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Pear jam with oranges

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    Welcome, dear readers, to the pages of our site. Today we are preparing pear jam with oranges. Delicious, sweet and very fragrant treat will be a great addition to crispy toast or even just a cup of tea. On cold winter evenings, a cup of hot tea with such an unusual jam can do an excellent job. After all, you must admit that pear jam is a dessert that is well understood by all of us, but we rarely cook jam with oranges simply because oranges are in abundance on store shelves all year round.

    We prepare our pear jam for the winter with oranges for a reason. The fact is that oranges allow you to reveal the aroma of pears in a new way and get a dessert that is completely unusual in taste. We are happy to offer you to try it too, but first a little history.

    History of the dish

    The birthplace of the pear is Asia. And despite the fact that pears appeared in Asia and Europe almost simultaneously, Asia was still a pioneer. In the language of dates in China, the pear was cultivated around 1134 BC. back while in Europe around 1000 BC. AD. If offhand, it seems that the difference is not big, in fact the difference is more than a century. During this time, in Asia, they learned how to cook a lot of things from pears, from jam and sorbets to various sweet pies. Today in the world there are many varieties of pears that are cultivated around the world. A lot of fruits dictate a lot of options for use from flour, jam, marmalade, pie and kvass to the well-known jam. One of these options is pear jam with oranges, and we will offer you a recipe for it today.


    • Pears - 1 kg
    • Orange - 350 g (1 pc.)
    • Sugar - 800 g
    • Water - 100 ml


    1. Wash fruits.

      First of all, prepare the fruit

    2. Dip the orange in boiling water for 10 minutes, take it out.

      Now let's take an orange and dip it for 10 minutes in boiling water

    3. Cut the orange into small pieces.

      Scalded orange cut into pieces

    4. Peel the pears, cut out the seeds, cut into small pieces.

      Peel the Pears and clean them from the seeds and also cut into pieces

    5. Put oranges and pears in a saucepan.

      Now put the chopped fruit in a saucepan

    6. Add sugar, pour water.

      Add sugar and water to the future jam

    7. We will cook for 40 minutes, stirring constantly. Sterilize jars and lids.

      Now cook the jam for about 40 minutes while stirring

    8. We put the finished jam in sterilized jars, roll up the lids, turn it upside down, wrap it in a blanket, leave it overnight.

      Now, when the jam is cooked, put it in sterile jars, roll it up and cover until it cools down

    9. We put the finished jam in jars and send it to the pantry for storage.

      Such jars can be stored until required

    The benefits of the dish

    Of course, jam is sugar, and added sugar is not healthy on its own. But if you compare a glass of soda with a couple of spoons of fragrant pear jam with lemon and oranges, then the choice is obvious. This is because, in addition to sugar, the jam also contains the pears themselves, which have a lot of vitamins and trace elements, and in fact, in our jam, in addition to pears, there is also an orange with all its charms. By the way, you can also chop fruits in different ways, this happens, for example, pear jam sliced ​​\u200b\u200bwith oranges.

    Personally, I love pear jam with oranges and cinnamon, and you can also add other spices to it, for example, cloves, cardamom, thyme and others. Do you like jam? What are you brewing it from? Let's cook something together, you will definitely enjoy sharing the experience with your friends. We are always happy to be useful and to please our readers with something new. Your HozOboz!

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