Pea soup puree

  • Nutrition Facts
  • Calories: 79
  • Protein: 4.5
  • Fats: 2.5
  • Carbohydrates: 9
    Гороховых суп пюре

    Today, the hero of our review will be a very traditional and revered dish called pea soup. There are a lot of recipes for it. There is pea soup with croutons, with carrots, and we will get pea puree soup, and even according to an oriental recipe with very unusual ingredients to make it more interesting for you to cook and try what will come out as a result. The beauty of this particular first course is that, despite the high nutritional value, the calorie content of such pea soup is not very high, and an amazing balanced taste is achieved not only due to sauteing, but also due to a combination of unexpected ingredients. In addition to the recipe itself, in our review you will also find interesting facts from the history of the dish, the rules for its preparation, and of course you will find out how delicious pea soup can be useful.

    The history of pea soup

    Peas are one of the oldest plants on earth, at least dishes from it are perhaps the most common foods for many of our forefathers. As in the case of other legumes, the East and Asia are considered to be the homeland of peas, there is also evidence that it was no less popular in India. At least, it was there that the tradition of cooking a variety of stews and cakes from peas appeared. On the European continent, the pioneers of peas were the inhabitants of the Mediterranean. Due to lively trade relations with the East and Asia, this culture came to the tables of the inhabitants of the Mediterranean coast, and only then did it land on the menu of our compatriots by land. In ancient Russia, boule pea dishes are not just popular, but very popular. They baked pies from it, made kissels and stews, added it to various snacks, which were on the tables in those days.

    If we talk specifically about pea soup and its recipe, then, as you have already noticed, it is not alone - there are a great many of them and this is primarily due to the amazing popularity of the dish. In different countries, the soup has its own flavor, which is achieved, of course, by adding various spices and ingredients. If the soup is pea and its recipe is from oriental cuisine, you should expect it to be mashed, spicy and even perhaps a little sweet with hints of cinnamon and cumin. Recipes for pea soups from India cannot do without the addition of star anise, cardamom, and saffron, which are adored there. In European traditions, seasoning soups with such bold ingredients is not customary, and therefore in Germany or Hungary you can more likely find options without puree, but with diced vegetables, previously fried in fragrant vegetable oil. These are the different recipes for pea soups, but they have one thing in common - an amazing taste and benefits, which we will talk about later.


    • Dried green peas - about 250 g
    • Onion - 1 pc.
    • Garlic - 2 cloves
    • Carrot - 1 pc.
    • Potato - 1 pc.
    • Chili pepper - 1/2 pod
    • Bulgarian pepper - 3 pods
    • Tomatoes in their own juice - 200 g
    • Lemon - 1/4 pc.
    • Water - 1.5 or 2 liters
    • Salt and spices - to taste
    • Vegetable oil - for frying

    Preparation of pea soup:

    1. Prepare all the necessary products;

      First of all, let's deal with the preparation of products

    2. Peas must be soaked for at least 6 hours;

      Pre-fill dried peas with cold water and leave for 6 - 10 hours

    3. Onions must be chopped;

      Peel and cut the onion into cubes

    4. Send onions to a heated pan with vegetable oil;

      Fry the onion in vegetable oil until golden brown

    5. In the meantime, cut the garlic into smaller pieces;

      Grind the garlic cloves

    6. Garlic should be sent to the already fried onion for about 2 minutes;

      Put garlic in a pan with fried onions and fry for about 2 minutes

    7. In the meantime, we discard the peas in a colander;

      Swollen peas must be discarded in a colander and rinsed under cold running water

    8. Grate peeled carrots;

      Peel and rub the carrots

    9. Add carrots to onion and garlic fry;

      We send grated carrots to passerovka

    10. Wash and cut bell peppers into cubes;

      Bulgarian pepper must be washed and chopped

    11. Then we send the pepper to the pan about 3 minutes after the carrots;

      After three minutes, add chopped bell pepper to carrots and other vegetables

    12. We clean and cut potato tubers;

      The potatoes must be peeled and cut into small pieces

    13. We put the potatoes in the passerovka;

      Add potatoes to the pot with vegetables

    14. Grind the chili pepper;

      Slice half of the chili pepper

    15. We send hot peppers for frying;

      Add chopped hot peppers to the sauté

    16. Put the peas prepared in advance into the pan;

      We send the washed and swollen peas to the pan

    17. Mix the contents of the pan;

      Thoroughly mix all the ingredients with a spatula

    18. Pour so much water that it covers the vegetables on your finger;

      Pour boiling water so that the water is 1 cm higher than the vegetables

    19. Cook the soup for about 35 minutes over low heat;

      Cook the soup until the peas are ready, that is, about 30-35 minutes

    20. While the soup is being cooked in a blender bowl, place the tomatoes canned in their own juice, without skin;

      In the meantime, put the canned peeled tomatoes into the blender

    21. Grind tomatoes in puree;

      Puree the tomatoes

    22. Ready soup must be mashed;

      As soon as the peas are cooked, bring the soup to a puree state using a blender

    23. Puree should be as in the photo - without lumps;

      You should get a puree like in our photo

    24. Return the soup to the stove and add the tomato puree;

      Put the soup back on the stove and pour in the pureed tomatoes

    25. Using boiling water, bring the soup to the desired consistency;

      Add boiled water to the soup and give the dish the desired consistency

    26. It's time to season the soup;

      Add salt and spices to taste with pea soup. We have selected an Arabic blend that can be found in any market

    27. Squeeze out the lemon juice and send it to the soup;

      Add the juice of 1/4 lemon to the soup

    28. Let the soup boil for about 3 minutes and pour into bowls. Serve better with a slice of lemon and unleavened cakes;

      As soon as the soup boils a little, it should be poured into plates, add lemon and serve with fresh fragrant cakes

    What is useful peas?

    First of all, a high content of protein, which is as abundant here as in any other legume. Everyone knows that the value of the beam is in amino acids, because they are very necessary for the human body for full functioning. Moreover, peas are rich in fiber, natural sugar, starch, and unsaturated fatty acids. As for the chemical and vitamin composition, there is also something to envy. Of the vitamins, we find here almost everything from group B, as well as PP, E and a rather rare vitamin H. Another distinguishing feature of peas is the high content of mineral salts and trace elements, among which the most noticeable are: iodine, zinc, molybdenum, fluorine, vanadium, titian, tin , sulfur, chromium and many others.

    From here, without exaggeration, a bold conclusion can be made about the high benefits of peas for the human body. First of all, eating peas has a great effect on the functioning of the cardiovascular system, and dishes from this bean also have excellent antiseptic and antioxidant properties, remove sand from the kidneys, promote digestion and elimination of toxins, and get rid of bad cholesterol. Moreover, those who regularly eat peas have strong nerves, a sober mind and an excellent memory - all this is due to the balanced content of B vitamins. Therefore, one more pea dish will definitely not be superfluous in your cookbook. It's time to cook pea soup and our recipe will certainly be with a photo, for simplicity and convenience.

    That's all we wanted to tell you about the method of making pea soup according to an oriental recipe. The East, as you know, is a delicate matter, so in the process of cooking you should be attentive to details - spices are especially important here. They are the basis of any oriental treat, creating the very unique flavor and aroma. Pick up your universal set, which will always come to the rescue in the preparation of first courses. If you know interesting and original recipes, always glad to new experience - write. Welcome to the HozOboz family. We are always preparing for you and your pleasure!

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