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Royal Cheesecake

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  • Protein: 10
  • Fats: 17
  • Carbohydrates: 25
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    We are glad to welcome you on the pages of HozOboz. Today, dear friends, our hero is the royal cheesecake and its classic recipe. This not the dessert, not the main course, will not leave anyone indifferent, and even those who are with cottage cheese on “You”. Thanks to a competent combination of products and successful mixing of ingredients, a seemingly ordinary casserole turns into a stunning pie, worthy even of a festive feast. I’m sure that everyone is already interested, but still I’ll start with history, that’s the way it is with us.

    History of the dish

    The very name of any dessert with the word vatrushka comes from the word "vatra", which in literal translation from Ukrainian sounds like a fire or a hearth. According to historians, this name is dictated by the peculiarities of cooking, because the first cheesecakes were baked on an open fire. In addition, in their form, these buns also resemble a hearth, and for the first time, based on the name, they were cooked in Ukraine. The classic cheesecake is characterized by a filling of sweet cottage cheese, although today others are often used, but certainly sweet products. But the inhabitants of Siberia contrived to use mashed potatoes for the filling and called such cheesecakes shangs.

    The different options are united by a round shape and a filling recess in the middle of the cake, which is most often made with a small glass. When it comes to the royal cheesecake with cottage cheese baked in the oven, the situation is a little different. It is prepared from grated dough and the filling is poured inside. And it got its name rather for the taste of sweet curd cream and for the amazing delicate taste. We will talk about how to achieve it right now. Here is a step-by-step recipe for royal cheesecake from HozOboz.


    • For test:
    • Flour - 300 g
    • Butter - 100g
    • Sugar - 50 g
    • Salt - 1/2 tsp
    • Baking powder - 1 tsp
    • For curd filling:
    • Curd - 500 g
    • Eggs - 3 pcs. (large)
    • Sour cream - 150 g
    • Sugar - 150 g
    • Vanilla or vanilla sugar - to taste

    How to cook royal cheesecake:

    1. Let's start with the preparation of the necessary products;

      Start by preparing the necessary ingredients

    2. Royal cheesecake with cottage cheese and its classic recipe is special with the filling, so let's start with it: put the cottage cheese in a bowl and add granulated sugar;

      For the filling, mix cottage cheese and sugar

    3. Now add sour cream;

      Pour sour cream into the filling

    4. Add eggs;

      Break the eggs into the filling

    5. Use a blender for mixing;

      Using a blender, mix all the filling ingredients

    6. We get a filling in consistency resembling liquid sour cream;

      The curd filling should resemble liquid sour cream in consistency

    7. For the dough, first pour flour into a bowl;

      In a bowl we send flour for dough

    8. Add sugar;

      Pour in granulated sugar

    9. Add salt and baking powder;

      Add salt and baking powder to bulk ingredients

    10. And now we mix everything well;

      All dry ingredients of the dough must be mixed

    11. It's time to rub the butter into the dough;

      Rub butter

    12. Hands grind the dough into crumbs;

      Grind the butter with flour and turn the dough into crumbs

    13. We cover the form for the cheesecake with parchment;

      At the bottom of a ceramic or non-stick form we lay parchment

    14. Pour 2/3 of the dough into the mold and form the sides;

      Pour 2/3 of our dough into the mold and manually form the sides

    15. Pour the filling into the dough;

      Now pour the stuffing

    16. We close the filling with the remaining dough;

      We completely cover the filling of the pie with the remaining dough crumbs

    17. Bake the cake for about 45 minutes or until a slide is formed on the surface at a temperature of 180 degrees;

      Place the cake in the oven preheated to 180 degrees and bake for about 45 minutes or until it rises up the hill

    18. We deliver the finished pie until it cools completely in the form, and then cut it and serve it with tea;

      Now let the cake cool completely, and cut it into a flood and serve it to the table.

    The benefits of the dish

    Perhaps none of us are ready to admit that dessert can be beneficial. But it is so. Our royal cheesecake, the recipe of which we saw in the photo, is just such a case. Satiated and healthy cottage cheese, excellent crispy dough and wonderful taste qualities will give not only a lot of benefits, but also a real pleasure from taste. And this option will be especially useful for children, whom it is sometimes so difficult to make cottage cheese. And they will ask for the royal cheesecake themselves. What are you cooking for dessert? What kind of cottage cheese dishes does he choose for his loved ones? Let's cook something together. We promise it will be interesting! Your HozOboz!

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