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Pumpkin cookies

  • Nutrition Facts
  • Calories: 319
  • Protein: 6
  • Fats: 10
  • Carbohydrates: 49

    Pumpkin is an autumnal vegetable. It’s so bright, pretty and healthy yet delicious! A great variety of dishes can be made of pumpkin: porridges, soups, garnishes, pies and cookies. In fact, today HozOboz suggests to cook the latter, so pumpkin cookies is our issue today. It’s very simple but be ready to spent some time rolling the cookies in sugar (or sugar powder, as you like). But come on, it never stops you, doesn't it?

    The origin of pumpkin

    You can count about 20 different kinds of pumpkin. The wild ones are rather common in warm regions of Americas, Asia and Africa; a lot of them are cultivated for eating or for decoration (curly pumpkin). There are also special forage varieties that are used for animal feeding.

    It was first mentioned in writings related to the Aztecs period, the representatives of which had already eaten not only the fruits of this orange product, but it flowers as well. By the way, in India pumpkin is not only eaten but helps to catch the monkeys. They simply drill a small hole and pour some rice into a pumpkin.  A monkey puts its hand into the pumpkin to get rice but can't get it out anymore. Poor monkey. Anyway, we have moved deviated from our topic.

    Health-enhancing features of pumpkin

    Pumpkin has a great number of advantages for your health and body. Despite the fact that it consists of 90% water, pumpkin is an excellent source of carotene and vitamins necessary in the first place for those suffering from cardiovascular diseases.

    Vitamin E is also contained in pumpkin and helps to combat premature aging and zinc salts are necessary for the harmonious development of the male body. This pumpkin is a vegetable diet, which can be eaten even in inflammatory diseases of the intestine and stomach. By the way, pumpkin is a part of vegetable diet which can be eaten even in case of inflammatory diseases of the intestine and stomach.

    Ingredients needed for pumpkin cookies

    • a glass of cut pumpkin (cut into cubes)
    • an egg
    • 115 grams of butter
    • 3/4 glass of sugar ( plus one more for rolling)
    • a teaspoon of baking powder
    • a teaspoon pf ground cinnamon
    • 2,5 glass of wheat flour
    • 1/4 teaspoon of salt

    Pumpkin cookies recipe

    1. The first thing you need to do is to make a pumpkin purée. The most convenient to grind it with a nozzle-knife. By the way, you may use ready-made puree since it can be easily found on the shelves in supermarket.

      Using blender or mincer, make a pumpkin puree.

    2. Then combine sugar with butter. And again, use blender but instead of a knife take conventional blender. Pout some sugar one bowl.

      Put some sugar in the bowl.

    3. Then put some butter into the blender, it shouldn't be very cold, warm it a bit so that the butter could be whipped easily with sugar.

      Add some butter to the sugar powder.

    4. Mix the butter with sugar.

      Sugar and butter should be mixed.

    5. Keep whipping and start adding cut pumpkin.

      During the process of mixing, add pumpkin puree.

    6. The substance becomes orange.

      The dough gets orange.

    7. Keep whipping and adding pumpkin, a tablespoon per time.

      Keep doing it until the pumpkin is up.

    8. As a result, you’ll get such an orange substance.

      Now the dough should look like on the picture.

    9. Now add an egg and mix everything again.

      Break an egg into the dough.

    10. The substance became more liquid afterwards.

      The eggs will add liquidity.

    11. Then add the flour to the dough.

      Pour some flour into the dough.

    12. Now give it a little salt.

      Add some salt.

    13. Then baking powder goes in.

      You should add baking powder now.

    14. And , finally, soda. Do not worry that we use soda along with baking powder in the same recipe - they anyway act differently when it comes to baking, and the best result can be achieved using both of them.

      To add some airiness, pour soda.

    15. Now add some cinnamon. Please note that pumpkin with cinnamon is the greatest combination. If the bakery products contain pumpkin, be sure that they contain cinnamon as well.

      No it’s time for cinnamon - it goes perfect with other ingredients.

    16. Pour sugar on the plate pr in the bowl.

      On the plate a little mound of sugar with powdered sugar.

    17. Using a tablespoon, take the dough and spread it in sugar, crumbling and rolling it on all sides. If the dough does not suddenly holds its shape, you can add a little flour. But in general, it should be soft enough, and even a bit sticky. But the cookie will be porous, soft and fluffy afterwards. By the way, you may use not only sugar but powdered sugar for rolling.

      With a tablespoon take the dough and crumble cookies on the plate with sugar.

    18. Put the cookies on a baking tray, which, of course, should be already covered with parchment.

      Cover the tray with a parchment and place the  cookies.

    19. Bake pumpkin cookies just for 8 minutes at 360F. It may seem unprepared and too soft, therefore, they should be definitely checked with wooden toothpick - if it comes out of the cookie completely dry, that’s alright. The main index - dry toothpick. Well, you can see in the photo how it has enlarged in size.

      Bake pumpkin cookies about 8 minutes at 360F. Check it with a toothpick as always.

    20. Pumpkin Cookies (photo attached) are ready! They are soft, fluffy, very porous and so yummy! Bon Appetite!

      Well, our fluffy and yummy pumpkin cookies are ready to be served. Pour the tea and call everyone to the table!

    So, here we go, the Pumpkin cookies are on the table. We hope you enjoyed the experience of cooking with us and our recipe. By the way, you may cook something else with pumpkin, like pumpkin seed cookies or pumpkin oatmeal cookies. However, pumpkin oatmeal cookies may be even sweet. But that’s another story which HozOboz will probably tell the next time!

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