Pike cutlets

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    Russian love fishing and not just because they are fascinated with the process itself. All that is caught on the hook certainly goes on the table and turned to the culinary masterpiece. Perhaps it is for these reasons that fish dishes are traditional in Russian cuisine. Of course, the most popular option is pike. Pickerel deserves national love thanks to a soft consistency of meat and surprisingly delicate flavor. The perfect way to preserve the nutritional value of fish is cooking cutlets. Pike cutlets recipe which we now present you in the review of Hozoboz, is not healthy but also juicy, soft and literally melts in the mouth.

    Pike actually has no smell during cooking, so it is possible to prepare it even without aromatic spices. Pike cutlets are just as great in the oven as in the pan. We do not recommend to buy ready-made minced fish. It’s easy to make it by yourself.

    A brief history of a cutlet

    The cutlets inventors are the French, just as many other healthy and yummy dishes. Empress Elizabeth was a big fan of French cuisine so cutlets appearance in Russia is her merit. Initially, cutlet was called a piece of meat on the bone (côtelette - '''rib''' in French), and only later cooks started to tenderize meat, chop it and twist into  mince to mold the lumps that are rolled in flour or breadcrumbs and then fried in oil or just baked. Pike cutlets recipe has appeared relatively recently, and he was immediately included in the menus around the world alongside with the meat patties. For baby food in the diet menu, as well as during fasting period, pike cutlets are simply irreplaceable.

    Simple list of ingredients for pike cutlets:

    • 1 whole pike;
    • 2 onions;
    • salt;
    • 1 chicken egg;
    • Peas of black pepper;
    • 2 tbsp of flour;
    • 2 tbsp of sunflower oil;
    • Herbs and vegetables.

    How to cook cutlets pike:

    1. To prepare the delicious  pike cutters, it’s necessary to use fresh or previously unfrozen pike. Wash it, then clean of squama. We rip open the belly and remove the entrails. Divide it into two parts, so that we'll prepare the dish for the further steps.

      Wash the fish, clean it and eviscerate.

    2. The halves should be cut into steaks, then divide each steak in half lengthwise the spine, but so that the bones are left behind.

      First divide the fish into portions each of which is then cut into fillets lengthwise the spine.

    3. Twist fish in a meat grinder three times. The fish skin is not removed, provided that it is well washed and cleaned of scales.

      Now, boneless fillets should be minced twice.

    4. Peeled onions should bedeviled into suitable for twisting pieces.

      Peel onions, and then prepare them for twisting.

    5. As well as pike, pass the onion through mincer just once. Mix it well and even give it a little whisk to make uniform mass of fish.

      Onion should be minced once, and then mixed with the fish.

    6. Break an egg int the fish and onion stuffing. Then, everything is seasoned with salt and pepper, ground or grinded in a mortar.

      Add one egg to the stuffing and add salt and spices.

    7. Again whisk until uniform.

      Again, mix all ingredients of the mince.

    8. Mold round pike cutlets. It can be easily placed on the pan and yet in this form cutlets are positively perceived by children who are sued to the meat option.

      Manually, mold the round cutlets.

    9. Heat up a frying pan with sunflower oil, flour cutlets a bit transforming them into patties. We spread them and fry until golden.

      In a frying pan, warm up the sunflower oil, flour the cutlets, lightly press them between your hands and fry until golden brown.

    10. Overturn them with spatula and fry until cooked.

      Once patties are cooked on one side, turn them over to the other and just fry to the end.

    11. While hot, move to a serving dish, adding fresh parsley. It can be both that and another or with a side dish.

      Yet hot fish cutlets are passed on to a dish and served with fresh herbs and your favorite side dish.

    Options and variations of the dish

    • Prepare nutritious pike cultes with pork or bacon.
    • Roll in bread crumbs and get a particularly crispy and juicy inside.
    • Dilute the forcemeat with carrots and prepare burgers - this is especially dietary dish appreciated by the fans of healthy food.

    The advantages of pike cutlets

    • It’s worth noting that the calorie content of this dish certainly is really low. Average cutlet contains no more than 150 calories.
    • Fish protein is absorbed much faster than the animal (not longer than three hours).
    • Fish cutlets are soft than cutlets of meat and poultry which is particularly useful for mothers with babies.
    • Vitamin D which is contained in the chops of pike in large quantities has a positive effect on reducing blood cholesterol.
    • Vitamins B6 and B12 along with amino acids contained in our dish can strengthen the nervous system, the physical tone of the body and the immune system.
    • An impressive number of amino acids involved in the metabolism of calcium compounds, potassium, sodium and others.
    • Phosphorus, which is in great quantities in any fish, has undeniable benefits for bones and muscles.
      Pike cutlets recipe has come to an end. You should agree that it is simple and clear even to those who has never prepared the minced fish. Prepare fish cutlets with our instruction and treat your loved ones with delicious low calorie dish. Always yours, HozOboz.

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