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Pancakes with cheese recipe

  • Nutrition Facts
  • Calories: 358
  • Protein: 11.4
  • Fats: 18.3
  • Carbohydrates: 34.5
    Блины с сыром рецепт

    Today on our home menu are attractive pancakes stuffed with cheese. It doesn't matter what kind of cheese you use for the filling, because pancakes with such a "filler" are always delicious. Cheese pancakes are, moreover, also a great option for a festive feast. The culinary advantages of these pancakes are their quick preparation and economical ingredients. Well, you can decorate pancakes with cheese to your taste: in the form of canapes, bags, rolls, an envelope.

    The history of the dish

    Today, for us, pancakes are an ordinary dish: the usual and the most ordinary. Both archaeologists and historians have studied the appearance of pancakes in Russia. So what did they find out? For the first time, a dish that looks like a pancake was mentioned as far back as the fifth century BC. "Products" were the traditional food of the Egyptians. It was this people who first began to bake sour cakes on stones, vaguely resembling a pancake.

    But the Slavs, nevertheless, are more accustomed to hearing the version of the appearance of pancakes associated with paganism, because the round shape of this pastry resembles a bright sun. Well, how not to mention Shrovetide, which began to be celebrated around the 11th century AD: in order to drive away the winter, they baked round pancakes. Each of the versions is good, but we just have to sum up that pancakes to this day take pride of place in the holidays among the Slavs.


    • Wheat flour (highest grade) - 1 cup with a small slide;
    • Milk (can be sour) - 1 cup;
    • Water (boiling water) - 1 cup;
    • Chicken egg (standard) - 1 piece;
    • Sunflower oil - 2.5 soup spoons;
    • Sugar - 2 soup spoons;
    • Salt - 1 teaspoon;
    • Hard cheese - 100 g.

    Step by step preparation:

    1. We make a food preparation to bake pancakes with cheese according to this recipe. We recommend taking such components of the dish as milk, water and flour in one measuring cup. The amount of sweet ingredient for pancake dough can be varied to your taste. Cheese is suitable for Dutch, Parmesan, Russian and similar varieties.

      We prepare the ingredients.

    2. We take a voluminous bowl into which we drive a standard-sized chicken egg. Add sugar and salt to it at the same time.

      Combine the egg with sugar and salt.

    3. We bring the contents in the bowl to a sweet homogeneous mass, using a mixer or a whisk.

      We beat the ingredients.

    4. First pour boiling water into the foamy mass, and then milk, and at the same time we work with a whisk.

      Add boiling water, mix.

    5. Next, send the sifted flour to the bowl in three or four passes.

      Sprinkle flour.

    6. We immediately mix the flour into the liquid.

      The dough is almost ready.

    7. In the dough, which we eventually received, by the way, it is without lumps, pour vegetable oil. Once again, mix the dough, give it a little “rest” before baking pancakes.

      Add oil.

    8. Warm up the surface of the greased pan. In parallel with this process, we will immediately prepare the cheese - we will rub it.

      Chop the cheese.

    9. We are sure that you can easily cope with baking pancakes. Put the fried pancake from the pan on a plate. We place cheese chips on the pancake segment.

      We spread the chopped cheese on the pancake.

    10. Pancake, hiding the cheese inside, turn it into a triangle. You can, of course, arrange it with both an envelope and a roll.

      We wrap the cheese filling in a pancake.

    11. Appetizing homemade cheese pancakes are ready to eat!

      Bon appetit everyone, help yourself to your health.

    Meal value

    Pancakes are a high-calorie dish, and to make it healthy, it’s enough to simply reduce the concentration of saturated fats in the dough. You can, for example, use plain boiled water, skim milk or kefir as a liquid ingredient.

    Well, if we talk about the filling, then know that cheese promotes energy production, it improves our skeletal system, regulates metabolism and even restores vision. Such positive characteristics of the products indicate that our cheese pancakes are good for us in moderation.

    The process of making pancakes with cheese according to the recipe with a photo has come to an end. With this dish, you diversify not only the morning snack, but also the lunch meal, since pancakes stuffed with cheese turn out to be satisfying, they just satisfy your hunger. The proposed gastronomic variation is just one of many ways to prepare a delicious meal. You can make additions to the recipe. For example, instead of hard cheese, take cottage cheese. You will get quite tasty pancakes with curd cheese. If they are cut into portions, a wonderful buffet appetizer will come out. Also, cheese can be supplemented with sausage. Hearty pancakes with sausage and cheese will surely find their admirers. Fans of seafood and fish delicacies will love pancakes with fish and cheese. Good luck with your pancake experiments!

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