherwise the products oxidize and taste the salad gets garbled;
    • dress and eat Russian vinaigrette salad immediately after cooking since the recipe does not presuppose storage.

    Now it’s time to talk about health benefits of consuming this salad and discuss the healthy features of the Russian vinaigrette salad and its ingredients since no salad in the world has so much of them as this one. Regardless to the fact that vinaigrette is a multicomponent salad, we should start discussing it with the beet. Its bright color beets derives from coloring agents, which in addition to saturated purple color endowed the vegetable with the ability to protect human vessels from myocardial infarction.

    It just neutralizes toxic compounds damaging the walls of blood vessels and thereby prolong their lives. But this was only a tiny amount of the potential benefits from the salad. Vinaigrette salad contains different ingredients (all of them are vegetables), and therefore contains a lot of fiber which improves digestion. Other than that, it is possible to deduce salad salts of heavy metals and contribute to weight loss. Thus, this salad should be mandatory meal in the diet of people suffering from obesity and metabolic disorders.

    However, according to experts, to achieve a better result pickles should be substituted with olives and linseed or olive oil should be used instead of sunflower oil. Now let’s move to the amount of calories contained in our salad. And above all, we note that the caloric content depends on the ingredients you use. So, the classical recipe says that 100 grams of salad contain about 220 calories, and the glycemic index of food at the same time is equal to 35 units. However, vinaigrette salad even though the vinaigrette has high calories and fat content (about 20 grams) it is still recommended to eat even during a diet.

    Tasty Russian vinaigrette salad becomes particularly relevant in autumn, during the harvest of the new crop, when all the vegetables have the most of their vitamins and can bring the most benefit to you. So enjoy your meal. But first a few words about vinaigrette salad and how to do it quickly and delicious.In this case it will be the classic recipe with sunflower oil and pickles, and it will be a real taste of childhood. Below we offer you the vinaigrette salad recipe with  photos and comments.

    Main ingredients:

    • 2 beetroots
    • 3 carrots
    • 3 potatoes
    • 3 canned pickled cucumbers
    • 150 grams of peas
    • 1/2 purple onion
    • salt and pepper
    • unrefined sunflower oil

    How to make the Russian vinaigrette salad:

    1. Boil carrots and beetroot in fresh water until it turns soft;

      Firstly, you should boil and bake carrots  and beetroots in the oven.

    2. Now cut the carrots into cubes and place them into the plastic bowl;

      Chill carrots a bit, then cut it and put into the plastic bowl.

    3. Do exactly the same thing with beetroots and mix everything;

      Now peel and cut it. Then add it to the bowl and mix with carrots.

    4. Now you should finely slice the purple onion;

      Now take the onion, peel it and add it to the salad.

    5. Bake potatoes in the oven, peel them and cut in the same way you did with the carrots and others;

      Baked potatoes should be chilled and peeled, the cut it into small cubes and add to the salad.

    6. Canned pickled cucumbers should be cut the same way as in the previous step and mix with the salad;

      Add the pickles to the salad.

    7. Now add some peas;

      Add the peas to the bowl with salad.

    8. To make sauce, mix sunflower oil with wine or apple vinegar and add some salt and pepper. Then mix everything thoroughly;

      After mixing apple or wine vinegar with sunflower oil and species you will have your sauce. Then pour the dressing to the salad and mix it.

    9. It’s recommended to serve the salad separately 10-15 minutes before the main dish. (picture 09) The salad should be served 15 minutes prior to the main dish.

    The health benefits of Russian vinaigrette salad

    Consuming of such a salad can not only improve your digestion, but enhance the general condition of your body and have no doubts no cook it. If you want to have the same Russian vinaigrette salad as on the picture, you should always eat it fresh and make it out of high quality vegetables as you do with any other dish. As we might have told you before, there is a huge number of vinaigrette recipes, and if you have something special, have no hesitation to e-mail us.

    We wish you more and more inspiration to create and cook only yummy food. And don’t forget that HozOboz will be always here to help you and you loved ones. So let’s cook together and let all the dishes be incredibly delicious! Always yours, HozOboz.

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