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Pork with buckwheat

  • Nutrition Facts
  • Calories: 160
  • Protein: 6.56
  • Fats: 8.72
  • Carbohydrates: 12.7
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    Cвинина с гречкой

    Lunch is an important part of any daily menu. We offer to diversify such a menu with the most delicious food, the main ingredients of which are healthy buckwheat and pork. Our gastronomic offer is buckwheat with pork according to a recipe that you will like with its availability and a small amount of products. Cook with pleasure!

    History of the dish

    In fact, the dish we proposed is buckwheat porridge, supplemented with pieces of pork. And porridge in Russia, as you know, has been cooked since ancient times and is considered a national dish. Although it is worth noting that buckwheat was brought to us from Byzantium. But connoisseurs of the art of cooking and researchers of the kitchen Olympus are still arguing in which country they first began to cook buckwheat porridge, because some of them claim that this grain crop grew in the Himalayas.


    • Pork (required pulp) - 300 g;
    • Buckwheat - 1 glass;
    • Carrot - 1 piece;
    • Turnip onion - 0.5 - 1 pc.
    • Water - 2.5 cups;
    • Olive oil (can be replaced with sunflower) - 30 ml;
    • Salt - by preference;
    • Black pepper (ground) - as needed.


    1. So, let's get acquainted with the list of products that we need in order to cook pork with buckwheat according to the recipe proposed by us. As for the meat ingredient - pork, it is this product that will make our buckwheat groats dish so tasty and satisfying. For the recipe, the pulp from any part of the carcass is suitable for us. There are no special instructions on this matter, take the piece of meat that you have available. Pork must be defrosted. Another important ingredient for the proposed dish is buckwheat. We will give recommendations for its preparation during the implementation of the recipe. Also prepare carrots from the garden, onions, and the required spices. We will simmer pork with buckwheat in a merchant's way using olive oil, but if there is no such ingredient at the time of cooking, then simply replace it with sunflower oil. Now about kitchen utensils. We will cook the dish in a pan of a suitable volume, but many people make buckwheat with pork in a pan, which is also suitable for our recipe. Also prepare a cutting board, a sharp knife, a bowl, a spoon.

      Preparing the ingredients

    2. Let's deal with meat first. We wash the pork pulp of suitable size before slicing under cool water, dry it. Transfer the meat to a cutting surface, slice. The shape of the cut of the meat ingredient is small cubes.

      Cut the pork into pieces

    3. Pour olive oil into the pan. We warm it up, and then put the prepared cuts of pork pulp into the pan. We mix. We begin to fry over moderate heat.

      We put the meat in a pan

    4. While the meat pieces are languishing in a saucepan (they should be stirred periodically), let's take care of the vegetable ingredients - carrots and onions. We clean them, proceed to grinding. The onion, peeled from the husk, can be cut into any (desired) shape. We will chop the onion into small pieces. We just rub the carrots, but you can give it the shape of small cubes or thin straws - the choice is yours.

      Chop carrots with onions

    5. The pork pieces were sufficiently fried while we were preparing the vegetable cuts. You can add chopped carrots and onions to the pan with pork. We continue to simmer the meat already with vegetables for about 5 or 7 minutes. This time will be enough for us to prepare buckwheat for the dish.

      We shift the onion and carrot into the pan

    6. We continue to cook buckwheat with pork recipe with a photo and at this culinary stage we will deal with cereals. Buckwheat groats should be washed well enough in several stages under running cold water before laying out in a pan. After the water procedure, the water should be absolutely clear, not cloudy. Yes, and even in the process of preparing the cereal, you need to remove all black grains and extraneous seeds, if any. We cannot influence the quality of the used buckwheat, let everything be on the conscience of the manufacturer. Put the washed clean buckwheat in a saucepan.

      Add washed buckwheat

    7. Pour the contents of the pan with water (boiled). We introduce salt and ground pepper at the same step.

      Pour in water, pepper and salt

    8. On low heat, simmer buckwheat according to a merchant's recipe with pork until fully cooked. It will take approximately half an hour.

      Cook buckwheat with pork

    9. Well, now the pork with buckwheat is ready in a saucepan. It is recommended to hold it under a warm blanket so that the porridge “melts”. Eat to your health!

      Pork with buckwheat is ready. Bon appetit

    The benefits of the dish

    Our cooked pork and buckwheat meal is a real storehouse of useful vitamins and microelements necessary for our body. Each of the presented components deserves attention, you can talk about their benefits endlessly. The gastronomic "union" of pork and buckwheat is ideal both in terms of taste and the need for consumption! We cooked the most delicious buckwheat with pork in a saucepan. A great option, but you can also make pork with buckwheat in the oven if desired. Such buckwheat with pork in the oven is usually cooked in clay pots. Well, experiment. Delicious and appetizing!

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