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Puff pastry with cheese

  • Nutrition Facts
  • Calories: 480
  • Protein: 11
  • Fats: 30
  • Carbohydrates: 38

    Greetings to you, our dear readers-admirers. We are always for the fact that the dishes on your table are tasty and prepared as quickly as possible and without problems. So the puff with cheese from puff pastry is just that. This recipe, as they say, is for dummies. Even a novice cook can afford such pastries without too much preparation. But before we get into cooking, let's talk a little about history.

    History of the dish

    In this regard, I would like to start with a date, because unlike many recipes, in this case we know exactly when puff pastry was invented. It happened back in 1645, and the author was Claudius Gele, a student of one of the eminent French confectioners. He was prompted to invent, as often happens, by a very noble goal - he wanted to please his sick father. And then, from the allowed products, water and flour, Claudius kneaded the dough and wrapped a piece of butter in it, and then repeated the procedure 10 times. As a result, the dough became like a pancake cake and consisted of many layers.

    Bread from such a dough always turned out irregularly shaped, and all products became airy and very tasty. Apparently, one of the days they also came up with the idea of ​​​​wrapping fillings inside such a test and it turned out, including a puff with puff pastry cheese, the recipe of which we have prepared for you today. And I’ll even say more, so that you don’t fool around too much, we decided to offer to cook puffs from ready-made puff pastry with cheese, which will save a lot of time.


    • Puff pastry yeast (ready) - 450 g
    • Hard cheese - 100 g
    • Egg -1 pc.
    • Sesame - to taste


    1. Defrost puff pastry.

      First of all, you need to defrost the dough

    2. Rub the cheese on a coarse grater.

      Meanwhile grate the cheese

    3. Cut the layers of dough into identical rectangles (choose the size for yourself.

      The dough, which has already been thawed, is divided into rectangles 

    4. Put 1-2 tablespoons of grated cheese on one half of each rectangle of dough.

      On one part of the workpiece, stir a couple of spoons of cheese filling, as in the photo

    5. Cover the filling with the second half of the dough and fasten the edges, for example, with a fork.

      Now cover the filling with the second part of the workpiece and securely fix the edges with a fork

    6. Put all the blanks of future puffs on a baking sheet covered with parchment for baking, brush the surface of each blank with a beaten egg, sprinkle with sesame seeds to taste.

      Cover the baking sheet with parchment, lay out the puffs, brush each with a beaten egg and season with sesame seeds

    7. We will bake in the oven, heated to 170 degrees for about 30 minutes.

      To bake puffs with cheese from puff yeast-free dough, preheat the oven to 170 degrees and place them there for half an hour

    The benefits of the dish

    As a benefit, it should be noted for minutes that our recipe for a puff with cheese, although made from puff pastry, is yeast-free, which means that fermentation processes do not threaten us. This is already a huge plus. And it is also very tasty and incredibly appetizing, quick and easy. At a minimum, such a recipe should be in the arsenal of every hostess in service. Suddenly the guests came, and you just - and the pastries are ready. Or they wanted to please loved ones with delicious - woo a la. And can you share with us your secrets of delicious baking? We will be happy to bake something together. Your HozOboz!

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