Rack of pork ribs

  • Nutrition Facts
  • Calories: 171
  • Protein: 6.5
  • Fats: 12
  • Carbohydrates: 8

    Good afternoon, dear readers. Today we offer you a very simple and at the same time very unusual recipe for the familiar pork ribs. Their charm is that pork ribs according to the original recipe will be cooked with the addition of sherry, spices and spices, which are rarely used for meat in our area, to put it mildly. Nevertheless, such an experience will be very rewarding and will allow you to rediscover the taste of long-familiar dishes. That is why we will not think long and plunge into the process. But first, according to tradition, a little history.

    History of the dish

    The culture of eating meat is literally as old as the world. People have been eating meat since ancient times. And since then the catch in the form of a carcass was a matter of chance, everything was eaten without a trace, well, or almost everything. And those who had to gnaw only bones began to invent options to make their taste somehow brighter. This is how many of the recipes that we know and love today appeared. Of course, pork ribs are no exception. They are cooked in different ways: grilled, in a skillet, in the oven, and even smoked. Today we have chosen the traditional method - baking, but with a twist.

    Contrary to popular belief, cooking in the oven takes place under the influence of dry heat. Thanks to this, the meat retains all the juice and becomes juicy and soft. And it is not difficult to cook such ribs, even moreover, this cooking option can easily be called a win-win. And it becomes even better because it is our recipe that allows you to prepare a dish for a large company in advance and just bring it to condition before serving. I am sure that everyone is interested, which means we will not waste time and will start cooking pork ribs in the oven right now.


    • Pork ribs - 2 kg
    • Ginger root - 10 cm
    • Ground chili pepper - 2 tsp
    • Soy sauce - 300 ml
    • Garlic - 8 cloves
    • Olive oil - for frying
    • Rice vinegar - 4-5 tablespoons
    • Chives - 10 stalks
    • Semi-sweet sherry - 600 ml
    • Sea salt - to taste
    • Ground black pepper - to taste
    • Anise - 6 stars
    • Liquid honey - 8 tablespoons
    • Chicken broth - 800 ml
    • Sesame seeds - for decoration

    How to cook pork ribs:

    1. We will prepare all products at once. And above all, pork ribs.

      In addition to many necessary products, we will wash and dry the base ingredient - pork ribs

    2. Let's disassemble the ribs by the bones.

      Cut the edges into fragments along the bones

    3. Grease a form that is suitable for placing on the stove with olive oil.

      Lubricate the high-sided mold with olive oil

    4. Salt and pepper each rib.

      Meat should be pepper and salt

    5. We put the meat in a mold.

      The edges must be placed in the shape

    6. Fry the meat for about 5 minutes until golden brown.

      Ribs must be fried well

    7. Chop the garlic and ginger into smaller pieces.

      Grind ginger root and chives

    8. Let's prepare the necessary spices and seasonings: anise, honey, chili.

      So as not to forget anything, we will immediately prepare the seasonings and additives necessary at this stage

    9. Pour ginger and garlic into the form with ribs.

      Add chopped ginger and garlic to the meat

    10. Now add anise stars;

      It's time to add anise

    11. Be sure to add chili powder or flakes.

      We need to add some spice, so add chili

    12. Now is the time for honey.

      Add honey for sweetness

    13. With these additions, cook the ribs for another 2-3 minutes, or until the honey melts.

      Cook on the stove until the honey melts for about 3 minutes

    14. Now add the soy sauce.

      I need to add soy sauce to the meat

    15. And now the rice vinegar.

      It's time to add rice vinegar for piquancy

    16. And, of course, sherry, how can it be without it. Now we warm up for about 1 minute.

      And now the highlight of the program is excellent sherry and heating for about 1 minute

    17. We taste the marinade, if necessary, add the ingredients to taste.

      We must try what happened, if you can add everything you need to taste

    18. In the meantime, chop the green onions.

      Chop the green onion

    19. Add broth to a baking sheet.

      Pour in broth

    20. Add chopped green onions.

      Add green onions to the ribs

    21. We send the baking sheet with meat to the oven preheated to 180 degrees for about 1 hour and simmer until soft. In the process, turn over.

      Then we cook the ribs in a preheated oven at 180 degrees for about 1 hour and turn over during cooking one or a couple of times

    22. The finished ribs must be removed and placed again on the stove, where the marinade will be evaporated for 10 minutes over low heat. In the process, it is also better to turn the ribs.

      So that the ribs are covered with a thick sauce, evaporate the marinade on the stove for about 10 minutes after cooking in the oven. Remember to turn the ribs while cooking

    23. And now everything is ready - you can serve it to the table.

      That's all, bon appetit

    And if suddenly you are preparing ribs for tomorrow's gathering, then after the oven the ribs need to be cooled and refrigerated. We will evaporate them just before serving. This is the same dish that can be prepared in advance. Really cool!

    The benefits of the dish

    We will not lie, cook such ribs and count our dinner or lunch according touseful will be at least self-deception. On the other hand, we don't cook this every day. The meat will turn out delicious, juicy and very unusual. Such ribs will become the main decoration of any gathering with friends or family dinner. Or maybe you are cooking something similar? Or do you know how to diversify your meal with outlandish treats? We will be glad to learn something new and cook your favorite and delicious dishes together with you. We are creating a culinary history and we want to do it together with you. Your HozOboz!

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